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NEW GIRL- Zooey deschanel's show

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I gotta say. New Girl was pretty darn good. Even after seeing half the show in the commercial promotions, it was still pretty funny.


And I did not know Damon Wayan's son was on this show. He's hilarious.

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Don't get used to Damon Wayans Jr.

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Honestly, I think Wayans dodged a bullet on this one.  Happy Endings is the superior show, in my opinion.

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Thought this was kind of bad.  Had really weird pacing, like 22 minutes cut out of a 90 minute romantic comedy.  Among other things, it made some of the camaraderie between the guys and Jess feel weird and rushed.  But, that's the sort of problem you're going to run into (to a certain degree) with any comedy pilot I guess - you need to set the stage quickly for these people to bounce off of each other in funny ways.


Anyways, I'll probably watch the next episode, but the fact that Damon Wayan's Jr. is sure to be jettisoned unceremoniously makes me doubt that my opinion will change much.

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It was terrible. I gave two shows a shot yesterday based solely on the lead chick being cute (This and the 2 Broke Girls), and they both sucked.

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I did like the Douchebag jar gag.  That was pretty spot on.

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Liked NEW GIRL quite a bit. Zooey was great, but maybe even more impressive was how amusing I found the guys to be. (Kind of wish Wayans was staying.)


2 BROKE GIRLS, on the other hand, was god-awful.

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I enjoyed this, though I would like to see Zooey toned down a bit going forward.   Bummed Wayans Jr is leaving, he was my favorite character.

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Not a bad second episode and looks like I'm giving this a full season watch.  New guy isn't Wayans Jr, but hey I like his style in music.

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Never thought I would, but I'm enjoying this.

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Thought the third episode was fantastic. This is by far my favorite new show of the fall.*


I can understand New Girl not being to everyone's liking what with Zooey's character being so twee, but I have a high tolerance for twee-ness and pretty much everything on this show is working for me. It certainly wears its emotion on its sleeve, but I actually prefer that in my sitcoms (see: anything Bill Lawrence has ever done). The slow chicken dance to Phil Collins was great.


Also: Hey, Natasha Lyonne! Happy to see you're still alive!


*Haven't watched any of Homeland yet.

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I enjoyed the first episode but the second was the one to really win me over.  The Schmidt slap ("You got some Schmidt on your face!!!") nearly killed me.  I guess it's just my flavor of stupid.  But yeah, I'm on board for more.  And from this week, I agree, the slow chicken dance at the end WAS great.


It seems to be a hit for Fox, and unless I'm mistaken, I think I read that it's the first of the new shows to get a full season order, and an extended one at that.

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No doubt, it's an absolutely huge hit.

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I've previously been unimpressed with Zooey as an actor, but her comic timing is superb. And I find that goofy loud voice she does inexplicably sexy.

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She's all kinds of sexy. My wife loves this show..there for I watch it. She's entertaining .

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The fact that the boys addressed her annoying/weird nature in the 3rd episode was important.. I think it will help her progress from crazy weird girl to quirky fun girl.


Gotta say slow dance chicken dance was probably the coolest thing I've seen on TV in a while. I'm expecting it to be copied at weddings for years to come.

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I'm infatuated with Zooey, so of course I'll be catching this every week. Besides that I'm in agreement about the third episode being the best so far. I think there's plenty of potential for this series and I look forward to seeing how the cast finds their groove.

Nice to see that Coach will be making a few guest appearances once in awhile, I thought Damon Wayans Jr. was the best of the three male leads in the pilot.
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The chicken dance at the end was by far the show's highlight. Followed by miserable drunk Nick. Wedding usher rivalry shouldn't have happened at all. It was completely flat.

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Agreed about the wedding usher stuff, the weakest part of an overall strong entry. Too bad about the whole month gap.
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Did Winston say "penis fights"? when he said he'd seen Nick's penis many times.

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That cracked me up!  I'm enjoying the show, but really more because of the three roommates.  It does seem the writers have realized that Jess is less "adorable" and more "annoying" and seem to be going with it, and that helps with some of my early reservations.

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I don't think the show has found a groove yet. It's not the best it can be. But it gives me 4 or 5 solid laughs, so I'm along for the ride.

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I wouldn't have predicted it, but Schmitt is close to becoming the show's breakout character.

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"I don't dance.  I'm from the town in Footloose.", "I don't like the roof - there's a cat up there" and "Did you see that cleavage?  I wanna get my arm stuck in there . . . 127 Hours style!" all had me laughing my ass off.  The delivery is usually always spot on with this show.

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I watched this at lunch today and almost died. Probably the funniest episode so far..  agreed that Schmitt is truly the star of the show.

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Yup. Schmitt is by far the best thing about it. But isn't a bit early for the shipping to begin?

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Originally Posted by stelios View Post

But isn't a bit early for the shipping to begin?

