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The Electronica Thread

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I know most Electronica gets a bad rap around CHUD, and I'm also aware there are about a zillion sub-categories (Trip-Hop, Trance etc etc etc). But I would love to share and learn about new bands/performers. Here are some that I particularly like:

Daft Punk (Natch). I just finished listeining to the Tron"Legacy OST samples on Amazon (the Derezzed track is also on YoUTube) and it's a must buy. Also like Musique Vol 1

Ladytron: I tried to find "Destroy everything you touch" for fricking years after hearing this song on a college radio station, without success. Then one day I not only found the song on Amazon's MP3 section, I found 3 dozen other songs and variants.

(And no I'm not deliberatly being a shill for Amazon, I just prefer them over iTunes Store)

Kaskade: Really only a few songs, "Move for me", "I Remember" and "Step one two". Really cool music which puts me mentally in a great club (which is odd since I hate the club scene).

Oh and pretty much all of Brian Eno's catalog, even the "Ambient" stuff will get a respectful listen to from me if not an immediate purchase.
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Really enjoy Rob Dougan's album and Junkie XL's work particularly Today.
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I came across this band called Holy Fuck who play a kind of electro-rock, they have a live drummer and bass player which makes their sound so much more exciting and energetic.
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Advocating electronica leaning more towards hip-hop (or specifically dubstep), I can vouch for Flying Lotus and Burial. Modeselektor may be more conventional, but they're better primed for producing tracks for other artists in my opinion. Not a bad thing! It's just that they're collaborations always produce the most interesting results.

Those videos are all user made. And they probably suck, but the music sounded fine.
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A pure dance track throwback from DFA artist Juan Maclean:

More dubstep from Floating Points. Spacey stuff.

Very similar to Daft Punk is the very easy recommendation of Justice. Almost too easy.
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And lastly, from one of the best working bands today...
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There was a time in the late '90s when Electronica in various sub-genres clearly contested Heavy Metal as my favorite music genre. Music by Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and a whole bunch of others was playing non stop in my house. I've kind of fallen behind since I still love the genre.

And yes, from what I've heard, Daft Punk have done a superb job with the Tron soundtrack. Including the orchestral pieces. It's clear proof the the good electronic bands are much more accomplished musicians than people simply mixing some blips and bloops and blaps together.
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I like Daft Punk but never quite got why they seemed to become the one big crossover electronic act for american geeks and indie kids.

As far as I'm concerned Warp (particularly the golden era from the mid-90's to around 2002) are where it's at, particularly the holy trinity of Aphex, Autechre and Boards of Canada.
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I'm specifically into electroclash. It doesn't get any better than Peaches. She's got one of the most consistent discographies EVER. You can't go wrong.
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Aural Vampire has been touring the U.S. all fall and has been one of the more exciting Goth techno groups I've seen in a long time.
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Atari Teenage Riot.

Basically, electronic speed metal, with punk attitude, and a serious hate on for Nazis. Which is to say, fucking GREAT.
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Originally Posted by Justin Clark View Post
Atari Teenage Riot.
Shit movie, but "No remorse", the song they did with Slayer on the Spawn OST is completely fucking nuts.
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Just found out today about Fugenn & the White Elephants. Their latest 5 track album is a free download from Hz-records.
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Originally Posted by stelios View Post
Shit movie, but "No remorse", the song they did with Slayer on the Spawn OST is completely fucking nuts.
Actually, that entire soundtrack qualifies for this thread. Still such the incredibly badass album.
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Good thread idea!

I'll have to try some of the ones I haven't heard of.

I'll come back and comment more later, but I haven't seen Hrvatski tossed out here yet. For shame!

If you've never listened to him, I recommend perhaps starting with Swarm and Dither. If you are just looking for a couple individual tracks to try to see if he fits your tastes, might I recommend:
Vatstep DSP
2nd Zero Fidelity Mandible Investigation
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Even when I used to DJ, I never was sure what was electronica or not. So here's some stuff I'm currently listening to (which may or may not be actually electronica):

Cicada's great album Roulette, here's a couple of tracks:

Van She "Kelly":


Hurts "Wonderful Life":

Matt and Kim:

I might post more if I'm looking for an excuse to not concentrate on work.
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Underworld released an album this year thats just fantastic:

Also a big fan of Chromeo, who just released a new album as well:

And lately I've been digging Duck Sauce. Barbara Streisand may be the catchiest tune I've heard in years:
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The composer for my little movie introduced me to dubstep (wanting to integrate elements of it into the score, which frightened the shit of me at first), and did so with Bassnectar. They're still my entry point, and the group to which I go running back when I get too scared, but I'm trying to branch out. Pandora gives me a bunch of shit I like, but it's usually in the car when it's tough to check/memorize the band.

