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Stantz-Jason Bateman


Venkman-Jack Black


Egon-Robert Downey Jr


Winston-Anthony Mackie


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@stunt pool


Downey Jr. NOT playing Venkman? I think he would be the perfect choice for Bill Murray's role of a smooth-talking, womanizing charlatan scientist, don't you think?

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As an hommage to his own father, Josh Brolin agreed to star in a remake of 1977's B-movie "The Car" in which James Brolin played the lead role and which was directed by Elliot Silverstein. Producer Wes Craven decided to give his chance to then unknown French director Alexandre Aja for his first film in the US :


THE CAR (2005)

Directed by Alexandre Aja

Produced by Wes Craven


"Captain Wade Parent"

James Brolin/Josh Brolin




"Lauren Humphries"

Kathleen Lloyd/Michelle Rodriguez




"Sheriff Everett Peck"

John Marley/L. Q. Jones




"Amos Clemens"

R.G. Armstrong/Jonathan Banks




"Deputy Chas"

Henry O'Brien/Michael Horse





Geraldine Keams/Irene Bedard




"Deputy Luke Johnson"

Ronny Cox/Neil McDonough


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95



And starring...


"The Car"

Lincoln Continental Mark III/Lincoln Continental Mark III



... because it is already perfect so!!!


Better ideas for the iconic evil car are of course welcome!

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I have to say, it seems like those actors are kind of mixed-up. Surely, RDJ as Venkman and Jack Black as Ray are the more natural choices, right? Maybe too obvious?

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Jason Segal would be a good Ray Santz.

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CAPE FEAR (2013)


Directed by Joe Carnahan


Liam Neeson as Sam Bowden



Robert Downey Jr. as Max Cady



alternate: Viggo Mortensen


Jodie Foster as Peggy Bowden



Saoirse Ronan as Danielle Bowden



Andre Braugher as Claude Sievers, private eye



Zach Grenier as Police Lieutenant Elgart-Dutton


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Nicolas Winding Refn's A Bittersweet Life


Kim Sun-woo - Ryan Gosling

Mr. Kang - Albert Brooks

Hee-soo - Carey Mulligan

President Baek - Oscar Isaac

Mun-suk - Ron Perlman

Gun dealer - Mads Mikkelsen

Gun dealer's brother - Tom Hardy

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Originally Posted by MicGuar View Post

I have to say, it seems like those actors are kind of mixed-up. Surely, RDJ as Venkman and Jack Black as Ray are the more natural choices, right? Maybe too obvious?

Actually, I think that's excellent. I didn't even think of that. In my "Endlessly recast Ghostbusters" thread, I even say that my imagination is kind of limited on this and that I think other people would come up with good choices.

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(Granted, this would probably retread a lot of thematic ground the Coenim already covered in A Serious Man, but here goes anyway.)


The Seven Year Itch


Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen


Richard Sherman   -   Michael Stuhlbarg

Created with GIMP

"She loves me because I'm sweet! And gentle! And worried! And nervous! And shy! And tender!"


The Girl   -   Scarlett Johansson

"If I were your wife, I'd be very jealous of you."


Helen Sherman   -   Kelly Macdonald

"You're attractive to me, darling, but then again, I'm used to you."


Tom MacKenzie   -   George Clooney

"Oh darling! Inwardly, downwardly! Pulsating, striving! Now together! Ending and unending! Now! Now! Now!"


Mr. Kruhulik   -   John Turturro

"Isn't she a living doll."


Dr. Brubaker   -   Jon Polito

"I congratulate you on your good taste."


Mr. Brady   -   J.K. Simmons

"Well, wait till you've been married as long as I have, and you'll be delighted to get rid of them for the summer!"


Vegetarian Restaurant Waitress   -   Frances McDormand

"Nudism is such a worthy cause."

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This summer, they're coming to save the world.




