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Tropic Thunder (Martin Scorsese Version)


Matt Damon as Tugg Speedman

Jon Favreau as Jeff Portnoy

Jude Law as Kirk Lazarus

Anthony Anderson as Alpa Chino

Jon Bernthal as Kevin Sandusky

Robert De Niro as John "Four Leaf" Tayback

Sacha Baron Cohen as Damien Cockburn

Jonah Hill as Cody Underwood

John C. Reilly as Rob Slolom


Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick "Pecker" Peck


Mark Wahlberg as Les Grossman

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- Fantaghirò alternative versions / remakes;


( a project turned down by Stanley Kubrick)


-  Princess Sissy Fantaghirò; (Fantaghirò doesn't forgive)

- Directed by Luchino Visconti.

- Romy Schneider as princess Sissy Fantaghirò

(dubbed by Adrana Asti)









- Helmut Berger as Romualdo




- Burt Lancaster as The King




- Claudia Cardinale as Catherine




- Gian Maria Volontè as Cataldo


Goose Feather


saying ghirighiri while tickle the monster


- Helen Fantaghirò of Troy (Fantaghirò of Troy doesn't forgive)



- Diane Kruger as Helen Fantaghirò









- Orlando Bloom as Romualdo



- Eric Bana as Cataldo



- Brian Cox as The King



- Saffron Burrows as Catherine



- Rose Byrne as Caroline



Music composed by Keith Emerson




And in both versions


- Joel and Ethan Coen as Soothsayers




- Puppet from Profondo rosso as a scary puppet (not in the original)


- Goose Feather



and as The Beast (The Cave of the Golden rose's Monster):


various villains (Wulfgar from Nighthakws in both versions, Bobby Peru from Wild at Heart only in Troy version, Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks etc.etc.)


- Spoofs:

- Paths of Glory (1957) (one soldier looks like and dies like Ralph Meeker's character.

- Still of the Night (1982) : nightmare scene with blonde scary child and Roy Scheider's character.




- Written by Dardano Sacchetti (both version).

Cameos by Andrea Occhipinti and Paolo Malco

Dedicated to Lucio Fulci


As the Beast (Cave of the Golden Rose scene) another villains from  movies:

Fabrizio Lener (Oliver Reed) from Mordi e fuggi (Dirty Weekend's)

Will Gaines (Gregg Allman) from Rush (1991).

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Anchorman (Quentin Tarantino film)

John Travolta as Ron Burgundy
Uma Thurman as Veronica Corningstone
Tim Roth as Brian Fantana
Michael Madsen as Brick Tamland
Christopher Walken as Champ Kind
Harvey Keitel as Ed Harken
Daniel Bruhl as Garth Holladay
Samuel L. Jackson as Tino
Michael Fassbender as Wes Mantooth
Eli Roth as Frank Vitchard
Christoph Waltz as Public News Anchor
Jamie Foxx as Arturo Mendez
Kurt Russell as The MC
Michael Keaton as The Motorcyclist

If you don't like the casting. Give me some suggestion for this
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Edgar Wright's The Rocketeer (2013)

Written by Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish


Starring Chris Pine as Cliff Secord/The Rocketeer



Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Jenny Blake




Stanley Tucci as A. "Peevy" Peabody



Daniel Craig as Neville Sinclair



Bryan Cranston as Howard Hughes



Michael Madsen as Eddie Valentine

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- Wild at Heart alternative version




- Joaquin Phoenix as Sailor Ripley



- Claire Danes as Lula Pace




- Barbara Hershey as Marietta Fortune





- Dennis Hopper as Santos






- Paul Bettany as Bobby Peru





CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90




-Claudia Gerini as Perdita Durango









- Sonia Braga as Juana Durango


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The Godfather

A Nicolas Winding Refn film

Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone
Jeremy Renner as Michael Corleone
Bradley Cooper as Sonny Corleone
Emma Stone as Kay Adams-Corleone
Anne Hathaway as Connie Corleone
Daniel Craig as Tom Hagen
Giovanni Ribisi as Fredo Corleone


Michael Douglas, Christopher Walken and William Hurt are considered for Vito Corleone, but Robert De Niro is Nicolas Winding Refn's first and only choice for Vito Corleone and say it will pay tribute to Godfather