I'm currently in love with Art Vs. Science's Magic Fountain, which to me sounds like some kind of bastard child of dubstep and pop.
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Dubstep can be too overwhelming for me at times. I have to really be in the mood for it, and even then, I don't think I can listen to a full album of it. I do like it when DJs incorporate dubstep elements though. Pretty Lights does a nice mix of electro / triphop type stuff and will occasionally drop a dubstep beat in the middle of tracks (see 2:35):
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It's really interesting to hear a relatively young genre still growing and evolving. I don't follow many single groups/DJs in particular anymore(Prodigy, Juno Reactor, Pendulum, CombiChrist), but a lot of the subgenres I used to listen to are wildly different. Gabber/hardcore has turned far more insane, which I never saw coming as it was already out of control before.

I still listen to a lot of drum n' bass and dubstep, but I couldn't tell you what song is by who, pretty much ever. I should get back into the swing of things, but the amount of subgernres in electronic music has gotten pretty ludicrous.
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Damn double post.

Check out the Venetian Snares if you have a high tolerance for insanity.
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Some great suggestions guys: Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Nexus-7 View Post
Damn double post.

Check out the Venetian Snares if you have a high tolerance for insanity.
I'll second this.

Also, I've been in a similar boat with dubstep.

I was introduced to it about 4 years ago, and keep dipping in and out. Some of it I like, but I'm still apparently not in a place where I can just listen to dubstep for a couple hours (like I can with most of the general electronica that I tend to listen to).
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A good place to get a taste of genres & what's to your liking, is the podcast archive on the Resident Advisor site:

They have a steady mix of established & upcoming artists across the whole electronica spectrum, and they're a well regarded site, so the contributing dj's tend to give their best shot. A lot of electronic stuff I prefer to consume in a mix- like others said here, it's the precious exception that delivers material that holds up over a whole album. A good mix retains that continuity you lack when just playing isolated tracks, and from the track list you might pick up the names of artists you really like & want to explore a little further.
Here's the site (limited to 5 most recent podcasts):
Here's the archive:

Some of the dj's I've dug a lot recently:
-Seth Troxler: wild'n'crazy guy, plays very deep, rolling thunder tech-house.
-Magda: the Berlin 'Queen of after-clubs', famous for playing very long and slow-building dubby techno sets, for those sunday noon come-downs.
-Joker: imo the best dubstep deejay out there, has a very Prince-like synthfunk sound in his tracks & mixes.
-Tensnake: one of the hottest names at the moment, plays a mix of oldschool house & cosmic disco (which has been all the rage for the last couple of years- eighties disco with psychedelic synth overtones, heavy Moroder influence)
-Gaslamp Killer: something else entirely, throws everything in the mix from dubstep to Oriental funk to oldschool hiphop, to Bad Brains. Reminds me a lot of DJ Shadow Endtroducing era.
-Airplane: I'm not too hot on the album he released, but he has a monthly top-ten mix on soundcloud which shows impeccable taste:

Full album electronica I've dug this year:
-Flying Lotus
-Mux Mool (a mix of dubstep sounds & Ninja Tune hiphop)
-Laser Sword (same, but with more of an electro influence)
-Mount Kimbie
-James Pants (a lofi version of funky new wave electro, great quirky album)

And two crossover acts I can very much recommend: Sun Araw and Forest Sword. Both combine electronic loops with psychedelic guitar noodling, like Grateful Dead produced by Lee Perry, or something.

Finally, some all time favourites:
-Boards Of Canada
-Motorbass (with Etienne de Crécy & the guy from Cassius, very influential for the French house scene, Daft Punk et al)
-Moodymann (the master of soulful & jazzy deep house)
-Luke Vibert (incredibly versatile British producer, with lots of pseudonyms)
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In case you missed it Amazon has Tron Legacy OST for $4!

It's on the CHUD Home Page so go there and link through to Amazon

I've got it playing now and thought it IS very much a movie soundtrack there are some great Electronic and mixed electronic/orchestral tracks....looking forward to the inevitable remixes.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh but it's only one day Dec 7th 2010!
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I'm a big fan of Astral Projection. They make some decent goa trance.

Some samples of their work.

Also, has everyone here heard of Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music? If there's any kind of electronic music you like, you can find the name for it there.
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Tournel is gonna have fun in this thread.

Originally Posted by Ali View Post
Ladyhawke is pop, not electronica.

Great bands mentioned. I'll add Moloko (nice on Dragon Ma for putting it out on that Album of the Month.)

And Lamb, if trip-hop qualifies.

Speaking of Moloko, it's singer, Roisin Murphy has a great dance record out with Overpowered.

