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I wouldn't say that it was just FIFA.


They are corrupt as shit.


I think they got all those hotels and shit built the same way. I've read a few other stories like this when they were building everything else there.

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I think I'll take the long way around Little Italy tonight

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yeah, not a lot of happy Italians tonight.


They had some chances, and some help from the ref, but that keeper wasn't letting anything by today. Just a lackluster performance on their part. Not enough of the team going balls-out to try and win it.


Tough break for Buffon.


Another coach getting the boot.


This is a pretty big name to not make it.

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Pretty shocked to find I have zero fucks to give about the World Cup.  It was always such a big thing but now I just find it a ball ache that it gets in the way of EPL games.

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The clubs have become too big and too good for the national teams to compete. Are the national teams really that impressive compared to the teams we watch day in and day out?

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If youre not particularly motivated by the proxy question of your national team winning or losing then it's always been more of a showcase of great footballers and styles you couldn't see any other way. With global talent being mobile and televised/covered to a tedious degree, there isn't much intrinsic appeal.
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The individual players usually perform much better when they are with their clubs.


They know each other and have a chemistry. When they go with their national teams, they can struggle to get anything done or anything going. You can see this most clearly in the struggles that Argentina have, and Spain had in 2014.


It's still a big deal for the player to get called up, but as a showcase for the tops players in the world, I don't think it's as relevant as it used to be.

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I can't say that I'm not taking satisfaction out of ManU's troubles. Of course as a Liverpool fan and a Mourinho hater, it would be perverse not to.
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