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Psych Season 5

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Figured I should start a new one since last season's is appropriately named "Psych Season 4". Of what I've read so far, Freddie Prinze, Jr and Vanessa Minnillo guesting, and there is apparently going to be a kung fu themed episode, as well as a street racing episode in this upcoming season.

Never seen Minnillo as an actress, but these guys really do well with their guest stars. Thinking she could be a lady friend for Gus? Thoughts?
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can't wait for the new season.
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I seem to remember reading in the summer preview TV Guide thet they were going foreward with a Shawn/Jules relationship this season. Basically saying you can only tease the fans for so long.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Murder View Post
VERY excited about this! Nestor Carbonell has a huge following now post-Lost, and should attract a nice crowd for Psych. Also glad it will be multi-episode, gives a little more time for the romantic rivalry to develop.
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At the last Comic-Con panel they did Roday and Franks said if they get a 5th Season they're going to do a Twin Peaks themed episode as they're both such huge fans.
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Originally Posted by James View Post
At the last Comic-Con panel they did Roday and Franks said if they get a 5th Season they're going to do a Twin Peaks themed episode as they're both such huge fans.
I have no reason to believe that this would be anything but my favoritest thing ever.
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It would be incredible if they could bag McLachlan for something like that. Somehow his quirkiness feels like it would fit Psych.
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I really want another adventure with Shawn's uncle. That was such a fun episode.
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Pretty good opening episode. KEN had all the best lines. I say bring him back for more episodes.

Also enjoyed the Jackie Chan stunt reel at the end. Brilliant.
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Sean's reference to Gus as "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" almost killed me.

As did the later Gus as Sean's attorney scene.
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Jesus Christ, Gus going lawyer on the guy in the dojo was the BEST. "Now, which water fountain am I allowed to use?"

THAT is the psych I remember, not what about 2/3s of last season was. It's supposed to be silly and weird and goofy
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Was it me or did James Roday look like Emilio Estevez in that coat. He looked a lot better with it off.

The scene where Gus lifts Shawn up but ends up throwing him through the window had me in stitches for some reason.
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Solid episode. The enthusiasm with which Roday flung himself sideways against the fence only to immediately fall down cracked me up. I also liked the Karate Kid bit (If I do this right, no can defend).
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Gus the Lawyer was awesome. Loved when Shawn says he's going to scale the building like Jackie Chan then just falls through a window on the first floor.

Great way to open the season.
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I was wondering when they were going to work in Dule Hill's dancing background. Nice they worked Tim Omundson's bit of dance too.

Cheers to a shout out to Phineas and Ferb as well.
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Loved the coroner telling Shawn and Gus how he thinks they are gonna die.

"Gangland style, they will never find your head. You'll slip in the bathtub"
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"I know who the West Side Rapist is!"
Loved this episode. Stupid, stupid case, but all the character beats were perfect, which is the only thing that matters. Between this one and the season opener I'm very optimistic for season 5.
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I liked that it was clear just how well Shawn and Gus work together. Mainly, because they're the only ones that can really stand each other.
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That's one of the reasons I like this show so much. They do the odd-couple, at-each-others'-throats thing with Shawn and Gus, but even when they're fighting they still have amazingly goofy chemistry together. It's a great change of pace from all these sitcoms with married couples and so-called "best friends" who seems to hate each others' guts until the last three minutes of the show when they learn their life-lesson of the week.
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"I know who the West Side Rapist is!" had me in a fit. I thought ep. started off kinda awkward with all the tap stuff. Not good flow. But it just got better as it went. This has been a damn funny season so far.
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It seems like there getting sloppy I have been able to figure out the big bad for all the episodes so far
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Amazing episode, I was laughing all the way through
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I think they FINALLY realized this isn't a show that is supposed to be serious or deep or a shock when the villain is revealed. It just needs to be funny as shit and this season is succeeding admirably.

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Freddy Prinze was actually really great in this. Bring back Dennis and his superfine wife!
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So, I guess Ken is never going to appear again?
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This season has been great so far. Gus signing the Autograph for the lady while wearing the visor killed me.
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I completely agree with mediumdave, I hope they're done with the "dramatic" storylines and keep things light for as long as possible. I love the direction this season is going.
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this season is already ahead of last season in quality. "clue face"
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The way Gus was acting around Ken's wife was all sorts of great.

"Steak" and "Cigars".
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Why wont you ever sweep the leg
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when jay chandrasekhar directs, you get a super troopers reference.
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and once like Chandler Bing....
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One wonders what John Michael Higgins is like in real life.
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Adam Rodriguez aka Eric from CSI Miami. Nice guest spot. Loved the twist on their standard solving formula. Loved the Point Break lines.
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The whole episode was basically Point Break. Good stuff.
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I was hoping to hear the Beverly Hills Cop theme at the end
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I lost it when James and Dule did their impressions of William Devane and Carl Weathers in the car.
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Gus, show her your "I come in peace" face.

Great episode.
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William and Carl as old versions of Shawn and Gus is just beyond brilliant.
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That was a great episode. Carl Wathers and William Devane were pitch perfect. I loved when Gus was cracking the masterlock and Weathers says "Way to be a stereotype".

Another thing I noticed in the streetracing episode, when Shawn powerslides to a stop in front of the Psych office, for a brief moment you can see that the parking sign says "Psych Parking Reserved for Bruton Gaster."
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So Gus brings three things to the Psych team: the car (the Blueberry), the super sniffer, and a positive working attitude.

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Yeah, this one was a really good one. Weathers wanted to adopt Gus. "No, I'm good."
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Gus and Shawn saying "Ring the bell, Ding Ding" followed by a Weathers finger point was awesome.
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New young-Shawn suuuuuucks
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What was the year on the episode where we see Roday playing young Shawn? They're going to have to start aging the kids if they're going to keep up with that.
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Originally Posted by Billy Youngblood View Post
What was the year on the episode where we see Roday playing young Shawn? They're going to have to start aging the kids if they're going to keep up with that.
1995, so Shawn is gonna have to have a huge growth spurt.
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Not the greatest episode but loved all the couch scenes.
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Why the hell do we suddenly have a new Shawn?

Anyway, Roday's Chris Tucker impression was amazing.
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