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Fuck Origin, as I download and install it.

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Alpha was fun. Would've liked some more time with it, but it was my fault for being away half the time it was available.


Beta release rumors for mid September. Hopefully it will be on PS3 this time and I can try a few more things with it. My PC gaming skills are crap.


A different map would be nice, along with some aircraft. Either way, looking forward to this.

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Originally Posted by Electrichead View Post

Alpha was fun...And that's the hardest part. Today everything is different; there's no action... have to wait around like everyone else. Can't even get decent food - right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody... get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.

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Very nice. One internet for the gentleman.



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Dicks on the internet, what do you know.


Here's some new MP footage. Tanks, choppers, jets, all of the fun stuff.


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Since as you said we're on the internet I'll have to act accordingly and express my amazement at the copious amount of sperm watching this trailer made me produce. I'm not even going to upgrade my PC for this. I'm making a new one from the ground up.

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Every time I see something from Battlefield 3, I think, "This game can't possibly look any better than it does now." And I'm proven wrong every time I watch a new piece of footage.  Battlefield 3 is going to be a blast to play.

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Also, it looks like the campaign will be playable in co-op. Sounds like only 2-player from the description, but still cool news.

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Battlefield 3 $47.99 today only on Newegg with promo EMCYTZT688

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For you guys playing this on the PC, I guess that there is some crappy stuff that Origin is going to do while it is on your machine.


Here's a link.


I don't play a lot of games on PC, just some stuff from Steam, but that's some BS if it is true.

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Hey, one less game for me to have to make time for this fall. No big deal.

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First EA retracts their stupid "All your PC are belong to us" EULA.


Then they release this:



I can't handle this rollercoaster of emotions anymore. I'm an old man ...




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But did they really retract the spyware aspects of the eula or did they just say, oops you caught us and we promise not to be scumbags to your computers because we love you baby and it won't happen least what I've seen on gaf/reddit/rps have said the same thing - eula's language mostly remains the same except for a pr statement saying they'll behave. I cancelled my pre-order and still haven't been convinced to buy it on day 1 until they're genuinely able to say they won't invade my privacy with their malware.

Joystiq interpretation of revised eula.
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"We're depicting a war and everything that suggests," wrote Goldfarb on the Battlefield blog.


"We have tried to get closer to the slang of the modern warrior. We are mixing tension-building passages with the chaos of suddenly erupting firefights. We've sought to keep the game feeling as plausible as possible, because the moment the audience stops believing it could happen, then you're just like every other shooter."

Goldfarb said DICE "loved" making Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2. They were "great fun" and "light hearted". "In essence, they were adventure flicks," reckons Goldfarb, "Indiana Jones with an assault rifle."


"But with Battlefield 3, we knew we had to really divorce ourselves from those characters and those themes. We had to go somewhere else and do something different and push a different set of buttons.

"We're telling a war story now," he added, "and that means it needs to feel credible, it needs to feel contemporary, and it needs to connect with things and emotions that we have never really tried or had the means to properly connect to before."


Ensuring the tone was right in Battlefield 3 was Goldfarb's proudest accomplishment.


"Tone is vibe," he wrote. "It's style. It's a feeling. It's why The Dark Knight is awesome and the '60s Batman is not; the difference between Saving Private Ryan and Hogan's Heroes. It's one of those things which, if you do it right, affects everything.



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At this point, the lights are too pretty for me to resist.


Douchey, pretentious quotes and weird lawery lingo are powerless before the pretty lights. Still not preordering though.

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That trailer looks good. Looks like another in a week from today.


I pre-ordered mine, but it's for PS3, so I don't have to deal with that Origin shit.

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God, that looks gorgeous.

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Open beta date released today. It's what has been floating around for awhile.


sept 29 - oct 10


you can start on sept 27 if you preordered on origin or have the medal of honor game.



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Originally Posted by Electrichead View Post


you can start on sept 27 if you preordered on origin or have the medal of honor game.




That'd be me! On both ps3 and xbox. Call me crazy but I loved Medal of Honor. Can't wait to get my ass kicked in Battlefield 3 beta next week!

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Can someone with an unbiased opinion tell me if the Battlefield games are better than Call of Duty.  I'm talking strictly multiplayer.  Battlefield gets great reviews, but having been a veteran of the COD games, I need some reasons why I should try this series out.  I love the COD games, but I'll give anything a try.  Advise on this for me, please.

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I haven't played Battlefield or COD on consoles so take this with a grain of salt.


The pace is slower, more deliberate. There is a HEAVY emphasis on vehicles. When I was playing Desert Combat I wouldn't give up my Bradley for anything. The maps are huge compared to the usual COD ones. The player number is bigger so there are usually three or four skirmishes going on near the various points of interest. Territory and capture point control is predominantly important instead of good K/D ratios. I personally think BF is better than COD because it fits my style more. COD isn't fast enough for me when I'm in the mood for some skill based Quake 3 style deathmatch and on the other hand it's too inconsequential for the times I want something meatier.


Plus, I'm a slut for graphics.

