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Workplace Pranks

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I wanted to create this thread to ask Chewers about any office/workplace pranks they've pulled or have pulled on them. Also, I'm looking for ideas.


The only pranks I've done over my years with the current company I'm at is that I've taken peoples coats and shrink wrapped them, or security wrapped them or put them in security hard cases and hung them up. We took our GM's company shirt and hung it up inside the warehouse. I wasn't a part of this one but some home theatre guys put the mobile managers car up for sale on Kijiji. I wouldn't do that one since it involved them putting his cell number on the internet.


My prank that I'm known for (even the GM at my new store was aware of it before I started there) is that I "accidentally" dropped a 52" TV onto my GM in the warehouse when getting it done. The box was empty and it took awhile to lure him into the warehouse and even get him to stand where I needed to stand. He even tried to catch the TV! It was only until he picked it up did he realize that the box was empty.


I'm currently in the process of a new prank that involves help from my manager and another employee who takes smoke breaks. We plan getting the keys to an employees car (he leaves his keys lying around constantly) and we'd move his car to the lot next door. The guy who smokes, when he sees said employee next, would say, "hey, didn't you just leave?" "what?" "i saw your car leave. I was out for a smoke and was wondering why you'd be leaving early." And said employee would freak out. Which he will. He's a freaker. We'd then have a whole story of how my manager found some keys and left them on the desk at the front door for Smoker Employee to watch incase someone reported missing keys. But then he'd say he got over run by customers and someone must have swiped them! Fun times.


When I worked at a dinner theatre, I heard of a prank where someone had put a piece of fish behind another employees gas cap door cover and it started to rot. The guy had no idea what the smell was until he went to fill up a week later. Apparently someone else had layered pieces of left over beef on another employees windshield in the summer time. That one was semi-dangerous because I guess it took awhile for the beef grease/gravy grease to works it way off the windshield.


So, with that, any pranks? Any ideas? I don't want people getting hurt obviously. I've often thought of shoving a pie into my current GM's face during a staff meeting. Come up behind and him BAM. I'd need backup on it though.



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Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
 Apparently someone else had layered pieces of left over beef on another employees windshield in the summer time. That one was semi-dangerous because I guess it took awhile for the beef grease/gravy grease to works it way off the windshield.


Dude, I don't know how you do things in Canada, but that's more something you'd do to a dire enemy around here. And I'm not an especially violent man, but I'd beat the piss out of someone who pulled that shit on my car. Or something. Definitely not a "friendly prank."



That said, these are fucking great if you work in an office:

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I worked at an office supply store as a teen and my manager was a raging alcoholic who always had the shakes. I hid inside the floor model of a 2 door cabinet and had a friend ask himer to open it up so a customer could see the inside. Then I jumped out and scared him to (near) death.


On another occassion I managed to get this same manager's voice mail pin. We would call and leave scandalous messages then call back and play them over the paging system. He then threw a very heavy tape dispenser at my head but missed.

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Well, the beef one was done years before I started there. I guess the employee who did it felt bad and paid for the multiple car washes. It's not something I'd do but I can see the humour in it. The initial humour at least but not the eventual left over residue.


I forgot to mention that my former supe and I black wrapped the mobile managers mountain bike at my old store and put it up way high in the warehouse. I took his seat to different parts of the store and sent pics to him. I then printed out a fake UPS package label and sent him a pic of it being sent out with a UPS driver. It was funny watching him on the security cameras figure where his bike was. You can see when he spots it but he makes it seem like he didn't see up there. Ahahahaa, just thinking about that one is glorious.

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A friend of mine works on a very highly rated cable TV show in the post production department. He and his supervisor like to play "scavenger hunt" with other team member's paychecks (well, one guy specifically). They typically do shit like recruit one of the stars of the show to hold come crucial piece of info and they have to awkwardly saunter down to the set during shooting and find a way to ask. And then (at least in the first and most memorable instance) after an absurdly day-long hunt for his fucking paycheck, it was attached under his chair the whole time.




When I was younger I worked for my Dad and Grandfather, both architects. My Grandfather was getting up in the years and was a diabetic. As such he'd frequently doze off in his office in the afternoon; leaned back with his arms folded behind his head. My Dad is a prankster and so one day during the summer (only noting that because it stays light out until like 7:30 p.m.) after we got back from lunch (around 1 p.m.) and Granddad was asleep, he turned out all the lights in the front area of the office and announced loudly "Goodnight, everybody!" At which point, of course, my Granddad promptly awoke, grabbed his things, got in his car and drove home. He didn't realize what happened until he got all the way there.

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Made the tubgirl pic a friends screensaver. He went to the back to talk to the boss, came back and hurled.
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I suggest only doing this one to your close friends, or somebody who will only punch you in the arm as retaliation.


We caught our buddy asleep once at the booth desk.  I got a staple gun, stapled his tie to the desk and as he woke up from the sound our other friend pulled the rolly chair out from under him. 


He fell on his knees and once he realized what happened he yelled, "You fucking assholes!" and lunged for us, but his tie was stapled to the desk, so . . . 


It was the funniest damn thing we'd ever seen.  We all had a good laugh later on.

