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Karma Systems

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Have karma systems worn out their welcome? If not, which games do it right, and why?
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Fable does it right. I was/am looking forward to iNfamous (that's the goofy capitalization right?) but the karma system is so bland. And the video that was released, wow. The game actually spells out the situations, and does that odd pause for like 20 seconds to say that you've done a good or bad action? That looks awfully bad, and will kill the flow of action. Fable/Fable 2 did it perfect. You know the situation, it isn't spelled out for you, and you just do what you do.
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I think Fallout 3 and Oblivion both handle the premise fairly well, because in many instances you can't be exactly sure what the outcome of your decisions and conversations may be, and even then, your personality and other skills may affect your fate. The converstaion trees can be vague and deceptive at times. At any rate, they beat that black-and-white "Click A for Good, B for Bad" inFamous video by a country mile.
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Fable does a decent job, as does KOTOR. Not only do you get the tacit alignment-specific ending, but you're given access to an entirely different set of skills. Bioshock really touted their karma system (maybe it was a pseudo-karma system, because it was so specific to a particular game entity) as revolutionary, but I found it way too binary to be interesting.
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Completely forgot about Oblivion/Morrowind/Fallout 3. Those were so well handled, and natural, it doesn't feel like a karma system. Just a part of your character.
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I felt bad thinking about killing them. That's all that it took for me!
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