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Batman INC.

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So it's a new comic that's kind of like Batman Family, Batman: Brave and the Bold and Batman and the Outsiders. But this time it's written by Grant Morrison. And some of the people Batman teams up with will start wearing....Batman costumes. Or something.

And speaking of costumes, they've tweaked Batman's outfit. It kind of looks like they merged the old yellow circle with Batman's outfit from the Arkham Asylum video game. Plus they took away the undies and gave him a giant codpiece.
I know Chris Nolan isn't a fan, but I've always liked the yellow logo.

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The yellow oval is retarded, and they should go with a darker coloring for his onesie. The story sounds like more of the same. Morrison has been using these "Batmen" from other countries throughout his Batman run. Now it seems Batman himself is going to be giving them business cards.
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Yeah but dressing up as a bat with a cape is retarded, so you might as well go ALL-OUT. I've always thought the original flat, black bat on the chest was kind of boring. The yellow oval is a more interesting design.
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David Finch is a disaster.
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Like most symbols on superhero costumes, the yellow oval, specifically the yellow oval, was designed solely to make the character easier to trademark. I've never had a problem with it, per se, but I prefer the large black bat design. It just looks cooler.

That Finch art looks silly, but whatever, it's Finch I doubt many other artists will be slapping on all those unnecessary details.
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Are the tumors on the left side of Batman's body the result of fighting in a post-apocalyptic radioactive Gotham?
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Eh, I've always preferred the moon symbol. Probably has something to do with growing up with the '89 movie, and at least there won't be underwear on the outside anymore. This isn't all that different than the costume he wore post-Knightfall, pre-No Man's Land though.

This also explains what happens to Dick. Apparently he stays Batman, just like there are multiple Green Lanterns, Arrows, and Flashes. I figured with there being a Red Robin, Nightwing wasn't necessary anymore.
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So we're off to a good start. The globetrotting, agent recruiting and evil organizations give this new direction a THE SHADOW/JAMES BOND feel.

The Batman: The Return one shot breaks down Batman's plans for the Bat-family and his ambitious plan to create a global crimestopping army of Batmen. Which means a SPECTRE-like evil organization has to be introduced! They're called LEVIATHAN.

BATMAN INC #1 has Batman traveling to Japan to recruit "Mr. Nowhere", a guy who's considered to be the Japanese Batman. And the insane LORD DEATH MAN from Bat-Manga appears!
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I loved how Batman was so confident that Mr. Unknown would be pleased to know that his secret identity had been worked out. Catwoman was also particularly well-written, a character I've never really cared about.
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