Dr Peter Venkman - Joel Mchale


Dr Raymond Stantz - Jason Segel


Dr Egon Spengler - Jim Parsons


Winston Zeddmore - Michael Kenneth Williams


Dana Barrett - Cobie Smulder


Louis Tully - Danny Pudi


Janine Melnitz - Aubrey Plaza


Walter Peck - James Patrick Stuart




By casting actors more know for TV work, this frees up more of the budget for special effects. In this version Peck doesn't work for the EPA. He is a city councilman.

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Eastwood and Siegel decided to work on a script from Lewis John Carlino about a highly professional and solitary hit man after the previous director, Michael Winner, abandonned the project in 1972 because of financing problems. Siegel initially wanted to cast Jan-Michael Vincent alongside Eastwood, but the latter convinced him to choose Jeff Bridges :





Directed by Don Siegel

Music by Dee Barton


"Arthur Bishop"

Clint Eastwood




"Steve McKenna"

Jeff Bridges




"The Girl"

Sondra Locke




"Harry McKenna"

Darren McGavin




"The Man"

Henry Silva


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I stand for my original Ghostbusters cast

Originally Posted by axelbratoski View Post







Joel McHale as Dr Peter Venkman





Jason Segel as Dr Ray Stantz





Bill Hader as Dr Egon Spengler





Mos Def as Winston Zeddmore





Jay Baruchel as Louis Tully





Rachel McAdams as Dana Barrett





Zooey Deschanel as Janine Melnitz





Jason Bateman as Walter Peck


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The Last Boy Scout (2013)


Written and Directed by Shane Black


Joe Hallenbeck-Bradley Cooper




Jimmy Dix-Anthony Mackie





Sheldon Marcone-John Goodman




Milo-Michael Shannon





Cory-Zoe Saldana




Sarah Hallenbeck-Michelle Monaghan





Darian Hallenbeck-Kara Hayward


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Axel if I had know you had done a cast of Ghostbusters with two of the actors I thought of, I would have cast different people. Sorry.

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Here's my big swaggering cock of a Ghostbusters recast from a while back. Read it and weep.


Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

Ghostbusters (2013)

Dir. Lars Von Trier


A grim and often upsetting comedy about guilt and the inability to accept death, couched in vehemently anti-Capitolist humanism. Notorious for being anti-woman, depending on how you read the Dana Barrett character.



Pete Venkman - James Purefoy



Ray Stanz - John C Reilly



Egon Spengler - Paul Bettany



Dana Barrett - Charlotte Gainsbourg



Louis Tully - Jeremy Davies



Walter Peck - Zeljko Ivanek



Winston Zeddemore - Isaach De Bankole



Janine Melnitz - Chole Sevigny



Mayor Lenny - Stellan Skargard


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Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

Here's my big swaggering cock of a Ghostbusters recast from a while back. Read it and weep.

You had me at "Lars Von Trier's Ghostbusters". By the way the casting is perfect for his version of this movie. Though hopefully it isn't too gloomy more like The Kingdom, his Danish tv miniseries. Makes me want to try a Las Von Trier recasting of Taxi Driver.
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Damn fine casting, axelbratoski.

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Originally Posted by Arturo RJ View Post

You had me at "Lars Von Trier's Ghostbusters". By the way the casting is perfect for his version of this movie. Though hopefully it isn't too gloomy 


Sorry, but it's way too fuckin gloomy. And sexually violent! You won't believe the harrowing 'twinkie scene'.

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Late 1983, Hugh Hudson was offered the chance to direct an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' books (the project later went to Michael Radford) but turned it down in order to make a movie about a futuristic dystopian society in which emotions are strictly controlled. The script is heavily influenced by the russian 1921 novel "We" from Yevgeny Zamyatin that inspired many western novelists. Hugh Hudson managed to film some scenes in the Berlin Stadium (West-Berlin) and hired many German actors :




Directed by Hugh Hudson

Music : Klaus Dodlinger



"John Preston"

Daniel Day-Lewis




"Errol Partridge"

Jurgen Prochnow




"Vice-counsel DuPont"

Steven Berkoff




"Mary O'Brien"

Nastassja Kinski




"Andrew Brandt"

Trevor Thomas





Nigel Terry





Ian Holm



*Trivia : In a public interview during the 1985 Berlinale, Hugh Hudson revealed that, in his first draft, Colin Welland, an avid fan of martial arts films, tried to include a innovative form of martial art "completely based around guns". Hugh Hudson, however, found the idea "totally ludicrous".

