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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Beta starts soon, provided you can drag yourselves off MW2-
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Poor DICE. It looks pretty, too! It's just a case of terrible timing.
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The timing is that bad. Games isn't supposed to be released until March. And while a lot of time will be spent on MW2, where else can you get your vehicular carnage fix from?
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This is on my list of buys, so I might as well drop the $5 and preorder for the beta key. The LE edition is the same price and comes with some extra unlocks for the MP game. They have a pretty cool video for it on the site.
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Beta hits when the PS3 store updates today (whenever that happens). I'm working on getting codes for you folks!
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I'd send an email if I thought I'd play at all ... but as can be seen from my involvement in the MAG beta that would not happen. Better off giving it to someone who'd appreciate it.
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All gone! I might have more next week.
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Sweet! I played like five minutes at SDCC and it felt like it was going to be an awesome game. Now I have to try and remember what my PSN username is.
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Really wish I could get in this. Loved the hell out of the first one and actually got crazy good at it. I've got a beta key so just PM me if you want it.
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I went to Best Buy to preorder this and get the key but they told me that they didn't have this available for preorder yet. I'll give Gamestop a check to see if I catch any luck.

Here are a few gameplay videos that are giving me the itch.
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I'm so damn excited for this, more so than I was MW2. I don't care about the vehicles, I just can't wait to play with the destructible environments.
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Well, thanks to Zombiefever, I was able to get the beta and somehow pull myself away from MW2 for a few hours.

Basically it is more of the same, but I don't think that is a bad thing. I like BC1 for the gameplay.

So far, based on this beta they have paired it down to four classes. I think that there were five in BC1. They also rearranged some of the weapon load outs.

I think everyone's favorite must be the Recon/Sniper class, because that's what most people tended to play on this map. The fuckers were everywhere. They have added the C4 to this class, as well as allowing the player to press the "select" button on the controller and "spot" and enemy, giving them that little red triangle on the map. If one of your teammates gets them, you get a XP bump as a "spot assist". I like playing a sniper in this game, as it is much easier then in MW. I just can't hit a damn thing in MW, but I can do well here. I do wish you could lay prone here, but I guess you can't have everything.

The medic has the big gun and then medicine and call also bring you back from the dead.

The engineer has the silenced weapon, the tank mines, and the RPG.

The assault class has his AR and can also give extra ammo to himself or his squad. I do miss that injector they had, as I pulled my ass out of the fire a few times with it before.

You basically start out with a weapon load out that is the basics. As you progress in levels and points, you can upgrade to better weapon, or add "gadgets". These are items like scopes and attachments depending upon what gun you use. I like the idea of a scope or red dot sight on the ARs, as I don't like the iron sites much.

You can also unlock items that can be used by any class such as upgraded handguns or even grab a shotgun.

They added "specializations", much like a perk system. As you gain points you can add things like carrying extra ammo, running faster and longer, items for vehicles.

There are a few new vehicles like a quad and a drone helicopter. You can pilot the little drone above the battlefield and guide missiles into the objectives without having to leave your base. There are also a few inplaced HMG and missiles like before.

I guess we'll see how everything works in the final release, but with these extras, this is going to be a lot of fun, and with the teamwork dynamic changing almost every round, there is a ton of replay value.
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They don't still limit the voice chat to the 3 guys in your squad do they?
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I'm not sure. I don't have a mic, and so far I have only heard one guy talking, and he was bitching the whole time about no one talking back to him between the time he spent yelling at his kids or talking to someone else that was in the room with him.
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I rarely heard anyone talking during my BC1 gameplay either, and I was usually in a squad when I played that. Maybe no one in my squad had mics either.
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I've actually just started playing the first game regularly online, even though I've had it for a while. Really enjoying that multiplayer, in some ways more than I enjoyed Modern Warfare's. If they can build on that for the sequel, it's pretty much a day one purchase for me.
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Yeah, I had it for awhile before I tried it too. Once I did I was hooked. Sometimes I have a better time than I do with MW. Both are pretty fun.
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I'm honestly (pleasantly) surprised that the first game is still so active on Live. I have a friend in town that kept trying to get me to play it, because it's like the only game he does play, but now that I finally gave it a shot I'm pretty hooked.

What I like about it more than Modern Warfare is that as a latecomer, there's not that early onset frustration where everyone who's been playing for longer than you can shoot rockets from their eyeballs and shit grenades on a whim while you're relegated to a pistol and a dream of someday being able to score a point. It's a lot more newbie friendly. Really miss that killcam, though. All FPS games should have the killcam.
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Second one's got a killcam!
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Then it is perfect and there is no longer a need for Modern Warfare in my life.
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Have to echo the sentiments on the first game's multiplayer. It was near perfect, in terms on control, learning curve, and ultimately, fun.

Easily the most enjoyable FPS I've played in years.
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So the Beta closed. I was having a lot of fun with it and I'm looking forward to the game's release in March. Definitely will be a purchase for me.
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I only got around to playing a few games but I'm definitely getting this game the day it comes out. Probably for the 360 though.
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Few things in gaming are as satisfying as calling in artillery and blowing the fuck out of a building full of camping snipers. Bad Company 1 is greatness.

