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Originally Posted by drunkdrgonzo View Post


Or the she could miscarry and the fetus becomes a zombie and starts eating it's way out.

You know, if they were ballsy enough this would be the only way to make the zombie baby work.  But who are we kidding, they won't do that.

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Not having read the comic past where the show left us, some thots for the near future---

~ They've established that winter is coming. Gonna be cold, can't live outside anymore. Snow? (does it snow in the south?) They'll have the weather to bog them down ( we haven't seen any weather in the show yet, have we? No rain, storms, tornadoes... noticeable by the exclusion.)

~  The prison -- is NOT gonna be empty. You're gonna have some prisoners still locked up, some roaming free, any guards left are outnumbered, some kinda  within-these-walls hierarchy is likely in place ( this 'Governor' character?) And it's NOT gonna be a zombie-free zone as they have established anyone dying without head trauma will rise again. Our group won't have any choice than to submit to whatever restrictions and demands the prison folk demand. Entering into the 'human monster' arena here. Assuming it's a male only facility they will be very interested in the females in our group. The various human vs human conflicts will give the writers fodder to keep the dull talky moments to a minimum.

~ I could see Merle show up and challenge the prison alpha male. And I envision he's figured how to strap a weapon on the hand less arm, a la Ash.

~ The chestburster zombie baby won't happen, tho it's an awesome concept. They'd have to lose the actress to this, and while they've shown us they have no problem killing off the lead characters, I just don't think  they'll try this. And I hope I'm wrong.



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They established in the comics that its easier to deal with the Walkers in the winter because the cold can slow them down and in some cases even freeze them, causing them to hibernate until they get thawed out.  Of course, the comic has various kinds of Walkers established that the show doesn't, so...

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Originally Posted by Chavez View Post



Plus the series is so logic free they can just do a "well, Shane is dead so it's his zombie baby!" "...but Shane wasn't dead when he knocked her up..." "STFU NEW ZOMBIE RULES - LOOK A CHICK WITH A SWORD!" 


Lori was in that car accident, remember?

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Well, looks like I'll have to find another way to catch season 3 and the next season of Breaking Bad since Dish Network is dropping AMC in the next few weeks. We just moved into our new house and had to switch from Comcast since they don't serve our area. Now we're two months into a 24 month contract. Fucking lame.
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Originally Posted by Monster Pete View Post


Lori was in that car accident, remember?



Man, they need to do an Alien and have her just drop with the fetus tearing it's way out.  Or even her just lying there not moving in the morning with the covers moving and the fetus nursing/eating her.

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If I was writing a script for the show, I'd have her give birth to a zombie baby secretly.  When they discover her, they see her nursing the zombie baby.  She would actually be letting the baby eat her breast. 


Daryl then blows them both up with a gernaide. 

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Originally Posted by Monster Pete View Post

If I was writing a script for the show, I'd have her give birth to a zombie baby secretly.  When they discover her, they see her nursing the zombie baby.  She would actually be letting the baby eat her breast. 


Daryl then blows them both up with a gernaide. 


Oh man, you need to see "Grace." I wish there had been a grenade in that movie.

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Originally Posted by Monster Pete View Post

If I was writing a script for the show, I'd have her give birth to a zombie baby secretly.  When they discover her, they see her nursing the zombie baby.  She would actually be letting the baby eat her breast.




ooooo, I like that, a little less on the nose than my idea.  They could have her give birth as usual but inbeknownst to them the baby is a zombie, mummy dearest goes a bit mental and feeds others to the baby and then when they find out she rips her top off to a bloody set of bandages from where the baby has eaten her breasts.  Then Rick gets a look in his eyes, accepts the baby as his and they all live happily ever after.

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Spoilers, except probably not really.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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The only problem with your logic is zombie newborn = no teeth. 

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boney fingers?

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Originally Posted by Chavez View Post

The only problem with your logic is zombie newborn = no teeth. 


I've been bitten by a no-teeth baby. Fuckers can chew.