Paramount wanted Edward Norton or Mark Wahlberg for Michael Corleone but Nicolas Winding Refn chose Jeremy Renner because his attitude make him Michael Corleone

Bradley Cooper originally screen test for Michael Corleone, but Nicolas Winding Refn suggest him that he should play Sonny than playing Michael, and he did got a role of Sonny after Nicolas Winding Refn's first choice for Sonny, Jude Law dropped out

Emma Stone beat Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Kay Adams-Corleone because she make the character interesting rather being boring character and she also chose Jeremy Renner as Michael Corleone than Bradley Cooper

Rachel McAdams was originally cast for Connie Corleone but she have a creative difference with Nicolas Winding Refn and dropped out, Emily Blunt was considered for Connie Corleone before Anne Hathaway was cast

Clive Owen was originally cast for Tom Hagen, but was forced to dropped out due for scheduling conflict

Nicolas Winding Refn originally turn down the film but Ryan Gosling convince him to do the film

Nicolas Winding Refn wanted Ryan Gosling for Fredo Corleone but he turn down twice before Ryan Gosling suggestion than Giovanni Ribisi will be better choice than him

Nicolas Winding Refn decide to not including 2 Godfather's iconic theme because he doesn't want to make The Godfather same as the original Godfather
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Curtis Hanson's Ed Wood (2013)


Ed Wood - Charlie Day

Bela Lugosi - Christopher Plummer

Dolores Fuller - Kristen Bell

Kathy O'Hara - Amy Adams

Loretta King - Aubrey Plaza

Vampira - Kaitlin Olson

Paul Marco - Rob McElhenney

Conrad Brooks - Glenn Howerton

George Weiss - Danny DeVito

Tor Johnson - Dean Norris

The Amazing Criswell - Guy Pearce

Bunny Breckinridge - Kevin Spacey

Orson Welles - Paul Giamatti

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Originally Posted by axelbratoski View Post

Ruben Fleischer's

Michael Cera as
Richie Norris


Anne Hathaway as
Barbara Land


Ving Rhames as
Byron Williams


Daniel Craig as
Donald Kessler


Amanda Seyfried as
Natalie Lake


Betty White as
Florence Norris


Julianne Moore as
Marsha Dale


Angela Bassett as
Louise Williams


Alan Cumming as
Jerry Ross


Wayne Newton as


Lee Pace as
Jason Stone


Danny McBride as
Billy-Glenn Norris


AnnaSophia Robb as
Taffy Dale


Joe Pesci as
Rude Gambler


Robert Downey Jr. as
Art Land


Robert Downey Jr. as
President James Dale


You didn't add 2 general, General Casey and General Decker, Richie's parent, Sharona Billy-Glenn's Girlfriend, and mitch. Why?'
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The Thomas Crown Affair

Daniel Craig as Thomas Crown
Natalie Portman as Catherine Olds Banning
Mark Wahlberg as Detective Michael McCann

A Len Wiseman film
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Quest for Camelot (Better Animation Remake than Bad Old One)

Amanda Seyfried as Kayley
Ewan McGregor as Garrett
Christian Bale as Ruber
Steve Martin as Devon
Robin Williams as Cornwall
Helena Bonham Carter as Juliana
Daniel Craig as King Arthur
Donald Glover as Bladebeak
Kenneth Branagh as Sir Lionel
Michael Caine as Merlin
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After the sucess of Kurt Russell's Tombstone, John Carpenters says fuck it and finally remakes Howard Hawks' classic.


Rio Bravo (1994)

Directed by John Carpenter


Kurt Russell - "Sheriff John T. Chance"



Alec Baldwin - "Dude"



Leonardo DiCaprio - "Colorado Ryan"



Rene Russo - "Feathers"



Wilford Brimley - "Stumpy"



Charlton Heston - "Pat Wheeler"



Peter Jason - "Joe Burdette"


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- Phenomena (2007)




- Megan Fox as Jennifer Corvino (a stiking resemblance to Jennifer Connelly)




- Amber Valletta as Frau Bruckner (see her in Dead Silence)



- Nicole Kidman as Headmistress



- Ian Anderson as Prof. John mc Gregor (he's not an actor, but he has a striking resemblance to Donald Pleasance)



- Daniel Day Lewis as Inspector Rudolf Geiger

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Planet of the Apes (2013)