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Creature from the Black Lagoon

October 2013

Directed by Guillerme del Toro


Chris Evans - Dr David Reed


Amy Acker  - Kay Lawerence


Aaron Eckhart - Dr Mark Williams


Nestor Carbonell - Dr Carl Maia


Danny Trejo - Lucas


David Strathaim - Dr Edwin Thompson


Micheal Phelps - The Gill-Man in the swimming scenes


Derek Mears - The Gill-Man on land scenes


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A Guillermo Black Lagoon with someone other than Doug Jones as The Gill-Man? For shame, Chaz.

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Yeah and most likely the main lead would be Charlie Hunnam. Also where's Ron Perelman? And instead of Eckhardt I'd go with Idris Elba. And Jeffery Tambor would probably be somewhere in this for comic relief.
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Ha, I laughed at Aubrey Plaza as Janine in Ghostbusters. That's perfect.

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 Doug Jones doesn't have a gold medal and Mears will look big and imposing on land.


While I was day dreaming that cast, I thought of doing Rob Zombie's Creature from the Black Lagoon. Of course in his version, the lagoon is part of a trailer park in the Florida panhandle.

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Tommy Wiseau's The Star War




Greg Sestero as "Mark Skywalker"



Tommy Wiseau as "Johnny Solo"



Juliette Danielle as "Princess Lisa"



Carolyn Minnott as "Claudette Kenobi"



Kyle Vogt as "C3Peter0"



Philip Haldiman as "R2Denny2"



Dan Janjigian as "Grand Moff Chris-R"



Mike Holmes as "Mike Porkins"



Greg Ellery as "Steven Antilles"



Robyn Paris as "Michelle Biggs"



with Doggie as "Chewie"



and Tommy Wiseau as "Darth Wiseau"


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Some crazy billionaire should give Tommy Wiseau the money to make The Star War.

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You rang?


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Nicholas Ray's The Room








James Dean as Johnny, an all-American male whose handsome face hides a deep inner-torment





Ava Gardner as the irresistibly beautiful femme fatale Lisa




"I just wanted to hear your sexy voice. I keep thinking about your strong hands around my body. It excites me so much."


Paul Newman as Mark, torn between his best friend and the woman he loves.


"I just can't figure women out. Sometimes they're just too smart. Sometimes they're just flat-out stupid. Other times they're just evil."


Sal Mineo as Denny, a confused youngster who might be in-over-his-head --- in both the bedroom and on the street.


Lillian Gish as Claudette, Lisa's fierce-willed but terminally ill mother.


"I definitely have breast cancer."


Natalie Wood & Richard Beymer as Michelle & Mike, star-crossed lovers kept apart in the heat of passion.


"Did you know that chocolate . . . is the symbol of love?"


Lee Marvin as Chris-R, a notorious hoodlum and dealer of unknown narcotics.


"I don't have five minutes, Denny."


Dick York as psychologist and concerned friend Peter


"People are people. Sometimes they just can't see their own faults.


Dick Sargent as fellow concerned friend Steven


"I feel like I'm sitting on an atomic bomb, waiting for it to go off!"

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Blade Runner (1953)

Directed by Samuel Fuller


Robert Ryan - Rick Deckard



Richard Widmark - Roy Batty



Gene Evans - Bryant



Bella Darvi - Rachael



Lee Van Cleef - Gaff



Elisha Cook, Jr. - J.F. Sebastian



Constance Towers - Pris



Philip Ahn - Hannibal Chew



Rod Steiger - Leon Kowalski



Boris Karloff - Dr. Eldon Tyrell


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(Believe it or not, the fact that the majority of this cast has already worked with Hillcoat is mostly coincidental.)


