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Code Red DVD shuts its doors

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The last time I did one of these threads it was about BCI closing shop, which turned out to be not such a heartbreaker. This is different though.

For those who don't know Code Red was a little label releasing soem really off the wall (and sometimes truly crap) movies on DVD for the first time. Stuff like Dead Pit, Boardinghouse, Don't Go In the Woods, The Unseen (an inspirsation for the Don't trailer from Grindhouse) and my personal fave from the catalog The Strangeness (best vagina monster in a mine movie ever made). I've been waiting for what seems like years for them to finally release Hal Holbrook's Deliverance knock off Rituals in a decent uncut widescreen version. I guess I'll never see that now, at least not with a Code Red label.

The good news? Before the end of the month they have the aboslutley amazing The Visitor (Sam Peckinpah cameos as a gynecologist, people) coming to DVD for the first time. SHelley Winters creeps it up as a nanny. Lance Henrickson creeps it up as a young Lance Henrickson. John Huston just creeps. And Franco Nero is Jesus. Like in real life.

So if you get the opportunity grab a couple of these titles for your collection. It was a good label. Not the best. Not the worst. But now that it's (almost) gone I feel we're the poorer for it. Check out their catalog if you get the chance. There's bound to be soemthing that catches your eye.

Enough shilling. Have a swell weekend.
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Yeah. It sucks. Nightmare may be seeing the light of day early next year. And The Undertaker is coming at the end of this month. Thanks for that link, Phil. Weird that you have such crazy powers of prediction. Does it on'y work for crummy things, or can you predict nice stuff too?
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I predict you will mail me your one-sheet of JD's Revenge. That's nice of you!
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The Undertaker came out on Tuesday. My copy that I bought from an Amazon seller shipped already. The Redeemer is coming out at the end of this month.

I found out abou this a few weeks ago, and thought it was pretty shitty. Reprising since this company has been releasing some really interesting stuff, but of course no one is buying. I read over at another forum that Code Red posted on their blog before they removed it, that Slithis had only sold 70 some odd copies.

The Rituals thing is the worst. That was their one title aside from The Undertaker that I had most been looking forward to.

Grab the DVDs while they're affordable. I still need to get The Unseen, Stunt Rock, and The Dead Pit. Going to grab Nightmare when it's (hopefully) finally released.
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There was a bunch of horror stuff I was hoping they would one day put out there, but as a big backwoods horror fan, Rituals is the real heartbreaker. They put the "coming soon" trailer for it on the Trapped DVD and everything. We were so close! Oh well.
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These guys still seem to be up and running. Can anyone shed some light?

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I've been trying to keep up on their blog, which seems to hint to the fact that their eyes are bigger than their wallets. I think they're a real mom and pop operation (actually, it appears to be run by one dude these days), and they just don't have the money to put out the actual discs.


This blog post (from late 2009) speaks volumes:



NIGHTMARE received twice the amount of email requests as our recently released SLITHIS, and that movie only sold 489 copies. NIGHTMARE has to sell 4,200 copies just to break even. That amount is practically impossible in today’s market for a niche title as this. Simply put, the funds coming in from my second business and freelance work are currently paying for CODE RED’s losses. 
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People. Keep them afloat. Buy BOARDING HOUSE.


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So Rituals is available for preorder on some websites with a release date in April. A glimmer of hope then, though I'll really only believe it when I have the disc in my hands.

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