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 I just saw Shin Godzilla. Its  a new and interesting take on Godzilla. I won't go into details, but I prefer 2014 Godzilla to this.

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I just started a post release thread for Shin Godzilla for more detailed discussion of the movie. There are some spoilers.

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Can't go see it tonight since apparently Storm Godzilla is stomping in off the B.C. coast. Next week I suppose.  *grumble* 

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Saturday for me. Storm Godzilla will be weaker by the time it moves south to Portland.

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I went in with high expectations. Shin Godzilla exceeded them. More in the Post-Release Thread.
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Well crap, now Saturday is looking like a huge rain and wind event, and I'm probably going to miss it.

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Belatedly celebrating Big G's birthday tonight at my screening of SHIN GODZILLA. Fingers crossed!

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Went to go see it, there were no adjacent seats available in the theater for the three of us to sit in.  Returned tickets.  Spent 20 dollars on the Jurassic Park videogame instead.  


Thanks limited release.  

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Once again real life stuff gets in the way of my kaiju obsession. Hopefully with the newly expanded limited release they'll play it again and maybe a little bit nearer to my place.

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You guys need to plan this shit out better.
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And you should plan to shut your dirty whore mouth, pal!  :D


Seriously though, Funimation could actually put this in a few more theaters. Especially in my area since there's a large Asian population here.

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They put it in a theater that was a short walk from my apartment.
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The most irksome thing about the entire fiasco was it could have easily been avoided, except that there were no Cinepolis or Cinepolis-esque screenings of the film in my area.  I could feel the loathing curdling up my spine as I realized I'd have to scrabble for seats like a common plebe instead of having an assigned leather recliner with concierge service.  
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   I bought The Return of Godzilla aka the Toho version of Godzilla 1985. Its not that much different from the New World edit released in America. Even without the comic relief officer and the Dr Pepper product placement, its no where near  the tonal difference between Gojira and Godzilla. The biggest difference is that its an accident that the USSR launches a nuke at Tokyo. Since all the footage of Steve Martin and the American military has been cut, there are more scenes of the Japanese characters interacting. The decision to not let the USA or USSR nuke Godzilla gets more screen time. Still a top notch Godzilla flick.

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Yeah, that product placement was really blatant...

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Heads up:

El Rey's Christmas kaiju marathon this year has Godzilla vs Biollante.

Fucking stoked. Been wanting to check this one out for years.
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If you're a big enough Godzilla fan to look forward to it, you probably won't be disappointed. I enjoy it enough.
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It's possibly my favorite Heisei era film, though G vs King Ghidorah and Return/85 are close.
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Godzilla vs King Ghidorah is my favorite from the Hensi era because its so damn weird. M11 almost steals the show. I like that Toho cast a normal looking guy as a Terminator like robot.

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A normal guy losing his hair as a robut!

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Originally Posted by Turingmachine75 View Post

Heads up:

El Rey's Christmas kaiju marathon this year has Godzilla vs Biollante.

Fucking stoked. Been wanting to check this one out for years.

This is a fun one for me to go back and revisit every few years, just because we've had such a long stretch where every Godzilla movie was a stand-alone picture; Biollante is a direct sequel to Godzilla 1985, opening during the clean-up from that attack on Japan.

ETA: Skreeonk is reporting that Legendary's sequel to Gareth Edward's Godzilla is officially "Godzilla: King of the Monsters," currently scheduled for a release date in March 2019.

ALSO ETA: As Stevehauk correctly pointed out, I meant 2019, not 2009. The next time I'm time travelling, I'll stick to going forward at a speed of one second per second, like a law abiding American.
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Here's a fun question I want to pose to you all that was inspired by a tweet from one of the many kaiju related Twitter accounts I follow:


Which Showa era MechaGodzilla movie is better?







I really enjoy GvsMG a lot but the sequel is just so much better IMHO. What say you fellow G-Fans?

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Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla is easily the more memorable of the two, for the hilarity of the gorilla masks and the cool genre-mixing that takes place when the mystical King Caesar joins the action. Terror of Mechagodzilla did so poorly in theaters that the franchise was shelved for a decade, starting fresh with an entire new continuity when it reemerged (the next film, made in 1984, plays out as a direct sequel to the 1954 original and kicks off the Heisei era).

In a lot of the later Showa era films, Godzilla is playing the role of an MMO tank, holding aggro on the enemy kaiju while the human cast members work on foiling some extraterrestrial plot or other. Terror of Mechagodzilla doesn't bring much that's new to that particular table, but it does crank the basic idea up to 11 by having Godzilla fight off two monsters while Interpol struggles at ground level to find a way to defeat both.

I find both rewatchable, and would recommend that someone watching either for the first time would watch both in a double feature.
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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

Here's a fun question I want to pose to you all that was inspired by a tweet from one of the many kaiju related Twitter accounts I follow:


Which Showa era MechaGodzilla movie is better?







