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Mostly animated trailer for the Batman: Brave and the Bold videogame. HAMMERS OF JUSTICE!

I might have to dust off my wii and play this at some point.
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wadew1, Batman The Brave And The Bold The Videogame, does look quite good. Holy...2D! It is very cool that there is a...2D Batman game. The only Batman fans, that will have a...Dark Knight, are ones without a...Nintendo Wii.
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New episodes start airing tomorrow.
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Nice-- was just trying to figure out the other day if this was currently on the air. I've never had cable while it was on before.
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That caveman superhero at the start of the episode, was that suppossed to be Joe Kubert's character Tor? Or maybe Kong? But I thought Kong was blond-headed and a teenager? Jesus, just how many prehistoric characters does DC have?
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Yeah, the opening sequence was a little overwhelming to a Marvel fan like myself. I know some DC, but not everything. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed the episode! I'll definitely be watching the entire season.
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THE LAST PATROL is also floating around out there.
I haven't read many Doom Patrol comics, but the villains were the highlight of the show. There's an evil talking brain with a french accent and ANIMAL-VEGETABLE-MINERAL MAN. I think my favorite Patroler was the surly Robotman.

Also, here are some details on upcoming episodes.

"Batmite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases" sounds amazing.
Batboy and Rubin, Bat Manga! and Scooby Doo all in one episode!
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EMPEROR JOKER! is the best Season 2 episode so far.

The intro is a "From the Secret Files of the Bat-Computer: Batman's Greatest Cases" segment featuring Rainbow Batman. I hope GREATEST CASES becomes a regular thing. Then Bat-Mite gives Joker his powers and there's a ton of cartoon lunacy.

They're 2 for 2 when it comes to Bat-Mite episodes.
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It was sort of weird with Bat Mite reading out the description in the Who's Who Villain Guide while Batman fought that 10 Eyes villain. But agreed, it was a great and fun episode. And for a cartoon character, that Joker-mite was disturbingly freaky looking.
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I'm a relatively new watcher, but has this version of the Joker always had silent film actors as his henchmen? Chaplin, Hardy, Keaton, and Lloyd's heads placed on thug bodies made me laugh. Certainly an interesting take on Harley Quinn, too. And agreed on Joker-Mite.
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Yeah, the whole episode was a delightful batch of crazy. Enjoyed!
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THE PLAGUE OF THE PROTOTYPES was another crazy/weird episode.
There's a great D-DAY opening with Batman, Sgt. Rock and G.I. Robot that isn't explained at all! I laughed at the poignant shot of Rock crying a single tear.

The main episode features Adam West as a retarded prototype Bat-Robot named PROTO. Ace the Bat Hound is also in it. He wears a bat-jetpack and flies around at one point.

Upcoming Episodes:

-"Cry Freedom Fighters!": Batman, Plastic Man, Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters
-"The Knights of Tomorrow!": A future episode with Dick Grayson as Batman and Damien Wayne
-"Darkseid Descending!": I think this is going to be a Justice League episode
-"Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!": Bat Boy and Rubin, Bat-Manga, Batman & Scooby Doo
-"The Malicious Mr. Mind!": A Captain Marvel Episode
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The greatest thing about the Prototypes is that he programmed a bunch of one-liners for them to use as they stopped criminals from robbing banks.

"The funds of evil are always insufficient."
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I loved the GI Robot/Sgt. Rock intro, too.

The point of my post, though-- I just watched the Freedom Fighters one this morning. Oh man, how great was THAT? Uncle Sam's star-spangled PUNCHES OF JUSTICE were the best! And the singalong! Man, this show is a ton of fun.

