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I undertook a late-game mission where you have to use a shuttle to disable some thing-a-ma-jigs on a space station, and they send out worker bees to repair them, plus small fighters to take you out. After literally 30+ minutes of success/failure, success/failure, I just gave up. Flew over to the Fleet Station to chill. Argh.

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Try ignoring the fighters until you're sure that all the worker bees are dead; the fighters can't reset your progress (unless they kill you). If you need extra survivability, assign an Engineer or Science Bridge Officer who has a hull or shield heal in their Ensign ability slot on the shuttle with you.

You can also rip shields and weapons out of your primary ship and shove them into the shuttle for the duration of the mission. I usually go with two high grade plasma turrets from the aft of my ship. The damage they deal is adequate for hostile fighters and shuttles, and the 360 degree firing arc takes steering to aim off the table.

I'm not a big fan of shuttle missions generally. The one where you're attacking the walkers on the planet surface while a damned Exorcist II locust swarm of Elachi shuttles focus fire on you can fuck straight off.
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Originally Posted by Reasor View Post

I'm not a big fan of shuttle missions generally. The one where you're attacking the walkers on the planet surface while a damned Exorcist II locust swarm of Elachi shuttles focus fire on you can fuck straight off.


All of those damned Elachi missions can fuck right off.

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Anyone still playing? I was curious about the Dyson sphere storyline....

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I've shifted focus back to WoW in preparation for that game's next expansion, but I may log back in to do the Dyson Sphere content's introductory Featured Episode before the free ship reward for doing it expires on December 5th. It would be neat to adventure alongside Worf in content where he's voiced by Michael Dorn.
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I haven't logged in in a while (for some reason, I got back into SW:TOR), but I've been thinking about giving the new episode a go.  Thanks for reminding me.

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Originally Posted by Judas Booth View Post

I haven't logged in in a while (for some reason, I got back into SW:TOR), but I've been thinking about giving the new episode a go.  Thanks for reminding me.


Same here. I followed some friends to Guild Wars 2. I will hop back in for some fun in the Dyson Sphere.

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I've been putting my energy into other areas recently but I might jump back on for this too.

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Same here. I've been distracted but this game keeps popping up in my memory as something I want to get back into.

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I dropped in and started the Sphere campaign. It's very different. So far so good. I kind of hate the convoluted reward systems in these things, but it's new and interesting, so what the hell.

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Those that would be interested probably already know, but Season 9 of ST:O is live now. Gonna check it out myself this afternoon.

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God, I have characters in far too many MMOs at the moment. 

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I logged back on for the first time in quite a while this week, to check out the new stuff. I was deeply unhappy with the reduced access to traits earned through the reputation system; I thought that system provided a terrific incentive to continue playing at level cap because there was still this track that you could continue to make progress on. That aside, the new Featured Episode is pretty terrific. It brings some interesting story developments for the Federation, the Klingons, and the threat of the Iconians.
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Any cool new ships as an incentive to get back in?

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No new Federaton, Romulan, or Klingon ships, but some organic Undine vessels are in the new season's lockbox. The idea of players captaining Undine ships has proven sufficiently canon-bending to be the cause of a little bit of controversy on the forums.

Some interesting changes have come to the ships already in the game, though; Klingon Birds of Prey, for example, have received a substantial boost to hull strength in order to compensate for their dependence on cloaked ambush attacks, and an interesting damage bonus when they're firing on an enemy ship from behind. Full patch notes can be found here.
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There were big doin's at this weekend's Trek convention at Las Vegas!

A new expansion, set in the Delta Quadrant, is coming soon. Lots of alien species and ships previously seen on Voyager are already at least in the concept art stage.

Perhaps more interesting, at least from a standpoint of game design, is the announcement of a raising of the level cap to 60 and the introduction of Tier 6 ships and Mk XIII and Mk XIV gear. While a means of upgrading existing Tier 5 ships to Tier 6 was confirmed, which will come as a big relief to those of us who bought Tier 5 ships, I'm still in the dark about what this will mean for the Mk XII gear available from Fleet holdings now. Simply adding new tiers of upgrades to the Fleet real estate already in the game would ensure that those holdings don't get abandoned, but could run the risk of disincentivizing the creation of new Fleets, as building up to Tier 6 from scratch could prove a daunting prospect. I'll be curious to see how that shakes out.

