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The Secret (Si j'étais toi) - 2007

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I post this thread to draw attention to a very special film. Not only does does it feature the work of the very talented David "Spooky"* Duchovny, it also showcases an early performance from the immensely skilled thespian Olivia Thrilby in a key role before she shot to fame in the excellent period piece "The Wackness" (but after she shot JUNO, I believe). It also features strong work from Lili Taylor as "The Mom".

The Cast:

The Dad

The Daughter (on the right)

And Lili Taylor (from RANSOM) as "The Mom"

It's a delightful family drama, with some "other worldly" elements. The film also holds a unique distinction......

It takes place in my home town!!!

And apparently, it was almost filmed here before production issues forced them to shoot in Toronto. The cast takes this in stride though, as Duchovny is someone with a great deal of experience when it comes to pretending Canada is Massachusetts (X Files Joke)

The really remarkable thing though is that when I watched this, I didn't even know it was about my home town. As the film moved along, there were little clues peppered in with the dialog that made me suspect, and then when the end credits rolled, I knew for sure. I don't know if anyone else has ever had this happen (learning that the events of a film take place in your home town through deductive reasoning), but it was an epic epiphany when it happened to me.

Unfortunately, as skilled as the cast is, the Toronto locations where the film was shot rarely look like any location in my towns, and this kind of takes you out of the film. Plus... the story becomes a little..... weird.

I'm not kidding about the weirdness. **

In fact, the film quickly devolves into a rather creepy sci-fi incest story.

But other than that, it's definitely worth checking out, if only for the vicarious thrill that comes from knowing that the events you're watching are supposed to occur in the town that I live in.

*I'm aware that is a nickname of a character he played, not his own real life nickname. But whatever.

** Or should I say, Wackness? LoL!
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PS For some reason I couldn't fit in 4 images into my first post

So here is one of Lili Taylor I wanted to include before:

She plays the mom and she is really good in the film
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Sweet. Another thread about home town movie connections.
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Hey look at me!
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Originally Posted by Bloody Wanker View Post

Sweet. Another thread about home town movie connections.
Did you see the movie, BW? It's a curious one, I really like the talent involved, but as I stated, the story becomes very strange.
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