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That review excites me.  After reading the Potter books, each of the adaptations felt not of themselves (aside from the first two dull ones).  

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Just checked the showtimes for next week.  The movie is listed as being 154 minutes.  Pretty hefty.  I'm cool with that as long as it's paced well.

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I heard it was 142 mins.

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Perhaps 12 minutes of credits?  Hahaha.  I wonder if this theater includes the time it takes to show trailers.  That would actually be helpful to know.  Does any theater do that?


Gotta admit that I can never 100% trust the movie runtimes shown on movie ticketing sites.

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I think i remember a notice from Lionsgate that the 142mins running time was official.


Apparently, Devin, Beaks and Drew all tweeted that they liked it as well.

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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

  I wonder if this theater includes the time it takes to show trailers.  That would actually be helpful to know.  Does any theater do that?



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Originally Posted by felix View Post


It's an in-joke directed at me from the CHUD Chat.  Too shameful to explain...

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I'm just jealous of your runtime listings, Harley. 

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I like what she did here.


Wouldn't mind reading a Graphic Novel of the series.

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Alright, I stated before that Mockingjay just didn't interest me, because I'm not much for political thrillers, which is what Mockingjay seemed to be. Less action and more angst as people decide important things in war rooms. But...

Last week I opened my copy of Catching Fire right in the middle and reread the from the beginning of the quarter quell announcement to the end. I did this because I wanted to become reacquainted with all of the new characters introduced for those games so i could follow them into the last book.

I'm halfway through Mockingjay now. Though there is a lot of roundtable discussion, I am enjoying the propaganda segments with Katniss. They bite hard, and show how the rebels are not all that different from the capitol.

I am interested to see if Mockingjay, the most divisive of the books, works as a fitting end to the story.
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I finished the book.

Here is my biggest problem with Mockingjay summed up in a couple of spoilerific sentences because I'm in no real mood to go into detail.
Warning: HUGE Mockingjay Spoiler! (Click to show)
Why in the hell did Katniss never even try to publicly reveal the real death of Prim was because of Dictrict 13? Everything up to that point Katniss was THE PERSON who would have wanted any wrongdoing to be the knowledge of all. Would she really let it lie with Coin's assassination? So many other people had to know what was going on and okayed it to happen, Plutarch for one. She would never be one to bite her tongue for the good of the newly forming republic. All of her selfish acts that came before proved that.
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I think she had her suspicions but no hard proof. Where was she supposed to go to with her suspicions anyway?

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Originally Posted by felix View Post

I think she had her suspicions but no hard proof. Where was she supposed to go to with her suspicions anyway?


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Remember, Panem's TV and internet aren't like ours, it's completely closed-circuit. Nothing gets on the air that doesn't go through the authorities. The only people with the resources to hijack the Capitol's signals were District 13, and now they are the Capitol. 


Besides, it's kind of a book abut PTSD. By the end, Katniss basically wants to go home and die. Until she doesn't. And that takes a while.




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I don't think that it would be that hard for her to get on TV, arrange an interview, ect... She is still the Mockingjay and commands a lot of influence and still has friends in high places.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I don't know, I guess I thought that rather than being mentally destroyed by the death of Prim, she, with nothing more to protect, would take everything she saw as bad down with her.
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I just read the books this week and I thought they were fantastic.  A little heavy with the whole "who am I in love with" stuff, but a great taste of and examination of war, PTSD, absolute power corrupting, and cult of personality.


I thought Mockingjay was a great wrap-up.  Yes, some of the city fighting was clunky, but what I appreciated most is it wasn't afraid to go in the direction it did - no happy ending wrapped up in a neat little bow, but still a bit of happiness at the end.

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Just read through all 3 books and have to say I'm kind of impressed with them.   The love triangle is not so bad until the last book where it felt like Collins was giving in to some pressure from Scholastic and her readers.   My hope was that in the epilogue, we'd find out....


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Katniss dumps Peeta's dopey ass and hooks up with Madge.   I had the distinct feeling that Katniss is good with playing on both teams or neither team for that matter.

As for the final book...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I love everything from the bombing of the children to the end of the book.   I thought that took some balls and it added a good bit of complexity and ambiguity.   It's pretty obvious that District 13 bombed the kids (what with Gale coming up with the concept of the bomb and Prim being on the front lines) but there was just enough evidence that Snow might have done it himself to turn Katniss.   Of course alot of that grey area goes away with District 13 wanting to do its own Hunger Games but still pretty impressive stuff in a YA novel.

I second the Alfonso Cuaron suggestion.   He'd kill at adapting this book.

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"But there are much worse games to play."


So. Holy shit, guys. Catching Fire and Mockingjay were both fantastic, and significant improvements on the first book. Here goes my usual list with various thoughts on both sequels:


-Goddamn, Finnick and Annie. Their relationship is the purest love in the series, and their wedding is such a welcome grace note. Then he gets horribly murdered (seriously, that and Prim affected me the worst), and she's already pregnant at this point. At least she has allies to help with the baby.


-One thing I appreciated is how believable Katniss' PTSD was. It affects everything she does, especially by the end.


-Sutherland is going to rock the shit out of Snow's scenes in the sequels.




-I like how Katniss' "choice" between Gale and Peeta is about more than romance. They're the different lives she could have, especially since by the end of things, Gale's relationship with her is irrevocably tainted, and Haymitch and Peeta are the only ones who really understand her anymore.


-The epilogue could have been Deathly Hallows-level awesome cheesiness, but I like the simple, spare nature of it. And Collins doesn't cop out by suggesting everything is hunky-dory. Life is still hard, but things are getting better.


-Unless they completely defang it, there's no way in hell Mockingjay is getting a PG-13 rating.


-The revelation at the end that Haymitch raises geese until the alcohol train comes back into town is strangely hilarious to me.


-Collins definitely watched Children of Men or something similar before writing the action scenes in MJ.


-I liked the different feel of the Quarter Quell in CF, especially how the arena was arranged. It felt much more imaginative and weird.


-As horrific as much of the violence is, I can't deny that I got some visceral satisfaction out of Katniss killing Coin. And then Snow laughs, vomiting blood. Ice-cold stuff.


I'm shocked Collins had the balls to go this dark, and that the publisher was apparently A-OK with it. It's flawed, messy, and takes a lot from stuff that came before. But the Hunger Games trilogy is still a remarkable achievement, especially in the general wasteland that is Young Adult fiction.

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