The Great Silence   -   2014


Directed by John Hillcoat


Silence   -   Viggo Mortensen


Loco   -   Guy Pearce


Pauline   -   Zoe Saldana


Sheriff Burnett   -   Ray Winstone


Pollicut   -   Alan Rickman


Young Silence   -   Kodi Smit-McPhee

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The Talented Mr. Ripley (2013)


Directed by Mark Romanek


Tom Ripley- Andrew Garfield




Dickie Greenleaf- Max Irons




Marge Sherwood- Carey Mulligan




Meredith Logue- Anne Hathaway




Freddie Miles- Kieran Culkin




Peter Smith-Kingsley- Harry Lloyd


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Ed Wood (2013)


Jason Schwartzman - Edward D. Wood Jr.



Gary Oldman - Bela Lugosi



Rachel McAdams - Dolores Fuller



Anna Kendrick - Kathy O'Hara



John Malkovich - Bunny Breckinridge



Will Arnett - The Amazing Criswell



Samm Levine - Paul Marco



John Francis Daley - Conrad Brooks



Jeff GarlinGeorgie Weiss



Eva Amurri  - Vampira



Paul Wright - Tor Johnson



Krysten Ritter - Loretta King



Philip Seymour Hoffman - Orson Welles


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Jason Reitman presents a reading of Glengarry Glen Ross, as will be performed live in LA on the 21st. Sold out!

Rick Roma - Robin Wright
Shelley Levine - Catherine O'Hara
Dave Moss - Maria Bello
George Aaronow - Allison Janney
John Williamson - Mae Whitman

Alec Baldwin's role is as yet uncast, though I personally would suggest Reitman's recent collaborator Charlize Theron.
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Written & Directed by NEIL MARSHALL


Original Songs by MUSE


Michael Fassbender as CONNOR MACLEOD



Rosamund Pike as BRENDA WYATT






Mads Mikkelsen as THE KURGAN









Tom Wilkinson as LT. FRANK MORAN

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AMADEUS (2013)


Directed by Ang Lee


Javier Bardem as Antonio Salieri


Jason Schwartzman as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Carey Mulligan as Constanze Mozart


James Cromwell as Leopold Mozart


Rhys Ifans as Emperor Joseph II


Zeljko Ivanek as Count Orsini-Rosenberg


Lee Pace as Emanuel Schikaneder


Tom Hollander as Father Vogler

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A recast revisited...


Directed by BRAD BIRD

Written by JOE CORNISH



Daniel Craig as INDIANA JONES






Guy Pearce as DR. RENÉ BELLOQ






Ciaran Hinds as DR. MARCUS BRODY



Sayed Badreya as SALLAH









Robert Maillet as GERMAN MECHANIC

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"A London Dark Comedy"


Written & Directed by MARTIN MCDONAGH


Starring Colin Farrell as HARRY LOCKHART









Ray Stevenson as MR. FRYING PAN



Colin Salmon as MR. FIRE



and Pierce Brosnan as HARLAN DEXTER

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Glengarry Glen Ross

A Martin Scorsese Film

Daniel Day-Lewis as Ricky Roma
Martin Sheen as Shelley Levine
Matt Damon as Dave Moss
Robert De Niro as George Aaronow
Jonah Hill as John Williamson
Mark Wahlberg as Blake

Roles trivia

Studio doesn't want Daniel Day-Lewis to play as Ricky Roma as he's not American, they preferred Sean Penn or Brad Pitt but Martin Scorsese convince them that Daniel Day-Lewis was his only choice for Ricky Roma

Jack Nicholson was cast as Shelley Levine but was fired by Martin Scorsese because he was too crazy to play a normal character

Leonardo DiCaprio turned down Dave Moss but recommend Matt Damon for the part

Jon Favreau originally audition for George Aaronow but was reject by Martin Scorsese as he think he too young for the part

Matthew McConaughey was cast as John Williamson but dropped out due for being typecast as a man who wear glasses

Jude Law and Mark Ruffalo were both considered for Blake but was beat by Mark Wahlberg due for his performance in The Departed which make him a perfect choice for Blake
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REPO MAN (2013)



Anton Yelchin as OTTO

"You're a white suburban punk just like me."



