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Ugly Betty

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It was a crushing disappointment to see this get the axe, especially since the season finale didn't adaquately wrap up many of the loose ends, in my opinion. However, Ugly Betty was and remains to be one of my favorite television shows, with clean, clever direction, some very appealing performances from its cast (I love my Marc St. James) and some very good guest stars (Dylan Baker as the lead of the cult that brainwashed Daniel takes the cake).

Any fellow fans here?
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I love this show, too. Didn't really buy them essentially rushing to get Betty and Daniel together by show's end, but I sobbed and sobbed when the "Ugly" faded from her name in that final shot.

Also, this show handled Justin's gay issues with far less "beating you over the head with how AWFUL and HORRIBLE it is to be a gay teen!" than Glee is with Kurt right now.
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I actually really liked how the wrapped it up. They'd kind of started laying seeds at the very beginning of the season, so when they got the axe and started pushing towards the end game it didn't feel to terribly rushed, and I like how it was Daniel falling for Betty and her still being oblivious rather then a big very out of character clinch at the end.

Betty telling Justin it would all be okay at his mother's wedding was one of the most affecting moments on television last year for me. I'm hesitant to ever rewatch the show for fear of seeing that amazing moment not live up to how it is in my head.
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I get your point, but it just felt weird to me. They worked so well as friends, and it felt to me like they just stuck them together because that's how it goes in the original show. I was relieved that there wasn't a kiss at the end.

That shot in the series finale where Betty is in the limo and you see that flash of what she looked like in Season 1 chokes me up just thinking about it.
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