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I'll be getting the pc flavor for sure, for LAN games at home with friends.
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Same here, provided the news is positive.
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Originally Posted by Rene (Mr.Eko) View Post
Got the last issue of the Dark Horse Predator mini-series, and the back of it had an advertisement for the new Aliens Vs. Predator movie. Had forgotten that it's coming out in a few weeks. Day before my birthday no less. I'll surely be picking it up.
Please don't joke about a NEW AvP movie...
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I keep getting more and more excited about this game.
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Predator hunt sounds cool.

No Alien lifecycle multiplayer this time? Facehugging, chest-bursting, and eventually evolving into the queen was my favorite part of AVP2's multiplayer.
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When did I miss that there was going to be 3 separate 1st player campaigns? I thought it would be one campaign just done from 3 separate perspectives. Wow. No wonder it took so long to develop.
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Infestation trailer-

Going to be playing this today! Article as soon as I can get one up.
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Looking forward to the Demo tomorrow. Shame it's only Multiplayer but as least it lets you play as all three species. It's a shame there's no single player demo, because really with a game like AvP the biggest thing, for me, about it is the tension and atmosphere of single player.
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That looks really fun.

Is it just me, or do the models and textures look pretty bad in these recent videos?
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Yeah, I've remained pretty unimpressed by the visuals.

I'm still pretty leery of AVP, given Rebellion's track record lately.
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Sniper Elite and Dredd vs. Death give me hope that Rebellion can pull this out of the bag, but the stuff they've been making recently has been so boring it's hard to hold out hope.
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I also think the graphics are pretty weak but at least they seem to be paying attention to the MP which is probably where the real value of the game will be since the campaign mode is supposedly quite short despite having three species to play as.
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The original AvP wasn't exactly attractive either. It was just the atmosphere and surprisingly satisfying ability to decapitate and maim your enemies.

Sniper Elite was pretty hideous to look at. They're just fun games.

Saying that, the recent videos have made me temper my expectations a little. It'll all come down to the multiplayer which sounds like it'll be yet another balancing nightmare. Especially the Predator.
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I have fond memories of Survivor mode from the first AVP. That's the mode I'm most pumped for here.
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Yeah the co-op from the original was blinding. Especially that little bunker at the end of one level out in the open. There'd always be one new guy who'd lock himself in only to find the roof could collapse and much hilarity would ensue as the predaliens swarmed inside.

Saying that though, it was never really that scary. That video looks pretty terrifying and fingers crossed there's plenty of accidental friendly fire and acid blood spray!
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Oh god, the bunker level! I hope we get a remake of that or something similar.
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Predator has much more of a melee fighter feel to him than I expected. Saw the tutorial level and some of a marine in Survivor mode. I like what I see so far, but hope it doesn't get repetitive. Noticed a lot of the same death animations and saw the same finishing move three times in about five minutes, so...
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Kill the messenger!!! Don't be dashing our hopes sir.
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Making the Predator more of a melee fighter's gotta be their attempt at stopping people just sitting up in the trees using the speargun and shoulder cannon until everyone's dead.

Repetition's something these guys know very well. I'm pretty sure the latter half of the marine campaign had you only killing 3 different kinds of enemies.
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Well, at least they understand the deep underpinnings of the Aliens franchise, then.
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They did "drab grey corridor" better than anyone else at the time too.
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Hey I liked what I saw! The multiplayer's going to be kickass too, that's for sure.

That demo is official confirmed for tomorrow, too, so we'll all be able to try it out.
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Man is everybody turning against every game coming out this week or what?
Dante's Inferno, Bioshock 2 and AVP are getting cold treatments all of the sudden.
Did Mass Effect 2 affect you so much ?
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It can't be worse than the PSP Predator game.
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Dante's Inferno has been getting shit for months, Bioshock 2 just doesn't look very interesting, and this is coming from a developer that last set the world aflutter with ROGUE WARRIOR.

Not exactly a bumper crop.
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excellent news on the multiplayer demo coming this week.

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Plus Brad hates fun.
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No really, Rogue Warrior was shit.

I'm really looking forward to this, but I think tempering expectations might be sensible.
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No way I'm totally hip and with it.

I'm not even saying this is gonna be bad or anything, just I haven't seen anything particularly exciting from it yet. Plus I'm not really that into Aliens or Predators and I think the Colonial Marines are boring.
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I actually want AvP to be bad now just because Alex likes it. Will have to see what the Demo is like.
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Hahaha just when we thought you couldn't get cuntier.
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Blame the aspergers.
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I dont remember you two having a feud. Is this like the opposite of what's going on with Trevor and Overlord?
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The same really. Spike just hides his affection with the anger.
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well, this is all very disappointing indeed. I guess it gives me more time to finish my GOW collection play through........
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What's disappointing? It sounds like the best Alien Versus Predator game we've had in years.
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Originally Posted by Tati View Post
Did Mass Effect 2 affect you so much ?
Mass Affect 2
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Demo tomorrow! Cannot wait for this, and hope to see some of you online!
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PC demo is getting really slagged just about everywhere. 360 seems to be faring better.
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So they actually managed to overpower the aliens this time around. I must have got insta-killed about 20 times in one round, any time I walked anywhere I'd get the little *grabbed from behind, head chomped* animation. Doesn't help that the pulse rifle is a real piece of shit.

Predators surprisingly easy to take down provided they don't leap at you and use their claws which pretty much stun you long enough for them to finish the job.
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I was watch a stream of some guy playing the marine. He did some kind of block breaker move on the aliens and kicked their asses. However, I think it was still a no-win kill if an alien got the marine from behind.
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I don't know why they made the demo deathmatch instead of species deathmatch; can't even hang out on the ceiling and try to learn your alien controls/wait for passing marines without getting insta-killed from behind by the other aliens running around.

20 minutes and I'm pretty much done with AvP online.. I don't think this game will be a purchase after all.
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Originally Posted by Trejo View Post
I don't know why they made the demo deathmatch instead of species deathmatch; can't even hang out on the ceiling and try to learn your alien controls/wait for passing marines without getting insta-killed from behind by the other aliens running around.

20 minutes and I'm pretty much done with AvP online.. I don't think this game will be a purchase after all.
Yeah, same here. I've kind of lost interest with MP for this game which is too bad. Guess I'll be spending my money on some other game.
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Downloaded this for both the PC and 360. Both times I spent more time searching for a match than actually playing. Basically all this consists of is just stalking someone so you can one hit them from behind. Just hopefully another player isn't doing the same to you.

Its unfortunate that this is the first taste of the game that we get. I would have preferred no demo at all.
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Well, after 4 games of various results. I'm rather digging this.

Sure it was just straight up Deathmatch (of which I have no desire to play in the full version), but I got a handle of the mechanics for all 3 species.

Teamed up with a fellow marine as we got stalked by a alien (I hope the motion tracker shows your team, for extra paranoia)

The Predator is alright, and the alien is sublime.
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Impressions from the event, and multiplayer-
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The one good thing the horrible Demo did was free up my purchasing schedule for the next few months. Without having to buy that I can take a risk on Just Cause 2 and BioShock 2.
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Downloading it now just to confirm my suspicions, but I gotta bad feelin' about this...
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