Besides, only takes a couple --



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Let's not interject logic into this series.  I mean, they went fishing with the Asian guy for what reason? 

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Y'all need to hush now...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by Leto II View Post

Y'all need to hush now...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I know this isn't the case, but am I alone in wishing that was, what I can only call, a "grenade-fist" attached to Merle's arm? 

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In the comics they were at the prison for a LONG time, so it's not surprising that they're saying 2 seasons for the prison setting. The prison storyline had some interesting stuff go down, and some of the most disturbing things happened there as well, but 2 seasons does seem pretty drawn out. Unless of course they really step up the pacing like with the second half of the show, as someone on here already mentioned.


In addition, they are having 16 episodes this season, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that the prison setting could just be done in this one season.



I'm just hoping we see more of Mr. Spoiler Tag instead of just a hallucination cameo like in season 2.

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I think it'll be interesting seeing Rick be the new Shane and Darryl be the new Rick.  I wonder if

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


will be a sort of "mini-boss" the survivors have to face before The Governor shows up..

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I was ready to walk away from this thread after all the fantasizing about Lori getting her uterus and tits chewed out or whatever. Upsetting and juvenile. But then I saw



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Merle has a bionic arm! Yay!


Now I don't know what to think! 

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Wait, wanting one of the most annoying characters ever put on screen, eaten from the inside out, is juvenile.


Well, FUCK, I thought I was being mature. 

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Oh mer gawwwwd.  Did any body see the comic con trailer for season 3?  It looks fucking AWEEEEESOME.

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Rooker!  Also, there were more frames of T-Dogg in that 4 minute trailer than the entirety of season 2.  Overall, it looks pretty exciting.  I'm in. 

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Originally Posted by fuzzy dunlop View Post

Rooker!  Also, there were more frames of T-Dogg in that 4 minute trailer than the entirety of season 2.

so, in other words, he is zombie food. 

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Shouldn't we address this trailer with a Season 3 thread?


Looks good.  Some needle drops from the record of miscellaneous thoughts I came away from the trailer with:


- I'm curious as to whether or not that helicopter crash takes place before or after the apocalypse.  

- Chandler Riggs looks noticeably older.  

- Scott Wilson wears a beard well, but why is he sporting it before they even reach the prison?  Does that much time pass before they do?  Is this maybe when they find their silencers (smart move) and gather weapons?

- We don't learn much about him in this trailer but I'm excited to see David Morrissey's villain play out.  (Not a reader of the comic here.)

- I like the idea that the season will be cross-cutting between Rick's group at the prison and the community at Woodbury with the Governor, Andrea, Michonne, et al until the inevitable conflict between the two factions.  This is the impression I'm getting anyway.

- By having Andrea and Merle in the Woodbury group the writers have laid a fertile foundation for some nice character conflict that will hopefully be fully exploited.

- I'm more hopeful about T-Dog than you guys.  I prefer the theory that was spitballed awhile back that T-Dog would ultimately be the last man standing when the show ends (only to be shot between the eyes, of course).  My suspicion is that Hershel's blonde daughter is the closer one to a dirtnap.  

- I'm expecting T-Dog and Carol to be getting some moments to shine this time around.  I'm sensing Carl's going to be subject to a lot of development as well.

- Still no sign of Lennie James since the pilot.  Maybe someday.

- I know it's early to be cynical about this but I'm slightly concerned about the sixteen episode number.  If they've got enough story to justify it then great, but last year there were a lot of accusations of wheel-spinning with thirteen episodes.  Also, should we assume we're getting a mid-season break again this time?


I keep hearing that the portion of the source material that this season is inspired by is Kirkman's best stuff and the footage is looking like good fun from here.  I'm in like mortal sin!  

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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post
- Also, should we assume we're getting a mid-season break again this time?

I've read numerous places that this is the case, with one half ending in December and the other half beginning in February.

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Makes sense.  Watching a Zombie show the Sunday before Christmas isn't exactly smart programming.  Before Easter, YES, but not before Christmas. 