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I'll try to oversimplify it. Do you enjoy gameplay based around achieving objectives as a team? If so, you'll probably enjoy Battlefield.


As someone who just doesn't have good enough skills to do well when just shooting everyone, I prefer Battlefield as it lets me do other things that really help out my team AND I get rewarded for it.

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Over the years of playing both Battlefield and Cal of Duty, I find that I have many more vivid memories of incidents that occurred with my friends in the Battlefield games. Because it is team based, you have a lot of teamwork situations where working together really pays off. In CoD, if you run with a teammate, you are usually setting yourself up to get double killed.


Plus, because the battles are on such huge sandboxes, there are times when you Eric Bana that shit, circa Black Hawk Down, and go off and on your own, stealth style. It's usually a suicide mission, but it's a lot more satisifying that in CoD.


And with vehicles... thats where the fun begins. Jumping in your teammates Helicopter and manning the guns until the last second when a rocket takes it out, you jump out and parachute to safety, hopefully. The best is attaching C-4 to a dunebuggy, going full speed towards an enemy tank, jumping out at the last second and detonating the C-4 as it rams into the tank. Joy.



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I think that Chris hit it on the head.


I like BF better, because of the vehicles, the larger maps, the better strategy that is needed to play it. I dig that satisfaction of going toe-to-toe with a tank, me and my trusty rpg. I like sneaking up on a tank and throwing some C4 and killing that fucker, especially if he is devastating my team. The matches can be longer, and sometimes you can get into that close quarters shit like COD, but overall, I like BF best.


I also like knocking down buildings and destroying shit. That's a lot of fun.


When I feel like just doing some quick matches and shooting everything on the screen, then I go with COD for some quick down and dirty carnage.

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Originally Posted by Electrichead View Post

I like sneaking up on a tank and throwing some C4 and killing that fucker, especially if he is devastating my team.


This is my favorite way to take out a tank.  It may be much more dangerous than other methods, but that's what makes it so rewarding. Sneaking up to the back or side of a tank, planting C4, and blowing it to hell is always fun, even if you don't quite make it out of the explosion yourself.  It's especially satisfying when the tank has a full load of players in it.


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Yeah, an armored vehicle filled with four fuckers. Rack up the points.

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Oh man.  I might have to switch shooters.  That sounds right up my alley.

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Which one of you Xbox dbags wants beta access a day early? I bought Medal of Honor so I've got a code, it goes public on the 29th but I'll be playing it on PC or Ps3. So yeah...first one to PM with an awesome reason I should give it to them gets it.

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This weekend is going to be epic.... Can't wait for the open Beta

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Any of you fuckers getting the beta on a PC? And if so, how about arranging some playtime during the weekend?

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I'm a huge fucking nerd and I'll be checking it out on PC and PS3 so if I could get in on that this weekend I'm down. I warn you though, my super villain island fortress is shit for connection with some games. I never had issues with Bad Company 2 so we'll see. I expect to catch up with Electric on PS3 too. More Rush Electric! More shooting people in the face with shotguns! I'm pretty excited about this, Battlefield is so fucking awesome. Hopefully my BC2 skills carry over. I had handles on that motherfucker.

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I picked up Medal of Honor on Steam during the summer sale and got the early beta invite and can solidly say that is so much better than the alpha version. It's crashed on me a couple of times, but otherwise plays great. The Battlelog thing allows the setting up of Platoons, so we should definitely get a Chud platoon going.


PC username: elsnakeo


Edit: Someone has already made a CHUD platoon.

Edited by elsnakeo - 9/28/11 at 2:05am
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Sweet. See you on the battlefield then. I made a pun.

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I have only had the time to play a few rounds so far.


On the PS3, pretty much the same controls as BC2. Seems like the switch weapons animations are a little slower, but otherwise the same.


Also, dropping the ammo or health box and then switching back to your weapon is a little slower, so be aware of that shit.


Going full prone is going to be a welcome addition.


The lovable shotgun unlocks right away, so there is going to be a fun time there.


All in all, with all the new shit to unlock, there is going to be a lot of fun here.

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Well it was all going smooth until I realized that it was playing on the lowest graphics settings. I switch it to high to see how it would perform and now the beta won't play. The nvidia beta drivers stopped working so I'm going to reinstall both them and the beta itself to try and fix this issue.

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Can't wait to see how this runs on my laptop.  I can run Crysis 2 smoothly with ultra settings and super hi-res textures as long as I keep away from DirectX 11, and I hope the same applies here.

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Jesus Christ I don't think this will look that good on my PC.  I don't know.  I played through Deus Ex fine and smooth, but this looks insane.

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All I know is that the game hates the fuck out of my Geforce 9800 GTX.

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I was hoping I'd have it downloading by the time I left for work so I could get a few rounds of fun tonight. But nope, still not out over here in Euroland. Fuckers. 29th my ass. They'll probably unlock it thirty minutes to midnight. "What, it's still the 29th!"

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Just grabbed the 360 demo - bloody good fun, at least for the 20 minutes of gameplay we got until the servers farted out. Loads of lag, and I started one game where everyone spawned  and then couldn't move, leaving us stuck admiring the pretty foliage. It was worth it for the plethora of 'AKK!s' and 'GAAAH!s' in the distance as everyone gradually suicided, though.


