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Lego Video Games (Batman, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.)

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I figured I'd just start a thread of all things Lego-related.  My wife and I just finished, ie, 100%'ed, Lego Pirates of the Carribean yesterday.  Fun game overall, even though I haven't seen On Stranger Tides.  Much better IMO than the last Indiana Jones game.


Also got Star Wars II: Clone Wars when it came out,  My son likes it, but my wife hates it, and I'm kind of ambivalent to it.  Haven't finished it just because we quit playing for the most part, although my OCD calls me to the game whenever I see it on my shelf.


With the new Harry Potter film coming out in mere days, I expect the 2nd Harry Potter game to be out by Christmas hopefully.


And I fully anticipate some kind of Lego Toy Story game sooner than later as well.



There, did I cover enough different Lego games to necessitate this thread?

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Star Wars games had some charm, and still reside on my xbox 360 hard drive played every couple of months. Indiana Jones game was played until I got to that progression stopper at the Lost Ark plane fight scene and just quit after that. Never played the Harry Potter ones. Batman felt monotonous after the first level so I returned it to gamefly. Pirates on 3DS is the only one I've played consistently or enjoyed (maybe because it's 3D and looks great?) (or maybe because of Jack's goofy walk animation)....
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Star Wars definitely had the goods but the sheen wore off quick with Indiana Jones.  Maybe it was the graphics limitations on the Wii but Indiana Jones really left me with a sour taste for the LEGO idea because the brown and green were so difficult to distinguish where cliffs ended as well as jumping distances and other visual problems and the palette of the game wore me down.

The Batman game was horrendous, I felt, because they deviated from following the plot and locations of the movies.  The simplicity of a LEGO game to me was aided by the familiarity of progression the movies offered.  Maybe I fall into the Wii-Casual-Gamer mold too much though.


I haven't bought the Harry Potter version because I am waiting for the "Complete Saga" version with the additional levels.  My nine year old is begging me for Star Wars III: Clone Wars so I will most likely pick that up for him even though I feel I wouldn't care for it as I lack a familiarity with the characters.

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The Batman game was also way harder than expected from one of these. Which may be part of why it's one of my favorites.


These games haven't changed up the formula since the beginning, and yet I find myself so much more forgiving of this series' "if it ain't broke" policy than any other.


Still disappoints the hell out of me they actually made Lego Crystal Skull, though.

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Picked up Harry Potter 5-7 last week, and we're about 25% of the way through it.  The story is set up a different way--it doesn't seem to be a "hard stop" on each story and the levels seem longer.  Honestly, we'd be playing, and after a while we'd be like, "Is this level not over yet?"  Plus there is a ghost that gives you much better direction as to where you're supposed to go next.  We got lost in Hogwarts all the time with the last game, but don't seem to have that issue now.  But, as with the first one, finding a dark wizard is a pain in the ass.  We're through OOTP, and about 1/2 way into HBP and still haven't found a dark wizard yet.  I'm hoping by the end of HBP we'll have one.


Lots of new/borrowed stuff--there is a walking on walls thing similar to Batman, and there are apparation points where you have to be a Dumbledore, Slughorn, etc., where you can apparate to another point on the screen.  And you can use the glasses that Luna wears (Spectragoggles?) to find hidden things.

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Finished it--I took the week of Thanksgiving off and we went out of town, but took the PS3 with us, along with the game.  Played it every day and finished it about 2 days before vacation was over.  Almost took me back to my college days.

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I can be the only one who wants a Lego Starship Troopers game...right?

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I want a Lego NFL game.  Actual parts could fly off when a player gets tackled.

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I would buy that in a heartbeat.  They could fully make 3 games (at least) out of that.  But that's probably too "adult" content for Lego.  Although I recall one of the developers being asked about translating the darker aspects of the latter HP movies into the game, and he said something like, "Lego--we make death fun!"

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LEGO announced they have the license to make toys based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Hopefully that extends to videogames as well. It probably will, but the press release just covers the toys for now.
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Well, there ya go.  More $$ out the window for us in 2012.

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For those interested--Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is coming in June.  Hopefully a good gap-filler until LegOTR.



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I've become familiar with these titles watching my nephew play them, who's a huge fan - but I have to say, I heard about Lego Batman 2 last night and even I thought it sounded pretty great. The first open world sandbox lego game set in the DC universe with a whole roll call of my favorite superheroes?


Hell my neph may be battling with me over who gets to play that one.

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Lego Batman 2 will be out on 6/19, for those with interest (like me and my son).


My son, who will be 11 this year, seems to be losing a little steam for his Legos.  He still loves to put together sets, but lately is more occupied with video games when he's at home (and not doing some kind of sporting activity).  We'll sometimes force him to go do something non-"electronic" for an hour, and he'll end up spending 2-3 hours playing with Legos.  But whenever we say let's get rid of Legos, he freaks out.

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Hey, it's me again, talking about the new Lego Batman game!


I'm really enjoying this one--the story goes everywhere and anywhere, and has lots of extra add-in levels...Arrow, Man of Steel, and the Dark Knight Trilogy. And the Arrow and Man of Steel narrations (I haven't done DKT yet) are pretty funny. The guy from "Arrow" does the narration and says things like, "I needed to become a symbol...something green...something pointy...something...arrow-y". And Man of Steel is a one-level play through of the opening on Krypton featuring Jor-El. Or as he initially introduces himself, Maximus. "Oh no--Zod just blew up Kal's crib...that took us forever to put together. Lara, do you know where the instructions for that are?"


It also includes levels involving all the Lanterns, and an extra set of levels based on the 60's Batman series and it's all narrated by Adam West which culminates in all of them *spoiler* doing the Batusi. Oh, and he's the person you have to "save" in each level too. In the Man of Steel level, after you save him, he starts singing, "Da, da da da daaaaa, da da da...da, da da da daaaaa...Adam West!"