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Yeah those STAR SPANGLED freeze frames every time Uncle Sam punched someone were pretty funny. I also liked the Frosty the Snowman-style resurrection of Sam.
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Originally Posted by wadew1 View Post
I definitely don't want the show to become darker and serious like certain fanboy weirdos do, though.
Felt like it was headed that way when we get a two-parter that ends with a B'Wana Beast funeral.
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I really enjoyed the latest ep, Knights of Tomorrow. So much continuity porn. I can't believe how much of the mythos they packed into 22 minutes. I thought it was almost over, looked at my watch and it was only half done. A true love letter to the Bat.
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Been really digging the past couple of shows. Love that they use Guy Gardner here, also more Booster Gold!
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Only two episodes left then? Odd that it won't end with a Superman team up.

EDIT: Or is there another season left? I thought the show was going to be cancelled.
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There will be a 13 episode season 3.

And there are actually three Season 2 episodes left to air in US:

-"Batmite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!"
-"The Malicious Mr. Mind!"
-"The Mask of Matches Malone!"

The Matches Malone episode aired in other countries months ago, but has been delayed in the US due to "suggestive gestures" during a Birds of Prey musical number.
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Also, Grant Morrison's a fan:

Morrison: I agree. That has been one of my favorite Batman versions for years. I think it was great to step away from what Christopher Nolan was doing with The Dark Knight, and give Batman back to the realm of fantasy. Beyond that, I think there's some great psychedelic work in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The dialog is good; the stories are really put together well. It's a great show that should be on at 9 .p.m. in the evening somewhere. I'd much rather watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold than Glee.
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Originally Posted by wadew1 View Post
There will be a 13 episode season 3.

And there are actually three Season 2 episodes left to air in US:

-"Batmite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!"
-"The Malicious Mr. Mind!"
-"The Mask of Matches Malone!"

The Matches Malone episode aired in other countries months ago, but has been delayed in the US due to "suggestive gestures" during a Birds of Prey musical number.
It really sucks this is coming to an end. The fanboys can finally stop bitching when they get their dark and gritty Batman cartoon after this.
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Now compare that to:

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Once again, Cartoon Network is taking their sweet time airing new episodes in the US. They've been airing episodes in other countries, though.


The Marvel Family episode MALICIOUS MR. MIND and the latest BAT-MITE episode are floating around out there. Since I read and enjoyed the extremely weird 60s Bat-Manga comics in Chip Kidd's Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan" , I had to check out the BAT-MITE episode. 


It's a masterpiece theater type of deal where Bat-Mite introduces us to different versions of Batman. It's split into three sections: Batboy & Rubin, Bat-Manga!, and Batman & Scooby Doo. The Bat-Manga segment is almost exactly like the comic "Lord Death Man Part 2" in the Chip Kidd book. The added bonus is bad anime dubbing. My only complaint is that they didn't animate "Lord Death Man Part 1". In that comic, Bruce and Dick decide to take a JAMAICAN VACATION after defeating Lord Death Man. The Scooby Doo segment features Batman, Robin, Scooby & Mystery Inc, Joker, Penguin and Weird Al. My favorite part was when Bat-Mite uses his imp powers to allow Batman and Robin to fight (he tells the audience that Batman wasn't allowed to throw a punch back then). He also uses his powers to get the normally "too-freaked out to fight" Shaggy and Scoob in on the action. This is the end result:





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A director/writer/artist on BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD shows you all the work he put into 3 seconds of  the "Batman's Strangest Cases" BAT-MANGA segment:

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Cartoon Network will finally start airing new episodes next week (March 25).

Instead of finishing off Season 2 in order, they're airing a Season 3 episode with Superman called BATTLE OF THE SUPERHEROES.

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I wasn't really looking forward to the SUPERMAN episode (I'd rather watch Batman team up with heroes that we haven't seen animated before), but BATTLE OF THE SUPERHEROES was great. I can always count on the B&B crew. They expose Superman to Red Kryptonite almost immediately and turn him into a dick!

I loved the "super-asshole" montage.


*Superman grabs a girl's kitty, puts it in a tree and stares at the girl smugly while she cries*

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It's a great show that should be on at 9 .p.m. in the evening somewhere. I'd much rather watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold than Glee.