One blogger who was there uploaded a bunch of pictures from the con to his Twitter account; the concept art of some of the new Tier 6 ships for all three factions look pretty fancy.

Until then, the reputation endgame has added some nice perks for Starfleet and KDF players who want to use their factions' iconic ship weapon types without feeling as if they're gimping themselves. Phaser and disruptor ship weapons have kind of fallen by the wayside in popularity, compared to Antiproton and Romulan Plasma weapons, due to the potency of those weapons' secondary effects. The Species 8472 Counter-Command rep, focused on fighting the current Undine threat, offers phaser, disruptor, and photon torpedo ship weapons that have additional radiation damage over time effects on top of the procs already associated with those weapon types. The rep also offers a four piece ship equipment set, consisting of two weapons and two consoles, which offers substantial bonuses to phaser and disruptor damage if two pieces of the set are installed. The three piece set is an ability that mimics the Point Defense Console (a high damage turret barrage with a short range of 5km), without you having to go out of your way to procure the expensive Point Defense console or find room for it among your ship's console slots.
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Delta Rising now has a trailer.

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I held off on dumping photos of the expansion's initial slate of Tier VI starships until there was more info on them. The stats on the ships have arrived.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

Pictured above: Phantom Intel Escort and Eclipse Intel Cruiser

The developers' approach to introducing new ships without rendering obsolete the ships that players have already spent real money on is a delicate balancing act. These Intel ships aren't necessarily stronger in every way than the Upgraded Tier V ships you could be flying as an alternative (more on upgrading below); what they are is highly specialized.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

Pictured above: Scryer Intel Science Vessel and Guardian Cruiser

You can opt to upgrade the Tier 5 ships that you already have, in exchange for Zen. (The Veteran Destroyers for all three factions can be upgraded for free). Upgraded Tier V ships will continue to gain hull and shield strength as you level from 50 to 60, and will gain an additional console slot: if the ship had 9 console slots, it gets a tenth; if it had ten, it gets an eleventh.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

Pictured above: MaHa Raptor and Qib Intel Battlecruiser

The extra console slot will be appropriate for the type of ship you're upgrading. Escorts and Raptors get an additional Tactical console, Cruisers get an extra Engineering console, etc. While balancing the different ship types against one another could be an issue, especially once some of the more creative theorycrafters get their hands on the extra console slots and extra skill points to put together builds that the devs may not have seen coming, this at least neatly staves off in advance any complaint that the ships are being homogenized by rounding out their shortcomings until they're brought too close to an ideal common baseline. Instead, they're being specialized further apart, so that an Escort will be more of a glass cannon than it already was compared to the incredibly tanky Engineering cruisers.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

Pictured above: Faeht Intel Warbird and Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser

It's with specialization in mind that these new Tier VI starships come into the picture. Reportedly, these birds are going to be slightly weaker at level 60 than the upgraded Tier V's, in terms of raw numbers and stats. What they're going to have that the Tier V-U ships won't, though, is a specialized bridge officer seat. The new Intel Bridge Officers are Tactical, Engineering, or Science BOFFs who have an additional menu of Intel specialty abilities to choose from, in addition to the abilities available to their primary profession. These hybrid officers will still have four abilities trained at any given time, but those four will be cherry picked by you from among the menus for Intel abilities and whatever the BOFF's main profession is. There's only one BOFF seat on the ship that will accommodate the Intel abilities, preventing you from loading your ship with the new stuff. Developer blogs suggest that adding additional themed specialties for Bridge Officers in subsequent content patches represents the future of adding new options to customize our layouts, with Intel as just the first. The Intel abilities that players have seen on the test servers so far are made up primarily of holds, disables, and escapes, making the Tier VI ships look like they might be used more for PVP than for fighting AI opponents.

