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Great Christ Tucker impression.

I thought the episode wasn't quite as strong as last week's, but it was enjoyable. It kind of had a vague Under Siege thing going on in the beginning, which they never really fully engaged. Actually, the story just really didn't feel like it had as strong a through-line as the last couple eps.
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Originally Posted by James View Post
Why the hell do we suddenly have a new Shawn?
The original Shawn got either a movie or a new show, so I think he's gone for good.
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Yeah, didn't like new Young Shawn. And really didn't care too much for the episode.

But the Friday references were great. Craaaig.
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Apparently Liam James wanted to go off and do something different. He's moved to L.A. now (show films in Canada).
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Just caught this ep, and while i had its moments, it felt weak following last week's gem.

Those were easily the least intimidating "hardened criminals" I've seen on TV, and yet it feels so right on this show
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From the Curt Smith 80's Psych theme song cover.. to lo and behold Fucking Curt Smith cameo.. well done Psych. well done.
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That was a solid episode. Ok, more than solid. Great episode.

"I need to make sure that Curt isn't going on a bender, I think he and the guy from Crowded House are planning something."
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It was pretty great, Nestor Carbonell was a great addition to the cast as Shawn 2.0. Am I the only one getting the feeling he's going to end up being Yang?
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Originally Posted by Steve Moonrocket View Post
It was pretty great, Nestor Carbonell was a great addition to the cast as Shawn 2.0. Am I the only one getting the feeling he's going to end up being Yang?
I was thinking the same thing.
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Oh yeah, there is way more to Shawn 2.0 than we are being shown. He's too much like Shawn for there not to be.

I do kinda hate episodes like this though, where Shawn gets beaten at every turn.

New Young Shawn still sucks.
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I thought it was pretty obvious the coroner guy is gonna be Yang (come on, why else make him a regular now). He's weird enough to qualify.
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I so want Yang to be Anthony Michael Hall or Emilio Estevez
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I love this show. This last episode was really good. All in all, the season has been much better than last season. While last season's finale is still possibly the best episode of the series, this overall season has been stronger. Kurt Fuller just kills me every time he shows up. "Curt Smith is a mean drunk." Awesome.

I did think they were going to do more with the Shawn/Jules storyline this season than they have. While the show gets decent ratings it doesn't get great ratings and the newer USA shows generally do I have some fears that USA may decide the end is near for Psych.

Does the Summer Finale this week mean the show is over until next Summer? Or will we get the (pleasepleaseplease) annual Xmas episode and then some more shows early in 2011?
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After the episode it will tell you when Psych will return. It is usually early January.. but maybe that will change this year. Burn Notice is coming back in November, so maybe it will be earlier for Psych too.
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10-Nov-2010Psych05x10Season 5, Episode 10
17-Nov-2010Psych05x11Season 5, Episode 11
24-Nov-2010Psych05x12Season 5, Episode 12
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Cool. As long as I still get my Christmas episode.
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Whoo, I'm a relative noob to Psych (only started watching last season), but this last episode may be my favorite so far. God, was that funny. The whole Tears for Fears gag was aces, as was the re-worked theme song. I think my favorite bits, however, were the flashbacks to Shawn casually getting drunk while listening to the pseudo-Twilight audiobook ("The blood loss will be massive because I will drink half of it.").

And, yeah, new Lil' Shawn blows. He's borderline ginger, which is no way to walk through life.

Moonrocket, mind is blown. Richard Alpert is Yang. Interesting.
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Diane: 5:35 pm, third floor, Time Inc. headquarters here in New York. I just got my hands on a red-hot scoop regarding Psych‘s forthcoming Twin Peaks-inspired episode.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that two of Peaks‘ most iconic faces, Sheryl Lee (Laura/Maddy) and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey), will appear in the episode alongside previously announced guest star Dana Ashbrook (Bobby). All three will play residents of Dual Spires (get it?), a quirky Northern California town that has been rocked by the death of a high school student.

But wait, there’s more…

Peaks‘ enigmatic Log Lady, Catherine Coulson, has signed on to make a cameo as—get this—the mysterious Woman with Wood, and Ray Wise (Leland) will reprise his season 4 Psych role as Father Westley. Also popping up in cameos will be Peaks alums Lenny Von Dohlen (a.k.a. agoraphobic horticulturist Harold) and Robyn Lively (a.k.a. seductress Lana).

The episode—co-written by self-professed Peaks addict Roday—will air during Psych‘s fall run. The show’s summer finale airs tomorrow night.
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For some reason my TiVo didn't record the Nestor Carbonell episode. Weird.
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I read this.. this morning over at USAToday's popcandy and EW.

