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Pop a viagra and read Renn's take on Zwick's new romantic comedy.

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This was a solid film and I was glad I saw it. I was never all that moved by what was going on, but I felt invested enough. But yeah, definitely a lot of odd tonal shifts with Older Jonah Hill. Ugh, how obnoxious (though I did laugh at the sex tape gag).

Anne Hathaway has really dainty hands. Lisa Simpson's career advice counselor would say she has "stubby fingers." So mean. What an asshole.

She and Gyllenhal had very strong chemistry and I had to ignore the call of nature to make sure I didn't miss any scenes between them. If only the film could've dropped all the silly cheap jokes, I wouldn't have had to wait as long. I can't imagine how much material was cut from the film, but it still felt fat.

Oooh, during his relentless pursuit of Maggie Murdock (MAGGIE MURDOCK!?) as the film approached its TIRED resolution, I whispered to my friend in my best Keanu voice, "STAY ABOVE 50!!!" A really trite way to end a film that had that wonderful scene at the Parkinsons meeting which hinted at something with such higher stakes. I began to wish that this wasn't made as a romantic comedy, but a film that focused on the drama of the situation. Having Jamie realize that he wants to enjoy the limited time they have left really didn't mean much to me at the end. The way it played, it just felt like easy words.

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I read your review before seeing the film, but I pretty much agree with all of it.
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They should have played this a bit straighter, because the emotional work done is really, really great. I was in a shitty place emotionally when I saw it, so it might have something to do with it, but damn if that wasn't a real relationship on screen, Parkinson's or not. But all the cheap gags and Josh Chad dampened it.

Ultimately formula, but Hathaway and Gyllenhaal are dynamite together. And one has to be happy when a beautiful and talented young woman bares it all many, many times.
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Scene I loved: Jamie having an intense physical panic attack when he realizes that he loves Maggie. It could've played silly and unconvincing, but the two actors really make it something funny and lovely.
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Anne Hathaway is topless in this. That alone is reason to watch.
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I know this may seem like a silly question, but I've actually been pondering it for days and debating whether or not it was too dumb to ask. I figure if I am going to ask, best to ask here where the review author or other Chewers could answer without having to post in the POST RELEASE thread since I have yet to see the film

Anyway: What are the other drugs the title refers to? Or is the title just a joke?
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Read Renn's review, Kate. It's a good review.
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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post
Read Renn's review, Kate. It's a good review.
Just did and it answered my question. Thanks for the heads up, McN82
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Tonally, the movie is kind of a mess, but Hathaway and Gyllenhaal are both so ridiculously likable that they will you to enjoy the movie in spite of itself. On a somewhat annoying note, I always said if I ever wrote a screenplay set during the 90's, I'd open it with the Spin Doctors playing. LOVE & OTHER DRUGS Opening scene title card: "1996." Then "Two Princes" kicks in. Had to explain why I muttered "goddammit" immediately after the film started.
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Something about that opening that confused me. It's 1996 and the TVs in the store are playing Independence Day in what looked kinda like flat panel LCD HDTVs (some of them, anyway). Did I just see it all wrong?
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No, i thought the same thing. Guess they were the first flat screen tv's or something.


The script is such a mess. It tries to be 20 different movies at once and ends up not really being anything consistent.

But Hathaway and Gyllenhaal are really good and totally sell the film.


Somebody please kill Josh Gad.

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Caught this the other day, not much to add here. Kudos to not just mainstream nudity but awkwardly realistic, aggressive scenes of foreplay, sex sounds, and shaky orgasms. Remember that rumor about Don't Look Now? I kind of wondered here...


Unfortunately the movie feels like three screenplays squished together. It coasts on the chemistry between Hathaway and Gyllenhall, but it's Gyllenhall's show. This is probably my favorite role of his, but Hathaway is bordering on Manic Pixie Girl. When they start "dating" she tells him he'll never meet her friends, but what friends? Maybe the black guy at the coffee house, but he gets two lines. And why is a girl suffering from Parkinson's working at a coffee house?! Having her be a freelance artist would've been enough.


Speaking of those sex scenes, Hathaway's sensuality (and forwardness leading up to those scenes) has convinced me she's Catwoman.

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It's a beat to beat romantic love story, but I fall for it every single time.  I was invested throughout and enjoyed it.

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