Links below the photos go to the official wiki page for each ship type. Before you ask, yes, the Andorian Kumari Escort does already have five Tactical console slots, and no, it does not get a sixth when you upgrade it. That thing's already enough of a glass cannon that they're willing to make an exception in this one case and give it something more survival oriented upon upgrade. Unlike the Kumari, Romulan Scimitar, Federation Avenger, and Klingon Mogh, none of the initial wave of new Tier VI ships has a fifth weapon slot in the fore of the ship.
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That Scryer Intel Science Vessel is quite sweet.

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I really like the look of the saucer section on that ship.

The Eclipse Cruiser reminds me a lot of the Andorian escort, which makes me hope that one day we'll see more Federation ships that incorporate design elements from the Federation's nonhuman species. I'd love to see more ships like the Caitian Atrox Carrier, or that have Tellarite design elements, or the ring-shaped warp nacelle of the Vulcan D'Kyr.
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"Okay, fellas, I'm just spitballing here, but hear me out. What if we built a big-ass disruptor cannon... and then made a ship out of the cannon? And then the wings had extra cannons?"

(Pictured: my new Mat'Ha class Raptor, giving zero fucks above the inner circumference of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere)
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Really wish I could get back into this game but I have so many other things going on in my gaming life at the moment.  

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Holy shit, y'all, the Iconians are coming!

The current Featured Episode, "Uneasy Allies," kicks off the Iconians' return to their home in the Iota Pavonis sector block. Like any Featured Episode, the mission can currently be done at any level, but will become an exclusively level 60 mission once the Featured Episode period ends.

Looking forward, there's word of 5-player STFs set in the skies above Qo'nos, on the ground in the Klingon capital city, and on board the Iconians' Dyson Sphere in Iota Pavonis.

To get new and returning players caught up, April 2nd marks the start of what they're calling Delta Recruitment. New characters created between April 2nd and whenever the Delta Recruit event ends will be issued special missions reserved for Delta Recruit characters, in addition to the usual leveling missions. Progressing toward level 50 on a Delta Recruit character will grant a generous package of Dilithium, ground and ship gear, and reputation Marks to help prepare them for the war with the Iconians. Additionally, progress on Delta Recruit characters will unlock complementary account-wide bonuses for the rest of your Captains. The account wide unlocks are being described as permanent, and will apply to any characters you have now or will create in the future.

"Dying can wait. Now is a good day to FIGHT!" More on Delta Recruit Event rewards

"Warriors of the Empire, your Emperor calls to you! Allies of the Empire, join our fight! Let the songs of our battle resound through the quadrant! Let us show them that our hearts are unconquered!" More on "Gateway to Gre'Thor," the space STF above Qo'nos

"The invaders have brought a network of their own technology, in an attempt to establish a redoubt on the Klingon homeworld. But they will discover that mere technology will not allow them to force the Klingon Empire to its knees!" More on "Brotherhood of the Sword," the cross-faction ground STF in Qon'nos' First City

"The time has come to take the fight to the Iconians. Their servants, the Heralds, have constructed a temple to their Iconian masters. A temple that can use Iconian technology to move ships across the galaxy at will or open a gateway to the center of a sun and channel that destructive energy wherever they like. We can ill afford to allow them to have such an advantage over us. Therefore, Alliance Command has developed a daring plan that requires your skill and resourcefulness." More on "The Herald Sphere," the 5-man space STF set in the Iconians' Dyson Sphere. Do check out the screenshots on this one!
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Man, haven't logged into this since last Summer.  Maybe I'll give it a go.

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Hmmm. Might do too, depending upon how my supposed return to The Secret World goes.

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The latest Featured Episode, "House Pegh," forces the gay lifestyle down the throats of unsuspecting children. Which is to say, it casually introduces two women who happen to be married and then never mentions their relationship again.

The resulting shitstorm of homophobia has resulted in two or three threads on the official forums already being closed by the moderators because it's impossible to discuss the topic in a crowded room and keep it respectful. Links to those threads could be broken by the time you were to click on them, but Massively Overpowered's article on the ruckus, and that article's accompanying shitstorm of a comments section, can be found here.

The mission itself is fantastic. It's a hearty response to player complaints about a lack of Klingon-centric content in Delta Rising, it gives a character introduced in The Next Generation a Crowning Moment of Awesome, and it's playable at levels 10 and up as long as it's on Featured Episode status.
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I thought Trek fans were more open minded and accepting about stuff like this. Wow.

