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UK Film Council to be axed

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Funded by the National Lottery, it channelled about £160m into more than 900 films over the last 10 years, including Bend It Like Beckham, The Last King of Scotland and Streetdance 3D.

Other initiatives included the Digital Screen Network, which invested in 240 digital cinema screens across the UK - meaning the UK now has more digital cinemas than any other European country.

These are the guys who arranged funding for In The Loop so this is bad news.

(Someone, possibly Spike might have already posted this, if so - sorry!)
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It’s worrying how used to cuts I’m getting now. Between this and scrapping plans to give tax breaks to videogame developers it seems the Tories are desperately trying to kill what little ‘industry’ we have left in the country.

It’s so fucking shortsighted and so reductive, but hey , that’s what happens when the Right Wing rules. I half expect them to destroy all of those lovely digital projectors/screens* just to spite us.

*Seeing films on digital was probably one of the more eye opening experiences of 2010 for me. So beautiful.
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It's a big shame - apparently the funding will still be there for projects, but it'll be distributed by other organisations such as the BFI. The schemes like the digital projection ones though needed an organisation to pioneer them.

The politics of it being a Labour-established organisation does make it all a bit uncomfortable to watch too.
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This actually inspired a blog from me, if you're interested in reading.

It's so frustrating seeing the Tories just lay waste to everything with even the slightest hint of New Labour on it.
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Yup, even as a Tory I think it looks a little vindictive. A little "clearing out the old tenant's stuff".

The UKFC's role in regards to funding films could very well be run just as well by another organisation, and maybe it will - but it's still sad to see what will potentially be an end to initiatives such as the digital projection one.

The gaming one is more tricky - it's very easy to lose the UKFC as long as the money is still going somewhere, and i'm pretty sure it's implied the BFI will have a say, so there's some kind of safety at least. The lack of tax initiatives for the gaming industry - with my limited knowledge of budgeting, just looks like an extremely short term fix with absolutely zero thought about future expansion and encouragement for foreign investment.

On the plus hand there though, they've said the tax incentive discussion is being resubmitted and discussed more thoroughly.

I agree with your blog thoughts on these stupid decisions - it's always nice to see what the other side thinks, even if you're still a dirty liberal!
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