What I've seen of it working, however, impressed me. You seem to take a lot less damage than in BC2 so the fighting is very brutal, and having prone back is awesome. It also pops up a notice if you're going to have a squadmate spawn on you in the next ten seconds, which gives you a chance to get into cover.


So far, all good on Xbox - just downloading new drivers and will be giving the PC beta a shot in a sec.

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The PC version is having the same clipping into the ground and foliage issue. I'm thinking about cancelingl my preorder before knowing whether or not they're going to have everything ironed out by release. I know it's a beta, but it's less than a month away.

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I wouldn't worry too much about that. Public betas are almost always a couple of versions away from what's most current internally.


But about the pre-order you're correct. I never pre-order games. The only exception to that in the last 10 years has been The Witcher 2. And the next one will be Diablo 3.

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So far so good on the PS3. There is some kind of sink hole in some areas where you just drop below the map. That problem I think is happening a lot.


one glitch that I am having is just randomly knifing. I'll be running along, and then the dude just starts knifing shit for now reason, swinging that thing around. Sometimes it happens when I am aiming down sights, or reloading, or just standing still. He just pulls that knife and starts swinging it around.

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I'm not a huge fan of the whole "web" menu...but you do get into the match pretty quick.  So far the game feels a bit clunky for me..but maybe I just need to get used to it.

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Originally Posted by stelios View Post

I wouldn't worry too much about that. Public betas are almost always a couple of versions away from what's most current internally.

And since this one launched on all three platforms at once, you can bet it's a month old code branch or more.  Betas still have to go through MS and Sony before they release.

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Good stuff. Actually looks a little better on the PS3 than I was expecting. Lights are to die for. Squad invites are a bit buggy.

Anyone else experienced real life bullet time: with bullets getting stuck in midair and glowing there, in awesome hallucinogenic glory? I got that for about ten minutes, then the framerate crapped out below 10 FPS and my console froze. Ahh, beta. That shit is awesome.

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Finally managed to play for about 5 minutes this morning. Technically it was great. It defaulted on high settings and run like butter. No dropped frames, very alt-tabbable, went from pressing the quick match button to game in under 30 seconds. Looks fucking great too. The animations are gorgeous. I've never lusted for a Mirror's Edge 2 made with Frostbite 2 more than now.


I couldn't tell you anything about gameplay after playing so little, though.


We really need to set up a proper squad. I know it will probably be in vain with everyone living all over and having jobs and stuff, but trying won't hurt. So let's do a roll call.


xenist74 - PC

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I had a hell of a time getting in with Zhukov and then Electric and I could get in, but never in the same squad. I hope that's worked out. Other than that it's typical beta shit and awesome. :D I wish people would stop shooting me from under the map but besides that I'll take my ass whipping like a man.


As good as Operation Metro is I want to see how the vehicle maps run on the PS3.

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Yeah, we tried. It's a blast so far, but I'm going to cry that the PC guys are sneaking onto some Caspian Border servers.


Either way, I'll spend way too much time on this one map before the beta is up.


We'll try again Ghost, we were putting those fuckers down.

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So I tried to play the beta on my 360 last night, and I have to say that the experience royally sucked.  I booted up to the main menu only to get a "connection to the server was lost" message whenever I tried to do anything. Really? I hadn't even connected to anything yet! 


It took spamming the menu for at least 15 minutes until it would finally give me a quickmatch option.  The first time I tried to use that button on the menu, it froze my system. After rebooting, it took another fifteen minutes of spamming the menu in order to get back to the quickmatch option. The next time I tried it, a box popped up saying that it was working, and then it went away without doing anything.


And I'm also skipping over the troubles of getting all three people in my XBox party together in a squad on the menu, let alone in a game to this point.  We were able to get two of us together after much finagling, but never all three.


So after all of this stupidness, I finally got the game to load two of us into a match....only it put us on opposite teams despite having been in a squad before loading into the match AND there was plenty of room on both team for another two-person squad.  The last straw was not being able to find a control layout anywhere.  I had to figure out what I was doing on the fly, which is fine, but I was in a foul mood by that point so I didn't really want to bother with it any more.


The bit of a match I did get to play in was fine, I guess. I liked the Mirror's Edge movement when jumping over things. I didn't like that it seems they've significantly lowered the amount of damage you can absorb before dying to be much closer to CoD. Maybe I was just imagining things though.  I also had my screen flashing white every few seconds. There was an ugly red line through a few textures on the subway part of the level that were there intermittently.  Every time I threw a grenade, I could hear it, but there was no visual explosion.  On several occasions, I came up behind an enemy, dumped some bullets into their back for at least a second or two before they returned fire.....and I died instantly.


If they wanted to give me a good first impression with this beta, they failed miserably. I'm still excited for the game, but that's only from my fond memories of playing Bad Company 2 and the great Battlefield 3 trailers and footage I've seen.  If I were to base my opinion solely on the beta, I would want to throw the game in the trash and never look back.

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