 (in the new continuity)

Dir. Duncan Jones


Christian Bale as Taylor


Elizabeth Olsen as Nova





Vera Farmiga as Zira


Cillian Murphy as Cornelius


Andy Serkis as Dr. Zaius

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- Wait Until Dark



- Marion Cotillard as Suzy Hendrix



- Javier Bardem as Roat/ Roat JR/Roat Sr


- Josh Brolin as Mike Talman


- John Goodman as Carlino


- Diane Kruger (of course) as Lisa

File source:

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Francis Ford Coppola's



Starring Martin Sheen as Teddy Daniels



Harvey Keitel as Chuck Aule



Donald Pleasence as Dr John Cawley



Judi Dench as Rachel Solando



Meryl Streep as Dolores Chanal



John Cazale as George Noyce



Lance Henriksen as Andrew Laeddis



with Peter Cushing as Dr. Jeremiah Naehring



and Anne Bancroft as Dr. Rachel Solando

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Back to the Future (2012)

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan

Music by Hanz Zimmer

Original Songs by Radiohead


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - "Marty McFly"



Michael Caine - "Dr. Emmett Brown"



Marion Cotillard - "Lorraine Baines"



Cillian Murphy - "George McFly"



Tom Hardy - "Biff Tannen"



Katie Holmes - "Jessica Parker" (replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal in Part 2 and 3)



with Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy as "Mr. Strickland"



and Thom Yorke as "The High School Band Audition Judge"


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The 13th Warrior(2013) Written and directed by David O. Russell



Starring Edgar Ramirez as Ahmed ibn Fadlan




and Tom Hardy as Buliwyf.




Ben Foster


Ray Stevenson


Mads Mikkelsen


Norman Reedus


Christoph Waltz


Ron Perlman


Mark Strong


Brendan Gleeson


Bryan Cranston


Kevin McKidd


and Paul Bettany


as the rest of the 13 warriors.

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- Big Trouble in Little China (1993)



Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen



- Jeff Bridges as Jack Burton



- Julianne Moore as Gracie



- Sonny Chiba as Egg Shen




- Gordon Liu as Lo Pan



- Bolo Yeung as Thunder



- Marc Dacascos as Rain




- Jet Li as Lightning


Moon Lee as Miao Yin

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Where's Wang??

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Sonny Chiba is Wang...and Sibelle Hu (Moon Lee's partner in Angel's Projects) as Tara.

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Wizard of Oz (David Fincher version)

Rooney Mara as Dorothy Gale
Ryan Gosling as Scarecrow
Edward Norton as Tin Man
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Cowardly Lion
Eva Green as Wicked Witch of the West
Amy Adams as Glinda the Good Witch of North
Diane Lane as Aunt Em
Tim Robbins as Uncle Henry
Brad Pitt as The Wizard
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wow he really wants to press this casting really badly dosent he.

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Originally Posted by Arturo RJ View Post

wow he really wants to press this casting really badly dosent he.


Well, like Fincher, he does many, many takes. 

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Dir. Martin McDonagh


Colin Farrell - "VINCENT VEGA"






Olivia Thirlby - "MIA WALLACE"



Daniel Craig - "BUTCH COOLIDGE"



Brendan Gleeson - "WINSTONE WOLFE"



Sharlto Copley - "PUMPKIN"



Sally Hawkins - "HONEY BUNNY"






Jason Schwartzman - "LANCE"



Kaitlin Olson - "JODY"



Léa Seydoux - "FABIENNE"



Danny McBride - "MAYNARD"



Garret Dillahunt - "ZED"









Liam Neeson - "CAPTAIN KOONS"


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Originally Posted by Ratty View Post

Well, like Fincher, he does many, many takes. 

I gonna to ask you 3 question. One. Do you like casting choice of Wizard of Oz David Fincher, if not give me a some suggestion. Two. How do you describe David Fincher's Wizard of Oz Version. Three. Out of casting choice. Who was your favorite and least-favorite casting choice of Wizard of Oz David Fincher Version

And I was originally have Ben Affleck or George Clooney for Wizard of Oz but I decide have Ben Affleck for Alice in Wonderland. While George Clooney for Treasure Island.