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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

 My suspicion is that Hershel's blonde daughter is the closer one to a dirtnap.  




Me too, and a well-deserved one for singing "e'er" not once but twice.

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What's up with Daryl dressing like Tetsuo from Akira?

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The covers make it look like goofy-ass zombie carnage stuff, when we all know it'll be dull-ass morality play plothole stuff. YOU CAN'T FOOL US, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

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Rooker is singlehandedly winning me over.

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ooooh that was delicious

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So with the DVD out, I thought it would be nice and obsessive to talk more about the gutted premiere episode.  Between the deleted scenes on the DVD (which is not all of the excised footage), Glen Mazzara's commentary, and some press material from last summer, we can pretty much piece together how the entire episode would have played out with some confidence.


- First off, the first episode of season two was originally to be called "Miles Behind Us," which is what the first issue of the second volume is titled.  This would have continued a tradition established by the pilot ("Days Gone By"), whose namesake was volume one, issue one.  After the Darabont debacle and the decision to graft together the first two episode was made, AMC retroactively rebranded all online materials related to the episode with the final title, "What Lies Ahead."

- The episode would have begun literally right where the season one finale took off, with the caravan driving off from the still smoldering CDC.  The production returned to the location where they filmed the CDC exterior to reshoot the departure with new angles.  This can be seen in the Comic-Con trailer.  This scene is not offered on the DVD.

- Soon after, Shane's jeep gets a flat tire and he has to outrun a horde of walkers.  This can be seen in the Comic-Con trailer.  Daryl is the one who eventually notices Shane's absence and alerts the others.  This scene is not offered on the DVD.

- Shane is narrowly rescued by the group in the RV, embraces Carl and is thankful to all.  Shane asks Rick what their next move is, and he and Glenn agree they should return to the nursing home from "Vatos," considering Guillermo's group to be friends and acknowledging that they don't have the gas to go further.  This scene is included on the DVD.

- The group arrives at the Atlanta location to find everyone dead and the place overrun by zombies.  They clear out the area, are upset, proceed inside the actual building and are further upset by the grisly aftermath.  At one point Daryl tells a sobbing Sophia to shut up lest their presence be made known, and Lori snaps at him.  On the flipside, Lori defends Rick when Carol gives him lip about continuously putting everyone in danger and he begins feeling sorry for himself.  The group barricades the place as best they can, scavenge what little food remains, and decide to hunker down for the night, with the intention to siphon gas and head onward to Fort Benning, Shane's initial suggestion.  Daryl makes the observation that the dead have been executed and the place pilfered; the zombies only arrived after some other group of living folks slaughtered everybody and took all the food and medicine.  Presumably this was meant to foreshadow The Governor's group.  As everyone settles in for the night a few character moments take place: a meager meal is shared, the men agree they can never afford to let their guard down again, Shane shows gratitude to Daryl for saving him, Andrea is pissed at Dale, and T-Dog is assigned the first watch shift.  This scene is included on the DVD.

- What probably would have followed are scenes that are in the form of montages in the episode's final version.  You'll recall that the episode began with an evocative montage of zombies being zombies around Atlanta.  This stuff always existed as Greg Nicotero confirmed filming it for second unit in an early interview.  Story-wise, it makes most sense for it to be shown at some point after the crew returns to Atlanta, but it could have always been cold open material, too.  

- Next up, Rick's one-sided walkie-talkie speech to Morgan on the rooftop.  A lot of people concluded that this was new footage shot after the decision to combine the episodes, which is correct, but it's actually a reshoot.  A version of this scene always existed, as depicted by the Comic-Con trailer (where Rick is wearing the white undershirt we seem him in during the adjacent scenes - for some reason in the reshoot they decided to put him in his trademark deputy's outfit, complete with hat).  I don't know what changes to the dialog were made that necessitated reshooting - maybe they had to add Rick's references to Jacqui's decision to blow up at the CDC or the plan to head for Fort Benning (topics which were covered in scenes above).