Assuming you're talking about Jess and Nick? I didn't get a 'shipping vibe there. Neither of them are currently in a place where they'd welcome a romantic entanglement and they know it. Over on AV Club there's a reasonable discussion about sitcoms that play the will-they/won't-they game, but I felt that this episode was about how Jess is legitimately happy with a platonic arrangement. Then Cece comes along and since she habitually sees all relationships as sexual her advice to Jess psychs her out. That's the point of the scene at the end where Cece and Schmidt are content just to relax, stop posturing, and hold hands.


"My face is my job! My face is my job!"

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The phone conversation between Schmidt and Winston at the end killed me.

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Originally Posted by kernel View Post

The phone conversation between Schmidt and Winston at the end killed me.

Winston calling him on the roof was a dick move (not that Schmidt's play was anywhere close to working), but damn if I didn't laugh heartily.

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Okay, what I said earlier about not finding its groove yet? It just totally did.

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that groove was brought to you by DJ Diabetes!

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For some reason, I assumed this was a laugh-track sitcom.  Just learned that it's not!!!   I'll have to check it out!

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My wife loves this show, I don't ever recall hearing a laugh track.. the show is pretty funny.

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It's a single-camera show-- it just looks like a regular sitcom.

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the episode didn't flow that well.. as in it jumped from room to room to best buy rather quickly. The jokes were still there and honestly I started watching it a second time to catch some of the dialogue it was so fast.  But we do not need 2 of Jess.  Let's hope Paul doesn't last because while it's nice that someone gets her, two of them might be overkill.

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"<gasp!> Beautiful savage!" was the winner on the day.

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I dunno, Paul coming out with kazoo and then actually revealing one from his pocket was pretty amazing.

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well I watched it a second time and actually laughed harder. At least she died doing what she loved..



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This was actually my favorite episode so far.  I'm not generally a big Justin Long fan, but I thought he was pretty great here, and all of Schmidt's kitchen freak-outs really got me.

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I'm really starting to warm to Winston as a character, too.  He hits those nice little semi-serious touches in among the absurdity really well - in this episode's case the exchange about Paul asking him what his grandfather's name was.  He balances that sort of thing with the "Oh hell yes.  Do that!" stuff nicely.

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This show isn't anything remarkable, but Schmidt is definitely running away with it.

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I am very slowly warming to Schmidt and motherfuck this show is so cutesy, but they make it irresistibly charming.

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Caught up with the first three episodes. Hated the pilot. It was 22 minutes of gender stereotypes wrapped in a neat bow. Random Black dude switch in second ep was weird, but the the episode as a whole made me want to tune in for more. The third episode starts to find its groove a little, but despite the awesome-ness of the chicken dance (AD still gets top prize though), having watched these episodes back to back it felt flat considering EVERY episode ended with the guys joining Jess in her quirkiness (Dirty Dancing serenade, hat-off with boyfriend, chicken dance), after spending the entire episode telling her she's annoying. Hopefully, they've established she's one of the gang and move on.

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Originally Posted by stelios View Post

This show isn't anything remarkable, but Schmidt is definitely running away with it.

This. I find the show incredibly offensive as almost every joke relies on a gender or racial stereotypes. (I can not get over Winston being an unemployed basketball player who's interview technique involves saying I know "Word... save as".) But Schmidt is incredibly funny. As long as he is on the show, people will watch.

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while it's hard to laugh when I'm trying to process the dialogue, repeat viewings are becoming a necessity with this show.


Maybe I don't like to see the characters at odds with each other and that turned my smile upside down. I also hate that my DVR cut off the bell performance at the end. What happened?

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You didn't miss much. They tried playing "Eye of the Tiger" again and it was still a mess.

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I just got a random re-laugh out of "each one a memory". Schmidt is awesome.

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I'm curious. Outside of Schmidt, what do people like about this show? It seems like something I would enjoy, but I find the characters so one-note.


And seriously, the Black guy is unemployed, a star athlete and has natural musical talent?!? Am I the only one seeing this?!?!

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Schmidt is goofy, the other two guys are 20-something slackers, hardly outrageous.  I like the dynamic between them, that's what keeps me coming back.  Nick is the eternal grouch and Winston appears to be good at everything, but they're both pretty aimless at this point in their lives, I could have used some aimlessness in my 20s.

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Originally Posted by Diva View Post

I'm curious. Outside of Schmidt, what do people like about this show? It seems like something I would enjoy, but I find the characters so one-note.


And seriously, the Black guy is unemployed, a star athlete and has natural musical talent?!? Am I the only one seeing this?!?!

For the first part, I like all the characters an have an unexplainable crush on Zooey.  I mean, she should drive me nuts (in almost all her roles), but she doesn't, and I just adore that about her.


For the second part, after you pointed that out so clearly, ouch.


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