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Ratings on 01/28: 1.9

Ratings on 02/02: 11.4

Ratings on 02/04: 1.6


Dads had more viewers than New Girl (and Brooklyn 9-9) last night.


Go, 'Merica.

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Jess' ex really hates his wife.


Once again the episode proves the Nick is the most level headed of the group.. and right more than once this episode.

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Thought Adam Brody was pretty great, but the laugh of the episode came from Winston quietly musing "probably get ham," after taking the free sub coupon. 


Honorable mention to Zooey's sobbing in the shower.  "This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.  I've led a very fortunate life!"

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The stuff in Schmidt's loft was good but I'm getting tired of Nick and Jess. What hilarious misunderstanding will they have next week?

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Another weird continuity issue with this episode: When the show started Nick and Caroline were broken up, and then they got back together for like a day at the end of Season 1 and then Nick realized what a terrible idea that was and the whole driving off into the desert thing happened. Would Caroline REALLY be going that crazy about that?

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Well, he was on his way to move in with her.

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Well, Linda Cardellini just made this show interesting again.

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When I hear her voice it immediately makes me think of Gravity Falls.
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"Did you see a girl that looks like me, only with chaos in her eyes?"


Making the target of Schmidt's desire an obvious raving lunatic was kind of tedious, but it was worth it for the runner about how Schmidt has taken to monologuing in his isolation, the finely-honed haplessness Johnson brings to his exchanges with Schmidt. 


"I'm sorry your girlfriend hates you."

"She doesn't hate me. She's just ashamed of me or something..."

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"I am NOT watching a kid get circumcised."
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Originally Posted by wd40 View Post
"I am NOT watching a kid get circumcised."


Community still has the best circumcision of the year (in comparison to a baptism, "at least with a bris, there's an element of suspense!")


Here's hoping for a crowded field in this category come awards season.

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Coach and Winston together are hilarious. While I shed a tear for Winston's year of failure, he has truly shined this year. Things can only look up. Right?

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"Don't look at me. Or, look directly AT me."
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Really enjoying Coach on the show. Love he's on New Girl, but I would also be happy to watch a Coach Coach spin-off as he whips a bunch of knucklnead kids into the best volleyball team in town.

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They are sort of jumping into Cece's boss being unflinchingly gay huh?  I thought it was hilarious, but the intensity of it sort of caught me off-guard.

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I think the joke is that the young man is so gorgeous people lose all self-control around him-- something Cece can appreciate from personal experience. I expect we'll get some awkwardness from the rest of the gang in later episodes.

But yes, "I have an eye for young boys. No, that's not a typo." was surprisingly unambiguous.
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My favorite bit: The principal letting it slip about his Kristi Yamaguchi fetish.
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"Walk with dignity you giant toddler!"




Courtroom Brown.


Love it.

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This was Winston's and Coach's episode.

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Oh man, the Courtroom Brown bit was incredible.

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wow.. the trailer for LET"S BE COPS with Jake Johansen and Wayans Jr actually looks funny.

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A back brace wearing, knee pad clad Winston describing Daddario's "witch eyes" absolutely killed me.
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I guess this season and that episode (I've yet to see it dammit) are really not connecting with audiences this year.  They are criticizing the lack of focus - which I see, but for some reason it doesn't bother me.  The comedy is so solid I don't really care that they are flying by the seat of their pants.  Besides, I'm not sure the grand narrative is something this show has ever considered a priority.

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I'm laughing but I'm not really feeling it lately.


I just wish writers would stop painting themselves into corners only tropes used a billion times before can get them out of.

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Finally got around to it.  I understand the criticisms, but it just doesn't bug me.  I guess comedy works over plot for me.  I do have one question though...are they


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
split or not?


That was handled weird.

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"If there's anything cute about Winston, it's his yawn...."


*Them all watching Winston yawn killed me.

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Already sick of the Jess and Nick stuff and it's been two episodes.  Dammit, I wish they had decided not to go down this path.  This is a show I buy on DVD and I just know I am going to hate sitting through these parts in future viewings. So sick of this cliche.

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Yeah. Their relationship had about the shittiest resolution possible.

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This doesn't help the Nick/Jesse storyline to not feel like a retread of the Schmidt/Cece relationship.

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