And I couldn't think what David Fincher's version of iconic character from Wizard of Oz. Do you think what hos version look like?
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- The Killing




- Russel Crowe as Johnny Clay



- Jennifer Connelly as Fay


- George Kennedy as Marvin Unger


- William H.Macy as George Peatty


- Linda Fiorentino as Sherry Peatty



- Nicolas Cage as Nikki Arcane


- Oleg Taktarov as Maurice Oboukhoff


- Chiwetel Ejiofor as Track Parking Attendant


- Narrator : Quentin Tarantino.

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Near Dark 2013

They Hate Sparkly Vampires Just As Much As You.


Jesse Hooker - David Duchovny


Severen - Norman Reedus


Diamondback - Julianne Moore


Caleb Colton - Aaron Johnson


Mae - Imogen Poots


Loy Colton - Sam Elliot


Homer - Asa Butterfield

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- Filmation's Ghostbusters (2003)




Directed by Wachowski Brothers.



Owen Wilson as Jack Kong Jr.


- Jack Black as Eddie Spenser Jr.


- Alicia Witt as Jessica Wray



- Michael Clarke Duncan as Tracy the gorilla

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


- Hugo Weaving as Malefix


- Monica Bellucci as Mysteria



- Benicio Del Toro as Fangster






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- Paulo Roberto Cotechino centravanti di sfondamento (an Italian erotic movie with Alvaro Vitali)



- Carlos Valderrama as Cotechino / the plumber


      here the original


- Belen Rodriguez as Lucelia, Cotechino's girlfriend


- Leslie Nielsen as Uncle Mario



- Tilda Swinton as Contess

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


- Tommy "Tiny" Lister as Mandingo




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- Deep Red (one of my obsession, sorry)


Directed by Quentin Tarantino



- Michael Fassbender as Marcus Daily



- Uma Thurman as Gianna Brezzi



- Diane Kruger as Helga Ulmann (again, but she's german, blonde and hot and looks perfect for the role)



- Josh Brolin as Professor Giordani




- Michael Parks as Commissario Calcabrini


- Tom Savini as Police Agent



- Robert De Niro as Bardi



Walton Goggins as Carlo in filmversion 1 (older)


- Edwige Fenech as Marta in film version 1 (older)



- Daryl Sabara as Carlo in alternative version


- Julie Dreyfus as Marta in alternative veraion

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Repo Man (2013)

Dir. Michel Gondry


Daryl Sabara - Otto


"You repo men, you're all out to fuckin' lunch."



Willem Dafoe - Bud


"Don't care how long it takes, dildos! Repo Man's got all night, every night."



Dwight Yoakam - Miller


"It's all part of a cosmic unconciousness."



Erik King - Lite


"I don't ride with anybody 'less they wear their seatbelt. It's one of my rules."



Juno Temple - Leila


"I'd torture someone in a second if it was up to me."



Tilda Swinton - Agent Rogersz


"It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes."



Thomas Haden Church - Plettschner


"I was killing people while you were still swimming around in your father's balls!"



David Morse - Oly


"Best god-damn car on the lot..."



Gina Torres - Marlene


"It's my birthday."



Paul Giamatti - J. Frank Parnell


"Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies about it."


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David Fincher's



Josh Brolin as GREG STILLSON



Adrien Brody as JOHNNY SMITH



Jessica Chastain as SARAH BRACKNELL






Elias Koteas as ROGER STUART



Christoph Waltz as DR. SAM WEIZAK

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Instead of making a Gladiator movie, Ridley Scott decided to remake the 1958 epic from Richard Fleischer "The Vikings", with the very same cast he envisioned for his initial Gladiator project :



Directed by Ridley Scott



Kirk Douglas/Russell Crowe







Tony Curtis/Joaquin Phoenix





Janet Leigh/Connie Nielsen





Ernest Borgnine/Oliver Reed





Frank Thring/Richard Harris






James Donald/Tommy Flanagan




"Father Godwin"

Alexander Knox/Derek Jacobi






Eileen Way/Giannina Facio





Edric Connor/Djimon Housou


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By the way, this was my very first post... Nice to know you all!
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Tony Scott's



Kurt Russell as JACK REACHER



Diane Lane as HELEN RODIN



Joe Morton as EMERSON



Val Kilmer as CHARLIE



Alan Arkin as ALEX RODIN





Charles Bronson as CASH



and Max Von Sydow as THE ZEC

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Not to be super-pissy and to denounce the fake casting thread! But half of you guys just seem to be listing popular director and actor combinations at random.