Laptop was broken so I turned on the recently acquired TV. There was a Batman marathon on Cartoon Network (Latin America) and It was great. I still think they have only few episodes since I already repeated a lot of them. I like the way they don't spend too much time on the same narrative they are constantly moving.
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Man, evil smug Superman is my favorite Superman ever.

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*burns SUPERMAN robe that was given to him by Jimmy*

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What a great episode to bring Superman into the show. The homaging of Superman is a dick had me in tears.
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Okay, to showcase another reason this show is awesome? I was babysitting my 8-year old nephew today and like so many other times I've pulled this duty, I put some recordings of The Brave and the Bold on and he just gets transfixed. He also pretty much begs me to draw characters from the show while he's watching. So today I turn it on, and the episode is 'Gorillas in our Midst" and by the end of the show? I've done some rough sketches of Batman, B'Wanna Beast, and Detective Chimp.



Let me state this loud and clear. Never in my life did I ever expect somebody would REQUEST that I draw B'Wanna Beast or Detective Chimp, until today. And that's pretty awesome.

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Holy nuts. I just caught the cold open the the Joker: Vile and Villainous episode and it had too much awesomeness for one sitting. Not only was there a major BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES reference, but then it goes and has the balls to riff on the same ending. New opening credits weren't so bad either. I'll have to finish the ep at a later time.

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You should definitely check out Kamandi #1 (and the rest of Kirby's run) if you liked that opening. It's based on the first issue, which is heavily influenced by PLANET and BENEATH.

As for the rest of the episode, it was fun to see the Joker fight SUPER VILLAIN OPRESSION after Batman and Star Labs invent a machine that will instantly alert Batman and the police whenever someone is commiting a crime in Gotham. Guest starring THE WEEPER!
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I would watch the hell out of a Joker: The Vile and the Villainous series.

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So, that was it... Goddamn, I'll miss this show. I didn't even realise I was watching the last episode until the last few minutes.

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That might have been one of the saddest ending to a cartoon ever. Not sure my son realizes that is the end of the series. Can't wait to buy the collected DVD set.


New series looks bizarre as well.


Shame to see this series go away. Type of show that makes me wish I could work in animation.

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These DC cartoons usually just end, so it was nice to have a farewell episode.

Brave and the Bold actually did have a good run. It lasted just as long as The Batman and Teen Titans and longer than stuff like Superman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond.

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It was nice they gave it a good send off. ANd meta and weird as all the other episodes have been.

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I got a little exasperated with how surreal, meta, and masturbatory this show got at times with its excessive pandering to comic book fans. Particularly in episodes like "Emperor Joker" and the finale. I'm not a big fan of episodes like those with their 'no rules, anything goes' approach to storytelling. I prefer more straightforward, old school storytelling, but the series had a good amount of episodes with that too. That was one of its strengths. Even though it went a little overboard with the comic-referencing wankery sometimes, it also offered a little something for everyone.


Personally I preferred the episodes with fairly simple stories that got their novelty by doing unexpected things with character dynamics. For example, the change to the Red Hood character in the Owlman 2 parter, the unique villain and hero pairings in "Triumverate of Terror", the anti-hero treatment of Batwoman in "The Criss-Cross Conspiracy", The Joker's chance to have an episode told from his perspective in "The Vile and the Villainous", and the old Justice League vs. new Justice League feud in "22300 Miles Above the Earth". The first Batmite episode was really fun too...I just found its sequels tiresomely whacked out.


I have mixed feelings about this show, but overall I think it's the first Batman series after "Batman: The Animated Series" that was truly special and a worthy successor. I think in a lot of ways, it was what "The Batman" should have been. "The Batman" came off as too much of an inferior "Batman: The Animated Series" rip-off. This one found its own path and while it overdid things a bit at times, when it worked, it was brilliant in its own unique way. It was finally the show that demonstrated Batman can be fun without being completely ridiculous (like the '60s series, which I like, but have no desire to see in animated form). The show's ability to be wacky all the time, yet still present a Batman who can actually be taken seriously was an impressive feat.

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