I didn't get into the beta for 2, but I'll be getting it sight unseen.
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I'm annoyed I didn't get in on this.
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I had a few shots of BC1 online, it was fun but was rather laggy at times. If I can get a good deal for BC2 and it has an option to join local servers, I will pick this up.
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The match lengths average out. I've been in games that last 30 mins, and I have been on teams that have had their asses kicked in like 10 mins. Sometimes the long matches get to be a pain in the ass, but I have a lot of fun either way.

There are always so many different ways to play out a game online that it doesn't get old for me.
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There are some pretty cool gameplay videos up at their website for those who didn't grab the beta.
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Yeah, I've kinda avoided playing much MW2 so I don't get burned out with online games in preparation for this. This might just be the only console game I buy in the next few months. Regardless of how well done the single player is I'm really excited for this. So jealous some of you got to do the beta.
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So I was watching the videos on the Battlefield website. They showed a new map that looks pretty good. They also showed a new game type. It was a four squad deathmatch. Basically four squads of four people go TDM. The first one to 50 kills wins. It sounds like something that could be fun. The big maps might be a hassle, but it looks to be a lot of fun.

Here's a link to see the video.
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So I have been playing BC1 since the demo closed. I do like the changes they made with the classes, going from five to four and then allowing you to change the weapons load out. They also have the abilities to add scopes and red dot sights in the new game, which is something that is sorely needed. I didn't realize I relied on those so much from playing MW.

After playing both I think the improvements they made are really going to improve the gameplay.
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New Bad Company 2 Trailer.

I think I've watched this at least 4 times today. Beats any movie trailer I've seen all year. I'm super excited.
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I played the beta on ps3 a bit, thought it was a blast. Jumping on the back of those ATVs and poppin shots is hugely entertaining. I will definitely grab this on PC.
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I need to pre-order this bad boy. I'm looking forward to this 100x more than I was MW2.
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I was thinking about skipping the single player campaign and jumping right into the multiplayer, which I had a blast with during the beta period. This trailer is making me rethink that idea.

I already bought and paid for the game with other game trade-ins, so I can't wait for this to come out. Another month or so and it should be in my grubby hands.
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Surprise multiplayer demo just popped up on 360-
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I've only given the game a couple rounds but I don't remember the controls being this bad. I'm finding it hard to get a decent setting. I try putting it up a bit higher so it at least doesn't take a half hour for me to turn when I'm not aiming down the sights. Only problem is that it gets much more sensitive one you start actually aiming.

Its so great though to just hear all the explosions going off and team mates shouting all around you. At one point a jet swooped down and unloaded on the road right in front of me.
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I find it really odd that they are using two totally different engines for the campaign and the multiplayer.
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Originally Posted by BillyG View Post
I find it really odd that they are using two totally different engines for the campaign and the multiplayer.
Really? Hopefully the campaign one is a bit more advanced and shows off the destruction a bit better. I remember things being a bit more explody in the first one.

Playing a bit longer the controls don't seem that bad now. Turning still seems painfully slow but I'm aiming a bit better.

Its all coming back to me now. The past 3 games I've been top of the scoreboard. One time I went 15-0.
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I don't remember which two engines it is, but I believe it was on a Giant Bomb interview that it was discussed. I want to say it is the Unreal engine for the campaign, and an internal DICE engine for the multi. They are both supposed to really highlight the kaboom though.
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While the guns have a slightly better feel than they did in BC1, gunplay still has this weird, floaty, disconnected feeling to it. It doesn't ruin the game, but it's my biggest pet peeve.

The engine is still a mixed bag. It does some things so well, but other things just seem inexcusable in 2010. The trees and bushes can look like an awful pixelated mess up close.

On the demo map, where is the little helicopter for the attackers at the start?
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I'm dying to play some guys who actually work as a squad, my gamertag is Dan XA
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Yeah, that can be the other bummer about this. I'm trying to get to the objectives or defend them and the other guys are off fucking around somewhere instead of trying to help me. Once one of the enemy dudes get in, his squad spawns off of him and then you got four dudes running around in there.
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It took me a few hours to get the MW2 play style out of my system and now that I have I'm really enjoying it. Definitely is not a run and gun type of shooter; I like how it's more about gaining the tactical advantage rather than who can aim faster. LOVE the knife, you actually have to be in a position to the stab the guy.

Played with some of my friends online and we had a blast. The thing I'm looking forward to are the unlockable weapons that can be used with any class. Hopefully that will encourage people to play as medics and engineers.

BTW the enjoyment of this game increases ten-fold when you have a good squad. Post your gamertags fellas!
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Yeah, I liked the unlockable weapons/upgrades aspects of it. We will now have the ability to change up our weapons as well as upgrade them with different attachments.
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Here's a gameplay video from the Beta. I didn't get to play on this map, looks like it's going to be fun.
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I've been playing the demo for a few days. Having a blast on this new map, and I am starting to get used to the change in vehicle control. I must be playing against some losers, because I'm cleaning house, and I'm not that good.

One thing that I am not excited about is that the demo limits the unlocks you can get. They had a ton of stuff to onlock on the beta, but they are only allowing one upgrade before you are maxed out. If everything resets to zero when the game is released, I wouldn't see the big deal in letting us play with more toys.

Even with that gripe, I'm having a blast and can't wait for the full release in a few weeks.
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Well there's a big difference between a beta and a demo. It makes sense that most of the stuff will be locked away in the demo.
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I can understand them holding it back, and I already preordered and paid in full, so it isn't like I'm not going to buy. I'll be a pro on this map by the time it's released.
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