Like I still can't get my brain behind a David O. Russell Thirteenth Warrior.

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A different take...


ONE SHOT (1974)


Steve McQueen as JACK REACHER



Faye Dunaway as HELEN RODIN



Yaphet Kotto as EMERSON



Nick Nolte as CHARLIE



Jason Robards as ALEX RODIN





John Wayne as CASH



and James Mason as THE ZEC


Not so sure about Mason as The Zec but I'm pretty happy with the rest of the cast.

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Originally Posted by axelbratoski View Post


Not so sure about Mason as The Zec but I'm pretty happy with the rest of the cast.


Maybe Pasolini? (Foreign director, kinda creepy looking, dabbled in acting. Assuming you wanted a parallel to Herzog, that is.)


I could also see John Huston or Peter Cushing in the role.


In any case, great cast. That goes for axelbratoski's 1995 version too. Either McQueen or Russell would've made a great Jack Reacher.

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Guillermo del Toro presents Neil Marshall's

- FIRE & ICE -



Hayley Atwell is Teegra



Henry Cavill is Larn



Harry Lloyd is Nekron



Liam Cunningham is Jarol



Liam McIntyre is Taro



Cate Blanchett is Juliana



and Javier Bardem is Darkwolf

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Ha ha, Javier as Darkwolf! Amazing.

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"Not to be super-pissy and to denounce the fake casting thread! But half of you guys just seem to be listing popular director and actor combinations at random."


"seem" is the right choice of word...

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 Three Amigos

Directed by Judd Apatow

Lucky Day - Will Ferrell


Dusty Bottoms - Paul Rudd


Ned Nederlander - Steve Carell


El Guapo - Danny Trejo


Jefe - Antonio Banderas


Carmen - Salma Hayek

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I like it... especially Rudd, but just for the hell of it:


Lucky Day- Jon Hamm

Dusty Bottoms- Jason Bateman

Ned Nederlander- Jason Schwartzman

Carmen- Sofia Veraga

Jefe- Luis Guzman

El Guapo- Danny Trejo

German- Til Schweiger

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I think Charlie Day would make a good Ned Nederlander

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Schwartzman is pretty perfect for Ned. He nails the pseudo-smartness of the character (I can't remember the exact line, but his knowing exactly what plane the german is flying because that was what he flew in 'Little Neddy Goes to War') and the politeness, but also the bursts of anger and sudden seriousness ('I never used trick photography!'). When Charlie Day does angry it feels like a child throwing a tantrum, Schwartzman reads much more adult.


I'd go Rudd for Lucky and either Hamm or Ferrell for Dusty (Hamm does the sardonic asshole (c.f. the Singing Bush scene) thing well, but Ferrell obviously kills at the oblivious confusion), though.

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Honestly, I think Antonio Banderas as Jefe steals the show.

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- Rush (1992)




- Dennis Miller as Jim Raynor



- Uma Thurman as Kristen Cates


- Tom Skerritt as Larry Dodd

- M.Emmet Walsh as Nettle


and Ted Nugent as Will Gaines

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I went with Carell as Ned because he can play the innocence of the character. Michael Scott was like that. While he did try too hard to be liked and funny, which led to him being a bit of an asshole, he was naive about it.

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Judd Apatow presents

Heavy Metal (2013)

featuring music by Jack White, Muse, The Black Keys, The Darkness, Dave Grohl and Tenacious D




Keith David - Loc-Nar

Judd Apatow - Grimaldi

Maud Apatow - Girl


Harry Canyon 


Kevin Corrigan - Harry Canyon

Christina Hendricks - Girl

David Koechner - Desk Sergeant 




Seth Rogen - Den

Rose Byrne - Katherine

Ken Joeng - Ard

Leslie Mann - Queen


Captain Sternn


Paul Rudd - Lincoln F. Sternn

Gary ColeProsecutor

Danny McBrideHanover Fiste


So Beautiful and So Dangerous


Bill Hader - Dr. Anrack

Kristen Wiig - Gloria

Jack Black - Edsel

Kyle Gass - Zeke

Will Ferrell - Robot

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