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Well, that was slightly disappointing. Would've liked for Stark to actually be back.
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Yeah, pretty dissapointing. It was good while it lasted though. Although they did leave the door open for him to actually come back. With them saying the right kind of energy could pull him back.

Season finale looks interesting. I hope they don't chicken out and just press the reset button. And with there being a Christmas special on the way I can't see them ending the season on a cliffhanger.
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Geez, this show man. I was so excited when Stark was sitting in the chair and he explained he was back.. I got all giddy at the possibility of a four person love triangle (rectangle?) and Allison having to choose between Carter, Stark and Grant and then they hit me in the gut.

All this episode did was remind me of why I miss Stark and wished he was back. Not thrilled we're at the season finale already. This has been a fun little season and I want it to continue, I hope there is no resetting the reboot.
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I echo the disappointment about Stark, but overall this has been a good season, the best since the first.
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I miss Stark. Still, a fun episode.
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I liked when Grant told Allison he was seeing a leggy blonde in a red dress. Something you could miss easily but a treat for the fans. Same to a lesser extent with Stark's "not a vampire" line when he looked in the mirror since he was last on True Blood but that was for all of maybe three episodes last season so that may have been coincidental.
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Not a bad mid-finale.

Although how cool would a 100 something year old Carter and Grant showing up in Eureka been.
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Originally Posted by Paul755 View Post
Not a bad mid-finale.

Although how cool would a 100 something year old Carter and Grant showing up in Eureka been.
That's what I thought they were going to do. I thought maybe they would rip a scene from The Final Countdown and have an aged Cater pull up in a limo and tell him a few secrets.

A sign of how good the show is, I miss it already. Can't wait for new episodes and very glad the new timeline is sticking and Dr. Grant is still in the Eureka world.
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I'm glad they didn't go the route I thought they would and have the 5 of them end up in some secret bunker as a season cliffhanger. I mean they could still go that way I suppose. But it seems that arc is more or less done and they've moved on to Beverly's revenge.

Yay for a Christmas episode.
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Don't know how many folks knew or saw the Xmas special they did last week. Not bad. Typical cute and light Eureka fare more common in seasons 2 and 3, but still enjoyable. Taggart is always a blast and the Santa Claus as super physicist angle was neat.
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Yeah the christmas episode was pretty good. I liked the idea of shrinking the town.
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