Sean Penn as BUD

"Look at those assholes, ordinary fucking people. I hate 'em."



Steve Buscemi as MILLER

"John Wayne was a fag"



Michael K. Williams as LITE

"They shit scared. They know I'm not a cop, think I've come to kill 'em. And I would."



Jena Malone as LEILA

"I'd torture someone in a second if it was up to me."



Richard Jenkins as J. FRANK PARNELL

"You ever feel as if your mind had started to erode?"



Vera Farmiga as AGENT ROGERSZ

"I'm going to have to torture you. But I want you to know, it isn't personal."



Michael Madsen as OLY

"Oh, yeah, you're fuckin' A we ripped your car, asshole."



Ron Perlman as PLETTSCHNER

"So never say fuck you to me! Because you haven't earned the right yet!"



Naomie Harris as MARLENE

"It's my birthday."

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About a year ago, I did season one. Here's the follow-up.


A Clash of Kings (1973, aired as a BBC series in six installments)


Robb Stark - Peter Firth


Catelyn Stark - Claire Bloom



Jon Snow - Helmut Berger



Sansa Stark - Olivia Hussey



Arya Stark - Jodie Foster


Bran Stark - Jack Wild


Theon Greyjoy - Gary Oldman


Yara Greyjoy - Jenny Agutter


Balon Greyjoy - Richard Harris


Tyrion Lannister - David Rappaport


Cersei Lannister - Britt Ekland


Jamie Lannister - Tim Curry


Tywin Lannister - Peter Cushing


Joffrey Baratheon - Mark Lester


Littlefinger - Michael Caine


Varys - Donald Pleasance


Maester Pycelle - Alistair Sim


Renly Baratheon - Timothy Dalton


Margery Tyrell - Jane Seymour


Stannis Baratheon - Alan Bates


Davos Seaworth - Patrick McGoohan


Melisandre - Jill St John


Danaerys Targaryen - Julie Christie



Jorah Mormount - Edward Woodward



Xaro Xan Daxos - Omar Sharif



Pyat Pree - Patrick Troughton

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Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

About a year ago, I did season one. Here's the follow-up.


A Clash of Kings (1973, aired as a BBC series in six installments)




The cast is terrific, I'd watch this in a second to see them all performing that material against one another. But after seeing HBO's version, with its huge budgets and modern visual effects, I don't know if the '70s BBC could bring the world to life in an effective way. I mean, I love the hell out of the Beeb's I, Claudius, but it's nothing but actors on sound stages, which is OK for the story it's telling (same goes for Elizabeth R.The Six Wives of Henry VIIIThe First Churchillsetc.), but they could never pull off something like HBO's Rome. (Hell, in the end, neither could HBO!) I just don't think the story could effectively be told in a talky, stage-bound format, which is all those '70s BBC mini-series could afford.


But as long as we're fantasy-casting, we might as well be fantasy-budgeting as well, so I say give the Beeb $100 million and 21st-century technology and let's do this thing!

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...a long time ago. In a galaxy far far away...Chaz decided to recast the greatest science fiction trilogy of all time.



Luke Skywalker - Aaron Johnson

"I am a Jedi; like my father before me."

Han Solo - Jensen Ackles

"Sometimes I even amaze myself."

Princess Leia - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

"Into the garbage shoot fly boy!"

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Christoph Waltz

"He doesn't want you following old Obi-Wan on some damn fool crusade."