- The broadcast episode intercuts the end of Rick's monologue with footage of the group siphoning gas and loading up for their final departure form Atlanta.  In the original cut this may have been a full scene played on its own.

- Once the crew finally leaves Atlanta, the episode likely proceeded just as it does in the broadcast premiere.  The only question is where it was supposed to end.  Another deleted scene on the DVD shows Rick returning from the woods expecting to find Sophia already back at the highway.  When he realizes she didn't make it, there's a fairly heartbreaking moment where everyone (particularly Carol and Rick) quietly breaks down.  This I imagine was the intended denouement of the first episode with the search kicking off in episode 2.  The DVD also contains one more little scene of Carol sulking silently on the highway as night falls.  This could have perhaps been intended as the last image of episode one or the first image of episode two.

- One point of note about where the two episodes got spliced has to do with the passage of time.  The last two deleted scenes I've described depict an entire night passing before the group begins their search for Sophia.  In the final version, we awkwardly go from Rick smashing a zombie's head in with a rock to a commercial break and return with the search underway.  The delay would have lent a little more credibility to Sophia's timeline as far as her winding up in the bog, being found by Otis, and barned up in time for the group to arrive at Hershel's farm.


In his commentary for the deleted footage, Mazzara skirts around the subject of Darabont's dismissal and basically states that the decision to get rid of most of the original first episode's content was because it felt too much like a direct continuation of season one, when the focus should have been on new stakes.  And maybe that's exactly it, but around the time the Darabont story broke there was some anonymous source in the crew who basically implied that AMC was simply looking for an excuse to fire Darabont, and expressing dissatisfaction with how the premiere was shaping together was the pretense they needed.  And in a recent interview the actress who plays Lori maintains that what happened to Darabont was "unfair."  And in the one interview since he was removed where he mentions the subject, Darabont suggests that his relationship with the AMC brass over his issues with the lowered budget were basically what it all boiled down to.


It's curious.  Nothing about the footage I've seen is what I'd call "unusable" (as it was described), and while I guess there's plenty of talking the episode would have had no less than four zombie encounters (Shane's escape, nursing home shootout, walker horde on the highway, the zombie harassing Sophia that Rick dispatches), so the argument that Darabont's teleplay was too quiet (if that was ever an argument) doesn't exactly hold water.  Whether or not you think the quality of show has improved since Darabont was shown the door, AMC's handling of the situation is pretty bad form and remains no more defensible.  It still sounds like Darabont just wouldn't shut up about the budget cuts and they decided to find an accident to happen to him, so to speak. 


One other thought that occurred to me.  If AMC's issue with the episode was purely story-related, why the hell should the director, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, get assigned blame, which I assume she did if she's never directed an episode of the show since?  She delivered on what she was supposed to.  I'm making assumptions here, but it would be pretty bizarre if a director got unjustly screwed and all kind of extra money got spent (for a whole new episode would have been required to get 13 episodes) just so AMC could build some sort of case against Darabont.


The drama behind the camera is always more fascinating than the drama in front, it seems!  Oh, and somebody uploaded all the deleted scenes from the DVD to Youtube.

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I'm going to be reviewing each episode of season three for CHUD, which should be great fun considering how alternately great and silly this show is. Almost started a season three thread just to post that, but then felt like a huge douche shouting "look at me!" and had a change of heart. But, yeah ... expect front-page Walking Dead goodness that I hopefully can make pretty entertaining.

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Pretty great episode. One of the best ever probably. Still some silly stuff (riot gear 'duh' moment, and running away from zombies after killing tons of them earlier, dark and creepy though, silly jump scares, but that's okay too because its part of the genre), but it wasn't that big of a deal. I enjoy the show both ways now.


So funny that T-Dog is still on body detail.


I guess the best thing about the episode, besides all the zombie killing, was that there was a whole lot less stupid dialogue.

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wrong thread....

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