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Jersey Shore!

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Sue me.


Looks like Mike and Pauly spent all their steroid money on those new cars.  Pauly lost at least 20 pounds.


Although they are all annoying in their own special ways, I'm counting down the days until Sammi evicts herself


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Have some self-respect, man!

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Originally Posted by Andrew Merriweather View Post

Have some self-respect, man!

I lost it all last January.  I avoided this show like the plague, but my wife was put on crutches for 6 weeks following ankle surgery.  The day after the procedure she watched a marathon of this piece of shit and asked me to watch it with her.


I finally realized what everyone was talking about...this show is hilarious.

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Not to crap on this thread but


One of us... one of us...



I think we should carry on our discussions of this legendary show in there. 


BTW, last night's episode brought the laughs, was expecting it to be lame after the way season 2 fizzled out. 


Sammi please go.

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I have no idea how to merge the threads with the new boards. Until i figure it out, carry on discussing the show on the other thread!

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