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60's/70's tv horror

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I'm referring to the made for tv horror films and tv shows that were on in the late 60's to early 70's. I was just thinking about all the scary ones that were on back then. Many I can't remember the names of.
There was one the one directed by Spielberg called "Something Evil" with Johnny Whitacker in it that was rather creepy. I also remember the show, "Circle of Fear (aka, Ghost Story) that had a great story about a man that kills his wife and her lover and buries them in an old shack outside. He starts to see them come out of the grave on his tv and come after him. Each time he sees it on the tv, it happens right afterward. It was great! There was also one that involved a woman that had been executed where this house was built and her ghost haunts the young couple that moves in. I remember the way that she glided along the ground as she came after them, but I can't recall the name. This is not to mention Night Gallery , the Kolchak movies, or a ton others. It was a great era for horror on tv. What are some of your favorites?
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I love all that stuff.

Night Gallery: "The Doll"

The Norliss Tapes

Scream of the Wolf (or is it Moon of the Wolf? the one with David Janssen)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler (not so much the tv series, tho)

And my personal fave- A Cold Night's Death, a.k.a. The Chill Factor (basically The Thing From Another World crossed with Poe's Rue Morgue)

Also there were some A-grade M.R. James adaptions from the BBC, put out as "Ghost Stories for Christmas". Really, really classy and atmospheric, topped off with that thoroughly British air of authenticity. They're supposed to be coming out on UK DVD soon.
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I believe that it was "Moon of the Wolf". Yeah, that one was really cool. "The Doll" episode of Night Gallery....Was that the one with the china doll that was sent to this british officers house? I thought that was terrifying. I taped it a few years ago and the doll now reminds me of Tammy Fey Bakker. There was another doll episode that was like a voodoo doll. This woman was trying to get rid of her husband and it took place like in the 18th century. That was a good one as well.
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Where Have All the People Gone? (1974)
solar flares and Peter Graves.
All we are is dust in the wind, man...

Stranger in Our House (1978)
Linda Blair and a FOXY witch...
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Although I haven't seen it in awhile, BAD RONALD was a favorite of mine as a little kid ...

I also recall being scared outta my wits by LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH ....

.. GARGOYLES was/is cool too, great first half hour, but unfortunately it couldn't keep it up for the duration ...
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ALL good stuff.

Nobody mentioned the movie that kicked it off though...the TV movie THE NIGHT STALKER.

Btw, WGON where are you? I was gonna mail you some dough for that stuff (70s TV horror)

Also, one of my favorite Ghost Story episodes was one I barely remember but I think it starred John Astin as a movie lot security gaurd, and the "baddies" from horror flicks came alive.

Also what was that movie, um, PHANTOM OF THE FILM LOT? Something like that, with Jack Cassidy. And I think Arthur Kennedy? About the "Phantom" type character that "haunts" a film lot?
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Can't believe I forgot Trilogy of Terror.
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Shootitinthehead, actually I did mention the Kolchak movies. Elmie, it's funny how I saw Let's Scare Jessica To Death. It was at a double feature along with Paint Your Wagon. Weird combo,huh?
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Yeah, Don't Be Afriad of the Dark was a scary least when I was a kid. I'd like to see it again now. It's probably awful. I'm kind of disappointed because the Psychotronic Film Society out here was having a showing of that flick last week, but I was busy that night and didn't get to go.
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Dark Night of the Scarecrow baby!!
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Yeah, Don't Be Afriad of the Dark was a scary least when I was a kid. I'd like to see it again now. It's probably awful. I'm kind of disappointed because the Psychotronic Film Society out here was having a showing of that flick last week, but I was busy that night and didn't get to go.
Rest assured, it is NOT awful.
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.. GARGOYLES was/is cool too, great first half hour, but unfortunately it couldn't keep it up for the duration ...
I checked this one out because I heard it had a good reputation. Ugh. It's pretty laughable. Fun to see where Stan Winston started out, though. You can see that the gargoyles are his work, but they suffer from the low budget.

Has anyone seen Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973) with William Shatner? (Not to be confused with Terror at 20,000 Feet, the Twilight Zone episode starring William Shatner.) This TV flick has Shatner and co flying over the Atlantic with some ancient haunted British rock or something. Really cheezy, but fun to see a Poltergeist style movie on an airplane.
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Yep, saw that one. They freeze Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan's Island) in in the cargo bay along with a dog. I also remember them trying to appease the evil entity by sacrificing a baby doll to it. It was all tied in with druid ruins or something like that.
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On a related note, Nightmare at 20, 000 Feet is my favourite Twilight Zone episode. Freaked me out like hell as a kid.
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Grr. Once again, I pressed quote.
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ark Night of the Scarecrow baby!!

I second that one. Bloody brilliant stuff.

Oh, and I'll throw in the exceptionally creepy DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME miniseries, penned by cult horror great Tom Tryon.

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And here's a terrific page detailing most of these forgotten tv classics.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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... I vaguely remember a film about a woman who witnesses the murder of a cop, and is then persued 'cross country by the iller ... Valerie Harper ( from The Mary Tyler Moore Show ) starred, and the killer, if I recall correctly, used one of those scary voice amplifiers that tracheotomy patients use ... I looked up Haper's bio, and it was called NIGHT TERROR, although I don't recall the title ...

... and SAVAGES starring Andy Griffith was good too ... Andy was a maniac chasing a man across the desert, kinda like THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME if I recall ...
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Yeah that Andy Griffith one was cool. The guy he was "after" was Sam Bottoms! There was another one REALLY similar with I think Susan Dey, and all these hoods in dune buggies were terrorizing this family down in Baja or something.
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Can anyone tell me the name of this TV movie. I believe it was from the early 70's and it featured a house with a large picture window out in the country I think.  It had a family, husband, wife and at least one child.. a boy I think.  What I remember is that when the family was driving away at the end, they turned around to look back and these .....EYES were looking at them in the window of the house.  Super creepy!  I remember those eyes and I have told this story so many times but I can't remember the name of the movie!  Anyone out there that can help me?

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Here's another one....anyone remember the name of this movie...  late 60's, early 70's I think although I remember it being in black and white.  Super horror movie that showed on tv.  If you went in this house, there was a staircase that went up to the right of the room.  At the top of the staircase there was a door with a round window.   In this room was a woman who was insane, retarded or something like that. She was constantly chained to the bed.  She was a secret.  At the end of the movie. she escapes and starts killing the family with her chains.  This one has haunted me all my life, anyone remember the name?

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Was it Something Evil?
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OOOO....yes!!!! I just watched Something Evil on youtube.....   it is the one!  Thanks!

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