I really enjoy GvsMG a lot but the sequel is just so much better IMHO. What say you fellow G-Fans?


Vastly prefer Terror of Mechagodzilla.  After Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster, it was my fave Godzilla film as a kid.  

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Terror is an easy nostalgia pick for me.  It played like crazy on Saturday afternoons of my youff.


The mad scientist father and cyborg daughter are easy pathos too.


Heck, Terror get the pick just for the baddies helmets.

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Terror. Hell, it may have been the first Godzilla movie I saw. Either that or Godzilla vs The Thing.

By the way, loved Biolante. I want the next Legendary flick to start the same way . . . a black ops mission by some agency or another to steal Godzilla/MUTO cells or tissue. Such a neat start.
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I love both, but Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla has the edge for me. Mostly for Reasor's ....reasons. The Planet of the Apes/James Bond/Kaiju mashup is irresistible. 

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G vs MG was the first Godzilla movie I saw and probably still my single favorite. But Terror is excellent and maybe the "better" movie in some ways.
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 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla > Terror of Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla is a great foe for Godzilla because the first time they fight Mechagodzilla not only wins, but people think that Godzilla is dead. The final fight may be the best climax of any Godzilla movie. It was so wild to watch Mechagodzilla unleashes lasers, missiles and force fields against Godzilla.  Godzilla turning himself into a magnet to win makes no sense, but it looks so cool. 


  I still like Terror a lot though. Its a good mix of the camp one expects form these movies, but there are some dark moments. Of course I'm referring to Katusha killing herself.

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I'm in the same boat as most of you. I enjoy both of them almost equally but I guess since I saw TERROR before GvsMG I'm heavily biased in which one I'd choose if I had a gun to my head.

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A good video about the first actor to wear the Godzilla suit.

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An interesting article about the political subtext of Shin Godzilla and GMK.

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That post credits scene at the end of KONG: SKULL ISLAND was the cherry on the amazing sundae of that film.


Speaking of Godzilla. Apparently Terry Rossio, the writer behind the awesome Godzilla 1994 screenplay which you should read because it's pretty fucking awesome. Has been added to the GODZILLA vs KONG writers' room.

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Netflix Japan has announced that Netflix will be distributing Polygon Pictures' forthcoming Godzilla anime worldwide later this year, after the anime's theatrical run in Japan.
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The anime is called GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET and the best part? It's going to be a trilogy!

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Small teaser for the new ULTRAMAN GEED series which will start airing in Japan in July (and simulcast on Crunchyroll).


Geed is apparently the son of Ultraman Belial, a powerful Ultra Warrior who turned evil and tried to conquer the universe with his own army of kaiju.

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Adam Wingard, the director of You’re Next, The Guest, and most recently Blair Witch, has just signed to direct 2020's Godzilla vs. Kong. He’ll work from a story that was developed over the last few months in a robust writers room led by Pirates of the Caribbean writer Terry Rossio.

iO9: Godzilla vs. Kong Just Landed an Unexpected but Inspired Choice as Its Director
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I haven't seen The Guest yet, but I thought You're Next was great; Blair Witch wasn't anything to write home about.

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THE GUEST is much more in line with YOU'RE NEXT than WITCH. Also NEXT doesn't have a performance half as magnetic and sublime as Dan Stevens. It's a fantastic little thriller that's much more than the "Carpenter film-school tribute" people say it is.

Wingard's DEATH NOTE trailer is nice, too. And I know nothing of the source material. I'm really excited to see him get a big sandbox to play in.
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I always get a kick out of his reviews.


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Blasted through the first two episodes of the latest Ultra series, ULTRAMAN GEED, on Crunchyroll and if you enjoyed the mix of great kaiju action, humor and craziness of the last few series then you're probably already watching this.  It's a lot of fun.

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STARZEncore channel 541 on DirecTV has a whole slate of Showa era Toho monster flicks on the next few weeks. Rodan last night, War of the Gargantuas and Destroy All Monsters later this week, Son of Godzilla and Godzilla vs Megalon next week, among others. Fingers crossed for Mothra the week after.
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FANTASTIC!  I've wanted a nice copy of Destroy All Monsters for ages!

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Hopefully Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla will FINALLY be out on DVD!

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Godzilla: Monster Planet came out today.

It's a pretty bizarre take from what I understand. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Godzilla is massive DNA shedding plant-like organism that has terraformed the earth over twenty thousand years
Netflix should get it some time early-ish next year.
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Monster Planet has been confirmed as the first part of a trilogy, with Mechagodzilla appearing in the second installment.
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The El Rey network is once again having a Godzilla marathon Christmas week.

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Monster Planet drops on Netflix next Friday.
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