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I sucked it up and bought the $30 hardcover of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's LOCAL. It's got amazing art (Kelly can really draw a wonderfully emotive human face), and it demands to be read in the format presented in the hardcover. There are some effective issues within the whole, and it's got a ton of Wood's more interesting ideas in it.

Also, the creator of Scott Pilgrim inked it. Check it out, you won't regret it.
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Originally Posted by Humanoid View Post
Chicks dig BONE.
eh... i do not like bone. maybe other girls do but something about the character design makes me feel like an 11 year old when i read it. i want my comics people to be realistically drawn and proportioned, like in LXG, from hell, etc. Not all cartoon-ish
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Bluesman by Rob Vollmar is pretty great. He runs a comic shop in Norman, OK. I stumbled upon the shop when I was on vacation, started browsing, and picked up his book. I asked him about it and he told me it was his book, and we talked for an hour about music, comics, movies etc. He's a cool dude, and Bluesman is a great read.
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King City by Brandon Graham, 12 issue monthly series from Image, the first six issues reprints the out of print King City vol.1 from Tokyopop, the other six issues contain what would have been King City vol.2 (never published). I recommend it to fans of great art, puns and cats that can copy keys, breathe fire, do autopsies and other fun stuff.
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I had to cut back on my comic collecting to 2 titles. I was reading about 15-20 at the time and just couldn't justify the $$$ I was shelling out.
THE WALKING DEAD, and SCALPED were the two I currently collect, and I couldn't recommend them more.
I'd have to give a shout out to JONAH HEX, HELLBOY, BPRD, and HELLBLAZER. Great books.
Finished reading all of Y: THE LAST MAN recently, and I'd definitely recommend it.
PREACHER, while a good read for most of its run, just didn't end on a good note for me. Not sure it's really worth the time. Maybe I'll revisit it sometime in the future.
I've been collecting the CREEPY and EERIE archives and they've been great.
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I have the first volume of King City, it was good. They better release a vol.2.

When it comes to emerging artists, Jerome Opena is someone to keep an eye on. I'd recommend picking up Rick Remenders first 4 issues of his Punisher run and the latest Vengeance of the Moon Knight just for the art work alone. Remember Chris Bachalo's early work for the likes of Shade, The Changing Man, his art reminds me of that and his actions scenes are fantastic. His blog.

Dynamo 5 is still at the top of my superhero read.

Jason Aaron seems to have another quality Wolverine story on his hands with Weapon X. There's a new mini, Starr the Slayer that features artwork from the legendary Richard Corben which i enjoyed (possibly down to the Art). The Marvels Project by Brubaker is off to a good start. Dark Reign: Zodiac has been solid and is worth checking out for Nathan Fox's art. Here's a couple of movie-related pieces he did.

Anybody a bit disappointed with Frank Quitely's artwork for Batman and Robin. It looked scrappier than usual.
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Originally Posted by Tom Logan View Post
The Marvels Project by Brubaker is off to a good start.
Second this recommendation. Very nice stuff so far.
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I would check out anything from Oni circa 2000. Recently I rediscovered Barry Ween, Judd Winick's masterpiece before he got all preachy, and I can't stop laughing. Reading the advertisements in the back, I've been reminded of Hopeless Savages, Blue Monday, and Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things, and Pounded (anything by Brian Wood, btw).

It's funny tracing my progression away from the Big Two. First Marvel, then DC, then Vertigo, then Dark Horse, then Oni...
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I just got done (finally) with Dave Sim's Cerebus. The character is my avatar and all but that doesn't mean I agree with everything he says about women, matriarchies, patrarchies, gender roles, masculinity, religion and government. In fact I disagree with most of it. But damn it was a great read. His artwork is pretty stellar and the self-publishing aspect makes me happy. Some of the writing really emanders (I could do without the Torah stuff) and Sim often thinks he is much funnier than he actually is. But it is an impressive piece of work with sections that are as good as any I have seen in comics, or books in general. His dealings with F.Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway are great, great stuff with some amazing panel transitions. Worth a look. Just know what you're getting into. 3,000+ pages that may end up pissing you off royally.
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My completist nature ensures that I'll get around to reading the last 75 or so issues (everything after Rick's Story) eventually, but I feel absolutely no need to see where it all ended up.
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Got a major Doctor Strange itch that I need to scratch and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good graphic novel for him. I've had a look around Amazon but haven't been able to make my mind up, especially as there doesn't seem to be an Ultimate Doctor Strange (which would have been ideal) that I could jump straight into. Anyone got any recommendations? 

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I know it's cheesy but I really liked what they did with Strange in World War Hulk.  WWH in general is a ton of fun and Strange's action in it is wild.  

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I'd prefer something with Strange as the main character but, having looked it up, I do admit that WW Hulk looks interesting. 

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 Strange itch 

I had a hankering for old Kirby FF and remembered Marvel used to publish phone-book-sized B&W collections of earlier series called 'the essential Fantastic Four', and lots of other Marvel characters too. Local comic shops told me those were not being made anymore. I looked on Amazon and found lots of them, at varying prices--used starting at like $6. So I ordered a couple of those.

They have multiple Dr. Strange volumes,and I wuz gonna suggest that angle for you, but everyone is cashing in on the new movie and the prices for the original Lee & Ditko stories are..crazy. Who wants to pay for a B+W printed on cheap paper paperback with prices starting at $80.oo ?!? Used! New from $100.oo.

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If you don't mind digital comics, Comixology has a bunch of old Dr. Strange stuff on sale for a dollar an issue.  Haven't ever read anything with Dr. Strange as a central character, but think this article from Comics Should be Good would be a good place to start:


I might pick up The Oath and Doctor Strange and Dr. Doom (Mignola!) as they look pretty interesting.

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I forgot about those Essential collections. I have a Spider-Man one somewhere. 


And thanks for the link Hypno. Yeah, The Oath does sound pretty interesting. I've just picked up my first tablet (I'm a bit of a ludite) so I might give this Comixology thing a go that I see people talking about.

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