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Now that I think I about it there was a scene where it looked like Chow and Wahlberg were gonna have dirty group sex with a couple of happening ladies but then Chow slips out and leaves them both for Wahlberg. I always thought he was just doing that as a polite gesture but now I'm not so sure. Anyway he still seemed to be a much more passionate character than in THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS.

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Originally Posted by Ambler View Post


That guy is fucking awesome.  


I wont name names, but other actors start to look bad in comparison.  

HAHAHAHA. "won't name names" like you're sitting on a pile of actors who took whitewashed roles that nobody fucking knows about.

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I saw The Corruptor in theaters, as at the time I was obsessed with The Killer and Hard Boiled, and all I remember about that movie is Mark Wahlberg's butt during a massage scene.

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Originally Posted by Bartleby_Scriven View Post

all I remember about that movie is Mark Wahlberg's butt during a massage scene.


You've been talking to Nooj too much.

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I know I watched it but I can't remember a single thing about The Corruptor. Not even Marky Mark's butt.
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You've been talking to Nooj too much.

15-year-old Bart was talking to Nooj too much?

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nooj! They're assuming every Asian is just like every other Asian! Your thoughts? Your feelings? YOUR OUTRAGE?!?!

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Originally Posted by Bartleby_Scriven View Post
15-year-old Bart was talking to Nooj too much?


I know you have powers we have only faintly glimpsed.

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 An article by Paste Magazine quotes Nancy Wang Yuen, a sociologist, in which she recalls talking to an unnamed casting director regarding Asians.


"I work with a lot of different people and Asians are a challenge to cast because most casting directors feel as though they're not very expressive," the Hollywood casting director allegedly told Yuen.


"They're very shut down in their emotions...were they really have to act and get some kind of performance's a challenge."



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It's kind of a different issue, but I thought that sidelining Mike in IT and giving his whole role to another character was a real tone-deaf choice to make. I mean it's a movie about outsiders that sidelines its only black character. It's not the best look. 

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Fuckling christ. 

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Hoo boy.
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Okay, I LOL'd.


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The funny thing is you can watch exactly ONE Kurosawa film to know how utter bullshit that reasoning is. Fucking racist morons.
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I watched I Am Not Your Negro yesterday and remarked that racism has thrived in this country after the laws were passed because institutions like Hollywood kept racist ideologies in practice.  It is not enough to give blacks the right to drinking fountains and bathrooms, if you're still insinuating they're less than human in movies....  you are still perpetuating the problem.

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post your thoughts in the thread I started for the film!
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Not sure if this counts as anything more than "cool story bro," and I wasn't sure whether to put this here (even though it's not technically "whitewashing") or in the Wind River thread, but here it is.


I liked Wind River a lot.  I had a conversation with someone recently who disagreed, seemingly for the sole reason that they had cast Asians as some of the Native Americans.  "It's cultural appropriation, you can't do that any more, etc."  The actual race of the actors wasn't something I thought about at all when I was watching the movie - all I could point to for authenticity was Graham Greene.  But thinking back on it now, admittedly the brother character did look like he was Asian.  I think.


I tried googling yesterday, and it turns out this Wind River hater was wrong.  Or at least, mostly wrong.


Mr. Sheridan admitted, “There was someone far and away that was the best, but I didn’t hire them because they were not Native American.” He even told his casting directors that when it came to auditioning actors, “Don’t even read them unless you can vet the authentic nature of their ancestry.”


I say "mostly wrong" because


Kelsey Asbille, who plays Natalie, the young Indian woman who is raped and murdered in “Wind River,” is of Taiwanese, British and Eastern Band Cherokee descent. Although she did not grow up in an indigenous community, she said she had an “intense connection” to Natalie and what she stood for, adding, “This role, more than any other, it’s in my blood.”


I guess my point is that it's interesting to see what it takes now to do things the right way, and that even if you do everything the right way you can still take flak from some misinformed people.

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First look at CRAZY RICH ASIANS, which I am crazy excited for:

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