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Brian Wood's Northlanders Canceled

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Yeah, this sucks:



Not only is Brian Wood no longer DC exclusive, not only was he ditched from Supergirl days before the DC Relaunch announcements, not only is DMZ coming to an end (his choice), but now I understand that DC have prematurely cancelled their Vertigo comic Northlanders, Wood’s ongoing series of series set amongst the harsh northern European landscapes a thousand years or more ago.


From his Tumblr:




Bleeding Cool correctly reports that my Vertigo series NORTHLANDERS has been cancelled by the powers that be at DC Comics.  It has a very loyal fanbase but the trade sales just aren’t cutting the mustard.  But it is staying around for awhile yet, and will finally conclude with issue #50.  That means next week’s one-shot “Thor’s Daughter” (w/ Marian Churchland) and the nine-part “Icelandic Trilogy” (w/ Paul Azaceta) will still happen as planned.  Please, retailers, do not cut your orders, and please, readers, don’t cancel your subs.  No story is getting cut short, nothing will be left hanging.  As always with NORTHLANDERS, you can jump in at the start of any story, including the ones listed above.


I’m not going to eulogize the series yet and start thanking everyone, since I have the next nine or ten months to do that.  While this news sucks, I consider it a triumph for everyone responsible that our depressing, often cerebral comic book about Vikings and history is lasting FIFTY ISSUES.  It feels appropriately epic, and the eventual seven volumes of the series will hopefully stay in print forever (or close to that).


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Personally I think this is great news. Its a little annoying how long some comics keep going. I've been meaning to read this series sometime, but I loathe to start a series until the run is concluded.

Especially since it takes forever to let a long series finish, and I hate going back to reread old issues. But I do read comics before they finish, I'm still waiting for The Boyd to finish, and I'm readin The Unwritten now.
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But the great thing about this series is you can hop on anywhere. It was telling stories set in the time of the Vikings, not telling some super long arc or soap opera. And it wasn't typical super hero comic bs, it was something good and solid and unique.

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Absolutely.  It's just tough to see a great series go out on anything other than its own terms.

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That's true, I forgot it was a generational multi story thing. I think I'll check it out after The Unwritten. It better live up.
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Well, i haven't watched this show.

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