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Ted the Sign Painter (Ted Raimi) in My Name Is Bruce.  Throughout the film he is constantly updating the town population as more people are slaughtered by the "unreashed" Chinese demon.  When he himself is mortally wounded, he manages to crawl over to the sign and update it one last time....

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Cross posted from the ABRUPT ENDINGS thread:


XXXX from LAYERCAKE has one of the best exits of the aughts




LAYERCAKE! I love the ending to this movie. It *makes* the film, in many ways

"My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me" ::blam!::

Throughout the film, it had been in the back of my mind that I didn't know Craig's character's name, but I never focused on it. To have him point it out at the end, breaking the fourth wall, so smugly satisfied with his own cleverness, only to ultimately be brought down because he wronged Sidney - of all people - over his girlfriend (when for most of the running time his main concern was getting beheaded by Dragun, or getting nicked by the cops) is just a wonderful irony






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could be considered both an exit and entrance.....

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Also, Star Trek having come up earlier in the thread, this...



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"Hell, I'd rather be hung by m' friends than by a bunch of damn strangers.  Well....adios, boys.  Newt."


and later....



"By God Woodrow, s'been quite a party hadn't it?"

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"Shoot straight, ya bastards!"


--Breaker Morant



And, of course




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