I guess Roday is a huge Twin Peaks fan.
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I remember someone posting that they wanted to do a Twin Peaks episode in the Season 4 thread. I'm just impressed they managed to get that much of the cast back. I think I'm more excited for that episode now than the finale.
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C thomas howell! Excellent.

I really wish Nestor was a regular. He had some of the best lines.
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Fun Finale.
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Yes! Twin Peaks episode!
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Aside from being really funny, the 'shipper in my soul that I keep bound and gagged loved that ending.
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I'm Matt Damon you're Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje...non.....
That's not how you say his name.
That's who you are though.
No, I'm not! I'm not gonna be there.
Too late to recast the part is yours.

I loved that exchange. Fun mid-season finale.
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YES! Despereaux is back! Psych is back! I guess its more USA Network watching time.
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That's really awesome. How the hell does Ray Wise look like he's aged only a decade or so? And Fenn is still hot.
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What a great episode. Cary Elwes as Desperaux is so damn good. And he rocked the Dread Pirate Roberts 'stache! I'm thrilled they finally got Shawn and Jules together. I'll miss Deckard, but this show is back baby!
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I don't know what's up with my TiVo but it's totally not recording these episodes anymore. I think I need to redo my Psych season pass.
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The Jules Shawn make out session was extremely hilarious. THAT's how you do a built up sexual tension/love realization scene. Truly great.
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KEN returned! Best part of the episode was Shawn and Gus screaming in unison. I was rolling.
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That was truly an AWESOME episode of Psych and I wasn't really a Twin Peaks fan.

So was Jack the blind photographer the Lab guy from FRINGE? Cuz that guy is FUNNY!

So much to love about last night's episode.. from the Everwood shoutouts to the endless pie.

I just can't believe next week we get Ralph Fucking Machio. This season of Psych is glorious.
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Yeah, having never seen a single second of Twin Peaks, I still loved this episode. However those last couple of minutes in the diner, which I can only imagine had a lot to do with actual moments from Twin Peaks, was insanely bizzare to me.

This episode confirmed something to me: Ray Wise needs to be used more often on this show. He's just so much fun.
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Matt needs to watch this episode, and do a little write-up on it!
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Originally Posted by Nicholas View Post
And Fenn is still hot.
Indeed. Gus making eyes at her cracked me up.
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Super fun episode. I had to keep texting my sister Twin Peaks tidbits so she'd get some of the nerdier gags.

And Ray Wise is never not awesome.

The brief bit of preview for the Xmas episode has me hoping that Gus's dad is changed YET AGAIN to another awesome blactor. Although, they should know they can't beat Keith David.
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It's amazing to see Sherilyn Fenn go from jailbait queen to full on cougar and not lose a single ounce of sex appeal. Such a great episode, I loved how they pretty much went shot for shot from the Pilot episode when they found Paula's body. I couldn't help myself from laughing hysterically to everyone being so over the top. And Wise's sudden hair change, brilliant.
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I was so hoping Kyle MacLachlan would have showed up at the end.
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Yeah, this was pretty great. Wise and Fenn were highlights. And I always like to see Lee, who is a great actress that never gets to do much. Other than be in Vampire$!!!
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A really wrong-headed review where the reviewer mis-quotes the episode, says Roday and Hill have no chemistry and infers that the show is racist.
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What the fuck? What a weird review.

I can understand not liking the show or even the episode, but to say that Roday and Hill have no chemistry just comes across as ignorant.

Hell, maybe this is just the first episode this dude saw. I can see him grabbing that from this episode. Still, though...
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There seems to be a strange amount of hate for the show on there. Dislike, I get, but hate? It's such a cute little harmless show, leave it alone.
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How you could ever watch an episode of this show and feel like Roday and Hill have no chemistry is absolutely baffling to me.
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I've read enough TV reviews over at AV club to realize that they just don't fucking watch television.

Half the time they will get a writer who's never seen an ep of a series just to cover an episode for one night. Totally worthless reviews.

I don't take much stock in their music reviews either.
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Great episode. Ray Wise, smokin hot Fenn and the constant Pie were the highlights.

"how far do you have to go from regular Gus to creepy Gus"
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Finally got around to watching the Dual Spires episode. Like the cinnamon pie and cider, it was so good. I had the biggest damn grin on my face for the entire episode. And the fact they got Julee Cruise to rework the theme song? Priceless.
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that "fabulous emitt smith looking guy just kidnapped my friend" line killed me.

"Bolo Yeung is in aisle 7 looking to get shot."

silly show and glad to see Ralph Machio on TV.
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