I got shat on by putting my boy Rob Dougan out on the monthly thread, but it's still great as hell today.
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I'm no expert on Electronica but I think it's such an expansive style of music which can include all kinds of sub-styles. That said, I'll throw in DJ Shadow, although his style is primarily hip-hop based, he fuses it with other electronic stylings.
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Originally Posted by Martin S View Post
Tournel is gonna have fun in this thread.

Heh, don't worry... I crammed everything I needed to say in above post. Although I admit when let of my self-imposed leash I could go on for paaaages, and paaaaages...
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Burial is amazing... Both his albums are just so fucking good....especially at 3am... ha

As for the rest of Dubstep check out these links. Outside of Burial, I have found it hard to find any other artist that has released an album of Dubstep worth purchasing, but there are some singles/remixes that are just incredible.

The First (And Last) Dubstep Download Awards - Loads Of Free MP3s

Reccomended tracks from this link:

La Roux - 'In For The Kill (Skream Remix)' - seriously, just download this shit.
Zero 7 - 'Everything Up (Zizou) - Joker & Ginz Remix
Joker - 'Digidesign'
Snoop Dogg - 'Snoop Dogg Millionaire' - though this one is more of a guilty pleasure than actual quality music.

This might be my favorite dubstep remix:

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly's Dubstep Remix)

I listened to the original, and I just like this version so much more.

On a non-dubstep note, I really like the two songs I have heard by Tropics. Pretty sure he doesn't have an album out yet, but this track is killer:

Tropics: "Soft Vision"
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Nice! Wanted to start a thread like this for some time as I've been an electronic DJ for... Jesus, 11-12 years now? That's a little scary...

Anyway, yeah. I'm at work so I can't dive in too deeply right now, but off the top of my head here's some of my favorite EDM artists (totally random genres here, by the way, but these artists are all high-quality regardless of what genre they fall into):

-Bassnectar (already mentioned by Renn. Also.. it's just one guy)
-Rennie Pilgrem
-Sasha (has an amazing remix of Ladytron's "Destroy Everything You Touch", Cylon. It's on his "Invol2er" album)
-Dom & Roland
-Amon Tobin
-Bassbin Twins
-Glitch Mob
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Yeah I love Hybrid and Sasha.
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Arguably the greatest electronica album ever made.
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Yeah I like that album quite a bit also Rythym and Stealth.
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Happy to say I opened for The Crystal Method a little over a month ago. Those guys are really solid too, of course. This was just the DJ set, which is cool because it's a bit different sonically than their live stuff.

Also we just had Kraddy here Saturday night. Really solid stuff.
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Also, Elite Force is a really great breaks artist who's started doing some amazing dubstep type stuff.

Ditto that 30Hz (aka Ginz and a few other aliases I think).
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Originally Posted by joeypants View Post
Happy to say I opened for The Crystal Method a little over a month ago. Those guys are really solid too, of course. This was just the DJ set, which is cool because it's a bit different sonically than their live stuff.
Neat! Where at? I saw Crystal Method in Baltimore a month or two back... I missed the opening acts, but its pretty cool knowing one of them might have been a fellow Chewer.
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Oh, it was just here in Pensacola. I didn't tour with them or anything. That was the second time I opened for them though. Was also their "caretaker"/driver/"point man" last time they were here a few years ago. That was... interesting.

I've opened for a lot of people that have come through here over the years. Icey, Baby Anne (hey, I do live in Florida), Cirrus, Monk (from Rabbit In The Moon), Crystal Method, Chris Carter, Marscruiser, and a few others that I'm probably forgetting and a lot of smaller/more regional acts.
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Ah yes the Crystal Method

Here's a cool example of their work:
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I downloaded 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' by Underworld, it's absolutely great, pulsating with rhythm.
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Mass props Joey always been a big fan of TCM.
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Ok, here's what I got.

Spooky's epic from back in 1993...Gargantuan. Just as good as Leftism. Not DJ spooky..Spooky

They released some more stuff in 2009 the album was called Open...Not nearly as good as Gargantuan but ok.

Salt Tank

1996 Science & Nature
1997 Wave Breaks

Both albums are great...Eugina got a bit played out though...

Been listening to various Royksopp songs of late..worth a listen.

Going back to the old stuff..

Future sound of London. Accelerator was great.
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Originally Posted by NathanW View Post
I downloaded 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' by Underworld, it's absolutely great, pulsating with rhythm.
Totally agree. One of my first electronica albums; bought it after hearing 'Cowgirl' on the Hackers soundtrack (ugh). Its kind of low key, but the beats are infectious and I love the surreal vocals on tracks like 'Mmmm Skyscraper'. Such a unique sound. I think 'Beaucoup Fish' is their best album, but 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' may be my favorite.
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Good god, how did I get this far without mentioning Stanton Warriors?

Here's a clip of something from their new album:
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