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"You're an idiot" is one of my all time favorite moments of delivery in film comedy. Glad to see I'm not alone.

Rockwell trying to take the blame for Guzman in court is also a riot.
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Blood On The Moon, starring Robert Mitchum and directed by Robert Wise, is a great little western. Snow scenes, some lighting that looks very film noir (it's a RKO production.) I've seen some people reccomend it, but it deserves a higher profile. Shows up on TCM every now and then in the USA, I've heard.
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Pardon me for bumping this up but what I'm recommending is more suited for this thread than the "100 movies that need more love" thread; both this and that one are great for jotting down movie recommendations. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has literally written down titles on a piece of paper or a Word document.

The War Wagon is a 1967 lighthearted Western starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. Things are simple yet effective; Wayne is looking for revenge against the evil Frank Pierce (no, not the US President) who framed him and was able to take his big ranch-which contains a vast amount of gold-that way. Frank hires Douglas to kill him but they instead form an uneasy alliance and the goal is to rob the title vehicle, which belongs to Pierce and is in use to haul the gold from The Duke's ranch. They get together and hire people to put together a plan to attack it; like I said, simple but effective. The motley crew (or maybe Motley Crue) they put together is colorful and entertaining and there's the usual bickering but they come together to try and pull it off.

If you're a fan of Wayne's movies and/or enjoy the young Kirk in action, it's something worth finding. I mean, Douglas plays a guy who is both tough and on the fey side. After all, one of the leads wears an all-leather outfit with a flashy scarf and one matching glove, and it's certainly not The Duke.

Also, to bring up a movie that others have mentioned in other threads, 1975's Race With The Devil, which combines horror, occultism, action, and car chases. A pair of couples (Peter Fonda and Loretta Swit, Warren Oates and Lara Parker) vacation in a great 70's RV and witness an occult murder, and they are caught so they have to run away from the devil worshippers. You also get to see R.G. Armstrong in action, which is a good thing. It's B-movie fun matched with bleak 70's-ness.
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Originally Posted by The Rain Dog View Post

I'm not talking about cult classics and I'm not even talking about films that don't get enough love, I'm talking about the films that even us geek cinephiles don't bring up all that much, but for one reason or another you know them, and more importantly you LOVE them. The sort of films that when you talk about them, people generally don't know what you're on about and when you show people these films they wonder why they'd never heard of them before that.

Maybe you caught them late at night and they were a pleasant film surprise. Maybe they're family favorites’ but only your family in your experience. Whatever the reason, these are films you love but most other people simply don't know or don't rate (as they've usually not seen them).

I'll start with three of my favorites’...

I went through a big Sean Connery phase as a kid where I was in awe of the man and tried to devour every film of his I could get my hands on. This one I stumbled across in the video store and after watching and adoring it wondered why it wasn't mentioned in the same breath as Connerys other classics. Michael Crichton directing his own screenplay adapted from his own book about the first ever robbery from a moving train in Victorian England, this film basically subsists on Connerys charisma and star power though full marks have to go to the incredibly loveable Donald Sutherland as the ultimate cockney safe-cracker (like an adult Artful Dodger), and the outrageously sexy Lesley-Anne Downe (one of my first actress crushes thanks to this film). Exciting, entertaining, oozing Victorian-era charm and really well written, I honestly have no idea why more people don't class this as one of Connerys best. As far as I understand it, this was Crichtons only directorial effort, unless you believe the behind the scenes story of the second half of...

Caught this film when I was backpacking in Paris of all places and as a consequence had been out of the film loop and had zero pre-conceived notions of what to expect. Just wanted to see a film in english and saw a massive posted with Antonio Bandaras on it holding a sword and that it was directed by John McTiernan. Personally the film I saw blew me away, pure balls to the wall medieval action almost like Predator with Vikings and a fantastic epic feel to the whole affair, this was a film that made my balls feel ten times bigger from the testosterone oozing off the screen and a story that seemed like a cross between the forgotten genre of the eighties action film crossed with an old school Viking myth. It was only when I came back to Australia I discovered it had completely flopped in all markets and nobody had seen the thing, now I make it my mission to get every guy I know who loves a good manly sword swinging action film who hasn't seen it to watch the damn thing and I'm yet to get a negative review back.

Another film that I caught while backpacking that I have since realized is considered Ang Lees 'forgotten movie' in that no one I know has seen it and you can’t even get it on dvd in this country. A complex civil war tale about the sides of a conflict we pick and how we may pick the wrong ones out of loyalty to friends, the talent in this film alone (pre-spidey Tobey Maguire, Jeffrey Wright, Mark Ruffalo, Jewel in her only film role to my knowledge, Tom Wilkinson, Jonathon Rhys-Meyers, Simon Baker, Skeet Ulrich, I mean Jebus) should place this high in everyone film geeks consciousness. Yet it doesn't seem to be under-rated, it seems to simply not be rated at all. Maybe it's because it’s somewhat sympathetic to the southern side, yet morally complex as well that it never caught on - Ang Lee certainly wasn’t trying to make a Leonie film that’s for sure. Yet, when Lee's career gets mentioned this never gets brought up, to my knowledge it didn't even get a cinematic release here in Australia and literally when I mention it all I get are blank stares. Shame I think it's actually a very good little film personally. To this day, I'm still trying to track it down as I've not been able to find it since that first cinematic watch in London back in '99. I'm sure everyone’s got one or two of these if not more - what are yours?

I agree about FGTR. My grandad was an extra and animal arranger during shooting in Dublin. 


Peter Chelsom's first two films Hear My Song and Funny Bones are severely underrated, both slices of Northern English and Irish clubland and their seedy underbellies made fantastical and both with bizarrely varied but wonderfully mixed casts.


Customflix short filmmaker and Dreadcentral staple Lincoln Kupchak, one of the few people on that site who doesn't reissue Night of the Living Dead or make stupid self-indulgences like King of the Park Rangers and the Bond with Shazia II from BBC's Citizen Khan.

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I adore the old gangster movies with James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart and also the Billy Wilder films of the late 50s
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An Animal Attack flick, Western, and a War movie. What do they have in common? I love tv shows and movies about survival. Masculine tales about facing certain death in the wilderness, on a deserted isle, etc. Man vs nature! Add in some conflict with another survivor, some revenge, an "every man for himself" theme (often times turned into "team up in the 3rd Act").

If you like the original Predator and Enemy Mine, Good/Bad/Ugly and those types of genre fare, check out these 3.
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