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Men of a Certain Age

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TNT's newest dramady. No one has made a thread or anything so I guess many aren't watching.

But you should. It's really quite good, in a low key kind of way. Ray Romano is turning in some really solid work here. I figured Justin would be watching, cause it's his boy and all.

It's a nice wind-down show to come home to after a long day of work. Good times.
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I'm pretty much the target demo for this thing, and yeah, it works.
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Yeah, i've been enjoying it a lot. The 3 guys click in a very realistic way.
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I thought I was the only one watching this.
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I saw that Tati had mentioned this on his Facebook a bit ago and decided to give it a shot plus Ray Romano got some good cred with me after his Funny People cameo so I figured what the hell. I'm digging it. And yeah, the guys definitely play off each other really well while still staying true to their characters. Good to see Bakula working again.
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Season 2 started well. This is a very well crafted show.

I'm loving it.
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5 episodes in and season 2 is terrific.

More people need to pay attention to this show. It's nothing mindblowing. But the scripts, the situations and specially the leads are great. They just click together.
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I feel like a dick-lick for ignoring Season two after loving Season one, but it's hard to find the time. Glad to hear the quality has been maintained.
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All the diner scenes are simply perfect.
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Show is fantastic, most underrated show on tv. But did you see that it's going on hiatus after next week? Utter bullshit. Returning in the summer, I believe. Something about TNT believing their shows fare better during the summer.

Hard one to stomach, considering no other shows I watch (appointment television, anyway) are currently on right now!
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Yeah. Honestly, I just like watching Andre Braugher act. I'd watch a whole show based around those diner scenes. Actually, apparently I wouldn't because I've missed the entire second season.
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Marc Maron's WTF interview with Romano and his partner who created the show goes deep into Andre Braugher's acting.
How he wasn't the first choice (Wendell Pierce from The Wire and Treme was!) and they never thought they'd get Him! And once he came in, they started to write differently for his style. He doesn't have rapid fire comic timing, but more classic acting of long pauses. Which almost always works just as well.
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That scene at the school fundraiser in the first season, where he see's Ray's ex-wife with her new man is INCREDIBLE. I was so glad he got nominated for an Emmy, pointless as they are.
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Started watching this after it coming up in conversation at a birthday party recently.


It's REALLY good.  Sad that it got canceled after only 2 seasons.  Just SOLID understated goodness throughout.

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Loved this show, everytime I would see Romano on parenthood I would miss it all over again.
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All true, but at this point I could never give up Braugher on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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Approaching the last few episodes.


Sad that this didn't continue for at least another season.

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Did the showrunners know that they weren't renewed for a third season? 


The season 2 finale felt similar to that of Freaks & Geeks.

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