C-3PO - Voice of David Tennant

"I'm over here in pieces and your having delusions of grandeur!"

Darth Vader - Voice Samuel L Jackson

"I am your father."

Grand Moff Tarkin - Daniel Craig

"Evacuate?! In our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances."

Lando Calrissian - Idris Elba

"We'll last longer than we would against that Death Star and maybe we'll take some of them with us!"

Boba Fett - Bruce Willis

"He's no good to me dead."

 Yoda - Voice of Danny Pudi

"Found someone you have."

Emperor Palpatine - Al Panico

"So be it: Jedi."










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- CREEPSHOW (segment "Something to Tide You Over")

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen


Same locations, dialogues and musical ost of the original


Orlando Bloom (Paris) as Henry Wentworth



- Diane Kruger (Helen) as Becky Vickers


and Gian Maria Volontè as Richard Vickers



Edited by frankbooth - 2/26/13 at 8:34am
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Apocalypse Now (2014)


Captain Benjamin L. Willard: Jeremy Renner



Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore: Matthew McConaughey



Jay "Chef" Hicks: Ben Foster



Lance B. Johnson: Aaron Paul



Tyrone "Clean" Miller: Denzel Whitaker



Chief Phillips: Mike Colter



Colonel Lucas: Jon Hamm



Jerry the CivilianShea Whigham



General Corman: William Sadler



Photojournalist: Jeremy Renner



Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: Michael Shannon


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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (1938)


Jesse James - Clark Gable


Robert Ford - Jimmy Stewart


Charley Ford - William Powell


Wood Hite - John Wayne


Dick Liddil - Cary Grant


Frank James - Walter McGrail

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- Creepshow (full movie)

by Coen Bros.




- Daeg Faerch as Billy


- Gary Busey as Billy's Dad

- Frances McDormand as Billy's Mum


Episode Father's Day


- Martin Landau as Nathan Grantham


- Judith Roberts as Aunt Bedelia


- Meryl Streep as Sylvia Grantham



Episode The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill


- Vincent D'Onofrio as Jordy Verrill




Episode Something to Tide You Over


- Sean Connery (80's version) as Richard Vickers  (i want to see him to be bad)

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85


- Josh Hartnett as Harry Wentworth



- Diane Kruger as Becky Vickers



Episode The Crate


- Geoffrey Rush as Dexter Stanley




- William H.Macy as Henry Northrup


- Marcia Gay Harden as Wilma Northrup

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100



Episode They're Creeping Up On You


Danny De Vito as Upson Pratt


- Marlon Wayans as White




Dialogues, locations and score music are identical to the original

Edited by frankbooth - 2/28/13 at 12:26pm
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Modern Problems


written and directed by Dan Harmon


Joel Mchale - Max Tielder


Gillian Jacobs - Darcy


Josh Holloway - Mark Winslew


Yvette Nicole Brown - Dorita


Jim Rash - Brian Stills


Lauren Stamile - Lorraine

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That version of They're Creeping Up on You only works if Danny DeVito is playing Frank Reynolds.

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Michael Fessbender - James Bond

Uma Thurman - Pussy Galore

Alan Rickman - Goldfinger

Allison Brie - Jill Matherson

Lizzy Caplan - Tilly Matherson

Bill Nighy - M

Camille Coduri - Moneypenny

Bruce Campbell - Felix Leiter

Matt Smith - Q

Dalip Singh - Odd Job






Micheal Fessbender - James Bond

Anne Hathway - Dr Holly Goodhead

Tom Hardy - Hugo Drax

Brock Lesnar - Jaws

Marion Cotillard - Corinne Dufour

Bill Nighy - M

Matt Smith - Q

Camille Coduri - Moneypenny




Tom Hardy will use the Bane voice for Drax.

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A recast revisited...



Written & Directed by JOE CORNISH



Daniel Craig as INDIANA JONES






Faran Tahir as MOLA RAM



Alexander Siddig as CHATTAR LAL

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