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Oh man, I must've missed that one. Did they unleash the Stig on it?


I think it was the creator of the tumbler rather than The Stig but i seem to remeber it being pretty awesome.




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Originally Posted by Alex Augustine View Post

Nolan's real world aesthetic is suddenly not fun anymore.

I'll hold judgement for that, but the goggles are a tad too "viewmaster".

Originally Posted by Mattioli View Post

Anne Hathaway.  In a skintight neoprene/leather catsuit.  Kicking ass.


Gentleman, I hereby give this my official Mattioli Grade A Stamp of Approval.


Carry on.

Agreed. But maybe the goggles have lil ears that pop up, all the same. ;)

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Originally Posted by Evi View Post

Much prefer it from the side.


Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

See, I would never notice ANY of that stuff.  The curly brushing was something a few lady friends of mine laughed at when I talked about the movie with them.  They just COULD NOT understand why Natalie Portman wouldn't just tell Lucas how nonsensical the brushing was.


Amidala probably waits until Anakin falls asleep, takes them off, wakes up early, and puts them back on again.  And make-up, of course.





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Originally Posted by Andres View Post

Nolan you imbecile cats and dog don't match. This will be an epic disaster.



Nice MC Hammer pants!

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I'm firmly with JacknifeJohnny on this. You'd think after TDK - and he rightly cites the ridiculous shitfits fanboys were having over the first images of Ledger (hell, over his casting) - that folks would wait until the film came out or at least until a full fucking trailer was released to decide they know better than the team behind BEGINS/TDK/INCEPTION.


I'm a hell of lot more interested in what Selina Kyle/Catwoman* does in the film than how closely to my personal vision/preferences her outfit hews. I'm more worried about the actual plot, focus and themes of the film sticking the landing than a pair of fake fucking cat ears and if Bane looks just as silly on screen as he does in the comic.






*Still not convinced she'll actually be called this by any of the main characters in the film. "Two Face" was only used by Dent himself and Gordon, and not as a "new name." Once he escaped the hospital, Gordon and Batman and the Joker still called him Dent, not Two Face.

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For some reason the Batman films have always attracted Fanboy Rage. Fanboys hated the casting of Michael Keaton, only to love him in the film. Ditto with Ledger, now this.

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Ha!    Did you guys catch Anne Hathaway's anti-paparazzi-on-the-set-of-Batman rap on Conan?



Kind of a goofball and totally adorable.

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