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Here is one you can play at home mostly but if you have a break room with a sink and sprayer try it there as well:


Scotch tape the lever of the sprayer down and make sure it is turned toward the general vicinity where someone would stand while turning on the sink.  Years ago I did this to my mother and told her the sink wasn't working and could she come help me out.  Not sure how you would lure a coworker to it but if you work in a place where any general hilarity is useful then maybe it doesn't matter who gets sprayed.

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In a previous office I worked in they did two genius pranks on the a  guy in revenge for years of him pranking them. The first was to create a PowerPoint presentation that was a copy of his desktop and have it refresh at the same speed as the airport radar he could see from his desk. He was convinced the radiation was interfering with his monitor (back in the days of CRT monitors).


The second and by far best one concerned his home. The guy hates Sky TV so we forged a series of fake letters from Sky confirming his new Sky Dish and package would be installed on a certain date (which was when he was on holiday). Of course he would phone Sky to be told he hadn't ordered anything and they had no record of him. The best bit came when he went on holiday and his colleagues Bolted a Sky Dish to a pole and stuck it in his garden. They knew what time his plane came in so they waited outside his house...


apparently he went ballistic until he was let in on the joke. 

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Being in the military, there are a fair amount of hat-related pranks; one favorite was making a jello mold out of one person's hat. There were even little pieces of fruit around it in the jello. As for computer hijinks, we would take a screenshot of the person's PC with all of the applications open and make it their background while minimizing the apps. It always gets people for a few minutes. Sometimes, we'll just change their backgrounds to pictures of lesser-known presidents from the 19th-early 20th century, but that's just because we're weird.

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upside down desk drawers is always fun.



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Some expensive pranks done in my office:


Removing the door and sealing up a co-worker's office (drywall, paint, etc) completely while they were on vacation.

Turning another co-worker's office into:

  • A pirate cave (with foam-rock walls, a view of the beach, and piratey props)
  • A geriatric ward (with gurney, etc)
  • A mini-golf course


Some less expensive (yet time-intensive) pranks:


Covering a co-worker's cube in multi-colored post-its.

Covering a co-worker's cube with blue tape. Everything. Stapler. Computer. Chair. Even the post-its.

Sealing a co-worker's cube off with saran wrap or tape and then filling with balloons, packing peanuts, etc.

Covering a co-worker's cube and items within in saran wrap.

Covering a co-worker's entire desk with empty stacked soda cans.

Covering a co-worker's cube with cut out faces of the Burger King (he had a phobia).



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Not a work prank and not mine but just read this and had to share it.




Best prank I pulled was on a guy who'd passed out at my house.  I was in my mid twenties and renting a one bedroom house, and a bunch of teenagers from the high school would come by to party.  One unnamed person passed out cold.  I was taking a sculpture class at the community college, making life sized human statues out of plaster of paris.  I took a pair of scissors and cut the guy's jeans up the side of his leg to the hip, wrapped his leg in an old bed sheet and wound it up in cloth strips soaked in plaster of paris.  Someone brought over an old pair of crutches.  When he woke up we all told him that he'd been so drunk he told everyone he could fly, climbed to the top of the roof and jumped off, breaking his leg.  We said we'd taken him to the hospital and given them a fake name.

He hobbled around school for over a week before his mom took him to a real doctor who laughed his ass off and removed our cast.


It was in response to a post about this:



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Someone please do this at work and report back.



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Originally Posted by DARKMITE8 View Post


Sealing a co-worker's cube off with saran wrap or tape and then filling with balloons, packing peanuts, etc.



When I worked at a video store many moons ago, we had been packaging a bunch of new releases for rental, so that meant you took the new box, pulled out the tape, stuck it in a new generic case for rental, then stuck a styrofoam square in the now-empty box to maintain it's shape, then shrink-wrapped it.  We got really slow later than evening, so when my co-worker went to the bathroom, I grabbed her pack of cigarettes and shrink wrapped it shut.  She came back, saw this, and was all, "Ha ha, very funny," and went outside to smoke as she ripped the shrink wrap off.  That's when she discovered I had shrink wrapped each individual cigarette.  Multiple times.  She couldn't get any of the wrap off of any of the cigarettes without breaking the cigarette.  I paid for a new pack of cigarettes that night.  But it was worth it.

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Not sure how many people are familiar with the "netsend" command and how it works, but essentially it allows you to put an official looking system message on somebody's screen as long as you have their specific PC address at the office.  It's uncommon enough that most people don't know it exists.


When I started this job I was in training for 6 weeks before they'd let us do any work.  The training was poorly put together as we were hired after an ugly corporate takeover and the training materials were lacking so we were all fried a month into this.  I sent a message to the guy in front of me through the command that stated "A discrepancy has been found in the resume information that you have provided to us.  Please gather all of your personal belongings and report to Human Resources immediately."  The joke didn't go on that long though because I couldn't keep a straight face when he freaked out.


Then a friend and I tried again later after we were doing the job.  We got the PC address of a cute girl from our training and sent her "You have been found in violation of company internet policy 31.2b ('naked man pictures').  This message has been submitted to your manager."  As soon as we sent the message we had a friend run down to the floor below us to play safety and make sure nothing bad happened.  Unfortunately in the time it took her to descend a flight of stairs the girl had run directly to her manager's office to try to explain.  Unbeknownst to us she had been on a friend's modelling web page earlier and apparently there had been an inappropriate picture and our message hit at just the wrong time.  She never got in trouble, but she also never spoke to us again.

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