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Originally Posted by BubWilliams
The show was probably the best looking thing the network has done.
I'd go with the later seasons of Farscape for that one.

Which was one of the first in a long line of quality, intelligent scifi programming that SyFy failed with. It's the expected result at this point.
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I am actually watching Caprica right now. I dig it. But my main problem with that show is that there aren't a lot of sympathethic characters you can identify here.

Adama is a Mob Lawyer. Eric Stolz is a greedy industralist. A bunch of psycho Religious nutcases. And Trixie from Deadwood going looney bins.
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Also canceled.
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Originally Posted by BubWilliams View Post
The show was probably the best looking thing the network has done. It's kinda funny too in that it seems that in this case the fanboys of the show didn't like the darker direction, that is weird when it comes to geeks.
Fanboys might call for grim and gritty but they still want shit to blow up.
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Wow, this blows.

This show has really grown on me, I'd say from around the middle of the first season. The whole "Rush-Bridge" arc this season was really engaging, especially the way in which the show's writers dealt with the character resolution and aftermath once it had been revealed. That is the thing I liked most out of the show - it really feels like the characters earned its use, if that makes any sense. Its not the myopic ideal cast from the dated Star Trek mold, its a bunch of jar-heads and techies trying not to die on this busted-ass dead ship - more or less - and succeeding. If that sits too close to the premise of Battlestar, spare me - I'll admit to never having seen BSG except for a handful of shows.
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Originally Posted by BubWilliams View Post
That kinda sucks, the two interesting shows on the network, this and Caprica are gone. Back to mediocre programming. Though the Being Human remake might be good.
I fully expect Being Human to get canned after a season because it costs more and doesn't do the numbers of shit like 'Hollywood Treasure.'
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Disappointed as well.
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I never got into it because I just knew it wouldn't last long. More room for wrestling I suppose. God knows sci-fi has no place on Sy-Fy.
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Time to update another forgotten SF property for a bid at a new franchise. I think a good three seasons could be wrung out of Hard Time On Planet Earth.
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Personally having watched Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis I really didn't like Stargate Universe, so they are stuck on a space ship, so they need food water and then what? they said there were going to be no aliens, no enemies, no nothing so i don't quite see what the point of the show was, why did the one dude always wanna sabotage the crew getting back to Earth, i mean they knew what they were doing when the signed up for the mission just like Atlantis why would they be so desperate to give up when they just started..  I understand gate seeding ship meant no earthlings could have got their (unless other aliens transported them in ships, but it just didn't get anywhere.  Too much sex not enough story for my tastes. They should renewed Atlantis and not bothered with SGU.

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