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I don't know if the two new females are better than Alisha, but they're pretty good. I'm not as big a fan of Finn or Alex, they just don't interest me that much. Rudy, though, just keeps getting better and better. The episode this season with the 3rd Rudy was fantastic.


I don't know if I like it as much as I did for the first two seasons, if only because there isn't anyone on the show that matches Nathan's electric presence. They've gotten way more ambitious with the format though. The Rudy ep was great, the zombie noir was crazy ambitious, and this last episode...seriously, only Misfits could do a story about a guy getting his junk stolen. I'm also really digging the new probation worker, he's delightfully wacko.

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Yeah I love what they're doing with Rudy. His whole interaction with Nadine last episode was disarmingly sweet. Alex is a waste but I think Finn's gonna be a grower, guy started off as a serious creep though he's starting to come into his own. And I kinda love that he has the world's shittiest power.


Oddly enough, I think Nathan leaving was part of what forced them to get more inventive with the show. I could never have seen them trying something as ballsy as what they did with Curtis in the zombie noir episode in the first 2 seasons.

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Rudy's tangent rants are still as glorious as ever.  And although it's a completely different beast to those amazing first two seasons, I still find it pretty damn entertaining.  If for no other reason than it constantly amazes me how far off the wall it can go at times.


New girl is rather damn cute, too.

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Still watching, and it does seem like a step up from last season.  I quite like Jess and Finn (who's just hilariously tiny) although he verdict's still out on the new redhead, but we'll see.  I don't like how they handled Kelly's departure.  At least Curtis got a sendoff.  That said, it does seem like losing the original cast has freed them up somewhat.

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Sweet finale. Some if it didn't quite work - the introduction of the 4 horsemen so late in the game and ending on a shot of Alex, as if people actually care what happens to his character - but overall I thought it was hilarious. Rudy's come so far since starting off as S3's Nathan stand-in. Gilgun's doing some fine fine work.




Abbey: “You could use the special powers you got after being hit by lightning in that special-freak storm!”

Finn: “You know, we really should use them more often.”


How much more meta can you get?

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Rudy's Hail Marys never failed to make me laugh. Fantastic running joke.

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i) I *heart* Abby far more than is healthy

ii) I loved how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up on BMXs (presumably the writer is an Amiga Power fan)

iii) The jump from Rudy being heartbroken over Nadine to "hmmm...I always wanted a BMX" was one of the funniest moments on telly all year

iv) The cliffhanger is so hilariously bad that I'm convinced it's a satirical, meta take on the notion of cliffhangers


All in all, a much better series than expected, though it's slightly annoying it's taken the whole thing just to set up the new characters given how quickly it was done in the first series. Also, putting it up against Peep Show was a pretty dumb bit of scheduling.


Regarding Kelly, not a lot they could do about it, was there? She was convicted of racial assault, can't imagine they'd want her back on set even to film a goodbye.


Oh and Rudy > Nathan. Yeah, I went there.

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Originally Posted by Sentinel Red View Post

Regarding Kelly, not a lot they could do about it, was there? She was convicted of racial assault, can't imagine they'd want her back on set even to film a goodbye.


Ah.  Wasn't aware that had happened.  Makes sense.

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Originally Posted by Sentinel Red View Post


Oh and Rudy > Nathan. Yeah, I went there.


I'm one of the people that thought he was an improvement right off the bat.  I never warmed to Nathan.  Rudy, however, got me as soon as he uttered "I never got into zombie movies.  You know who I like?  E.T  I fucking LOVE that little cunt!" (paraphrasing).  That tangent still kills me today.

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Love Rudy, and I forgot about that first ET line.  Nice callback with "This is all wrong, this.  I wanted me ET ending" after Nadine's burial.


Shame we only got a few episodes with Abby.  She's grown on me.  Her indifferent reaction to dripping jizz on the floor was hilarious.  "That's your sperm, so... that's awkward."


As for the "cliffhanger,"  I think it would be funny if they just have him not survive the surgery.  "How's Alex?"  "Oh, he died.  Wanker."

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