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It's always been a shame that Star Trek's more idealized view of humanity in the future never really extended to homosexuality. The article on Massively Overpowered links to a Wiki entry for the TNG episode "The Offspring" as proof that Trek is pro-gay, but that same entry talks about how two men in the background were supposed to be shown holding hands until "someone ran to a phone and made a call to the production office and that was nixed. [Producer] David Livingston came down and made sure that didn't happen."

I sometimes wish its universe was a bit more akin to that of Doctor Who's where same sex alien couples are sometimes encountered and nobody ever thinks anything of it.  Because, you know, it's a big universe and not every planet starts frothing at the mouth when two people of the same sex get it on. 

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

I thought Trek fans were more open minded and accepting about stuff like this. Wow.

Trek's depiction of sex was always about walking the tightrope between Roddenberry's 60's open marriage fantasies and the standards for what could be shown on TV at the time. Even Nana Visitor's bisexual Mirror Universe character on DS9 was engineered to titillate an assumed audience of straight guys.

In any event, YOU GUYS. THIS MISSION. The Iconians are all like INTRUDER ALERT and you're all like EXCUSE ME MADAME, DO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO LEARN ABOUT KAHLESS. Do play through it when you have a moment.
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Now they're having a contest to build a Federation carrier for the game.....

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I'll be very curious to see if there's a chance to vote on the thing's stats before the process is over. If it ends up being a Science carrier, like the Atrox or the Vo'Quv, I'll never bother getting the ship. If it's a true Tactical carrier, like the Romulan Scimitar or the faction-neutral Jem'Hadar and Xindi Dreadnoughts, the ship could fill a conspicuous gap in the Federation's (and KDF's) playable ship options. After several years and a whole tier of more advanced ships, that Scimitar is still a king of DPS in PVE instances.

There's also an Admiralty system coming next month, which will work like the Duty Officer Assignment system that's already in the game, but which will allow you to use the many ships you own as game pieces, allowing you to feel like you're commanding this big fleet from your personal flagship.

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I'm downloading this for the PS4. Looking forward it checking it out.

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Wow...haven't played this since the Summer of 2016 (when I was doing the Summer event).  I assume that's over by now?

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Oh my god this game.


Here I was thinking I'd play for a little bit but a couple hours slipped by and, well, damn this game has hooked me. Pure Trek geekery that's absolutely fun to play.


Hearing the late great Leonard Nimoy's voice got me right in the feels too.

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I was doing really well with staying away from MMOs in general until I saw that someone had posted in this thread.

Then I saw the new Tier 6 Flight Deck Cruisers in one of my news feeds. (There's finally a new Orion ship! There are finally Tellarite and Suliban ships!)

Then I saw that ships are 20% off this weekend.

God. Dammit.
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I'm sorry I've dragged you back in but you have to admit, as MMOs go. this game is pretty good.

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I re-installed this on my pc a couple of weeks ago, but haven't approached it. I've spent a couple of hours recently in each of the following:



Guild Wars 2

The Secret World

Elder Scrolls Online



...and now I'm trying to finish up Divinity: Original Sin so I can start D:OS 2.


Not to mention a shitload of hours in Elite.



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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post


We won't I promise!

Levar Burton is voicing Geordie LaForge in the new episode.
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I love the starship battles in this game so damn much. They did an incredible job with the combat system.

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How's the ground combat on console? It was always the weakest part of the PC version. 

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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

How's the ground combat on console? It was always the weakest part of the PC version. 


The ground combat's not bad. It's fun beaming down to various places and engaging in phaser battles with various baddies. Works well with the PS4 controller.

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I wish they'd upgrade the PC version's UI so we could use controllers easily like the console players. :( 

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Bought the Starfleet Pack Add On yesterday and got promoted to Lt. Commander today.


I think I'm addicted to this now.

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Fucking hell. Finished that "Brushfire" episode today and holy shit, epic space battles, a jailbreak, Klingon intrigue and HOLY FUCK THAT DREADNOUGHT!


I can admit I "died" a few times at the end but man I fucking loved every minute of it.

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