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I am stupidly excited for the Jurassic World LEGO game.

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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

I am stupidly excited for the Jurassic World LEGO game.

My wife went nuts when she saw that trailer. She has been "bleah" about the past few Lego games, but she is super excited about JP. I told her I saw a bunch of JP references in this new Batman game, and said I wouldn't be surprised if that was coming next.

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Well, we are about 50% of the way through the game...they have improved on a lot of things, which is good to see. They now actually tell you what powers a character has when you choose them from the selection screen...if they can break down doors, access computers, shoot, etc. That helps a lot. And starting in the last Batman 3 game, you can now replay sections of a chapter and not have to go through the whole chapter. You can go directly to part 2 of the chapter, for example.
It's still hard to see sometimes what person/dinosaur you need to complete a task, but it's been a lot of fun.
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I grabbed LEGO Jurassic World on a whim thanks to the Steam sale.  Played it most of the day Saturday ... and went back and got the Star Wars, Indy and LOTR games from the sale as well.

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I'm going to pick Jurassic World up tomorrow along with Arkham Knight and have myself a weird time switching between heavy Batman action and drama, and whimsical dinosaurs made of LEGO.

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We're back, baby! Actually, Lego Avengers just came out, and in late June, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out. And apparently there will be playable content that spans the time b/w ROTJ and TFA.


I want to get the Lego Avengers game so badly, but I'm worried about how quickly I'll get bored with it. I played Lego Batman 3 for a long time after everyone else in my household quit playing. Didn't finish it, but I did play it for a good 4-5 months straight.

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I'm a bit skeptical that LEGO Avengers will be too much of the same from LEGO Marvel Heroes.


But LEGO The Force Awakens? I'm on that like white on a Stormtrooper.

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As much as I'm enjoying Lego Avengers I can only really recommend it if you really liked the last one. The novelty factor is gone and as much as the new characters are fun I really miss the XMen and Fantastic Four characters.

It's really oddly structured as well. The free roam hub levels have nothing to do with the main story. You're just plonked into New York once you finish Age of Ultron, its so weirdly unceremonious. Also the Phase 2 films just get a level each which is disappointing.

It's scratching my OCD collect everything itch and admittedly controlling an ENORMOUS Fin Fang Foom is pretty special but other than that it's every bit as Been There Done That as I worried it woild be.
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I broke down and bought it--played through the first 3 levels or so this weekend, and you're right about the strange structure. You start playing a level from AOU, then you go back in time and play a level from the first Avengers movie, and then you go back AGAIN to a level from Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Picked up Marvel Heroes 2 for my birthday and have been playing it off and on. My wife is out of town until next week, so I've been trying to hit a level a night. It's a bit more in line with the DC Heroes aka Batman games, which is good. It's a HUGE world, and there are not just major gold bricks to be had--there are things like answering trivia questions, helping someone set up the stage for their Hulk Musical, and taking pictures for Aunt May, in addition to all the usual accomplishments. And there are a ton of characters, especially rarely seen characters. I'm like 7% finished, and so far I've seen:



Kid Colt

Grandmaster from Ragnarok

Captain America versions from Medieval times, Western times, and Modern



I've also read some of the characters you'll unlock are:

Howard the Duck/Iron Duck

Adam Warlock

Agent Venom

Every Spider Universe person you can think of

America Chavez

Black Knight

Various Captain Marvel incarnations


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I wish I could get into these. I've tried 4 or 5 of them, ended up with instant bafflement at a puzzle and gave up. I don't think I made it past the second screen of the Lego Ultron demo.

A writet at Kotaku said they liked the Lego Ninjago Movie game a lot, preferred it to the new Marvel one.
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I still maintain that LEGO Lord of the Rings might be the best overall LOTR game to date. If you haven't given that one a try, go for it. And if you don't like that one, then LEGO games may just not be for you -- and there's nothing wrong with that.

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I finished the story after playing it all weekend (probably 6-7 hours total). Starting the Free Play now.


And yeah, I have to go to YouTube a lot to either figure out how to get past a level, or find that last MiniKit I'm missing.

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I'm at 97.7% in the game. Got 2 more bosses to beat, a few minor things here and there, and...ugh...races to finish. I hate racing in these games. There is one that's particularly frustrating--you can only use a motorcycle and the only one I had was Ghost Rider's, and it's a super big cycle, so not very nimble, and doesn't seem very fast. I've actually finished the race 3x, but 8 seconds too slow every time. Last night I got Cap's motorcycle, which is much smaller and more nimble, but it gets stuck in the snow parts. Argh. I have pretty much every character save for the final 2 bosses, but I have less than half of the vehicles. Which makes it even harder because there are some races that require a boat (I don't have one) and a van (I don't have one). I'll have to search the web to see how I can get those.


I filled out a survey for the game yesterday and mentioned a bunch of the bugs/glitches in it.

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FINALLY. I beat those 2 races and a puzzle that were vexing me. Vexing me, I say! I also beat one more boss, so I only have 1 left. Now my issue is that I don't have vehicles for the other two races--a boat and a van. Will have to look online and see where I can find those vehicles, especially since it seems like I've finished every puzzle in the game save for those races.

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Lol, and here's the capper to my story. I am at 99.9% in the game. I am missing 1 gold brick. I have no idea where it is. I have finished every single task. I go searching online and find that this is somewhat of a bug. I even downloaded the DLC for GotG vol 2 (which was neat--you play the first part of the movie where they fight the squid thing) as some people had said that fixed it for them. Nothing. Now I have 258 of 259 gold bricks. I have given up and now am playing Golf Story on the Switch.

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