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Oh and get ready for Juche Bird! (atmospheric, end-to-end test of a Thermonuclear missile over the pacific.  Named for the US Frigate Bird test, and Juche, because that's North Korea's thing).


Lets hope it doesn't hit anything!

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Since September 2001, the United States has spent $1.46 trillion on wars:



American taxpayers have spent $1.46 trillion on wars abroad since September 11, 2001.


The Department of Defense periodically releases a “cost of war” report. The newly released version, obtained by the Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News blog, covers the time from the September 11th terrorist attacks through mid-2017.


The Afghanistan War from 2001 to 2014 and Iraq War from 2003 to 2011 account for the bulk of expenses: more than $1.3 trillion. The continuing presence in Afghanistan and aerial anti-ISIS operations in Iraq and Syria since 2014 have cost a combined $120 billion.


The report’s costs include only direct war-related expenses such as operating and maintaining bases, procuring equipment, and paying for and feeding troops. It most notably does not include the expense of veteran’s benefits for troops who serve in these wars or the intelligence community’s expenses related to Global War on Terror.

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I really need to work on expatriating.


So that bribery scandal with the Malaysian contractor?  It just keeps getting bigger:


It's amazing the pacific command functions at all.

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PS.  Exercise in the western pacific with three carrier groups in the next few days:


Even if it is just an exercise, it seems like a dumb provocation.

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The cost of the fuel that exercise will consume could have fixed Flint's water supply problem 20x over.  Or, maybe paid for an entire graduating class for the state of Wyoming to have attended college.  

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Let's hope for no casualties in the inevitable naval collisions.

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Possible coup in progress in Zimbabwe:

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Originally Posted by MrBananaGrabber View Post

Possible coup in progress in Zimbabwe:

There's a lot of chatter on Twitter that the coup is already complete and Mugabe is in military custody, but nothing that can be sourced reliably.

BBC News is reporting that soldiers have taken over the state radio station and that explosions have been heard around the capital. Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa insists that Mugabe is still in power and that claims to the contrary on social media should be ignored.

The US embassy in the capital announced that they will be closed tomorrow due to the uncertain environment outside.
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Military leaders in Zimbabwe have officially announced that they have President Mugabe in their custody. The man himself might be untouchable because he's 93 and is the only head of state the country has had since its independence; the official announcement was that the coup is a purge of "criminals" who have surrounded Mugabe and used their influence to wreck the economy. They're making it sound like the plan is to leave him in power and stand down once the political purge is complete, leaving Mugabe in charge, but it's hard for me to imagine that actually happening. They're not going to disarm and let Mugabe hang them for treason.
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Holy shamoly, that was quick.
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Military coups are almost never a good thing but that cunt deserves to die in prison for what he did to that beautiful country.

Just hope everything goes peacefully.
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Looks like the Vice-President that Mugabe fired recently has been moving freely around the continent and has just re-entered Zimbabwe. The military is still denying this is a coup and it looks like most of the wings of ZANU-PF are falling into line. My guess is, Mugabe has been taken ill or something, and this is a pre-emptive move against his wife and heir Grace. She was never popular with the military and the vice-president (likely to be the man in charge now) Mnangagwa was very popular with them. Odds on his tour of South Africa was just confirming he had support of the neighbours.


Note to dictators: Always keep your generals sweet.

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Oh joy, just reading up on this Mnangagwa chap.


Individually lead the Gukurahundi clearances in the 80s. Gukurahundi is an interesting word that describes the first rainfall after the harvest that washes away the chaff. In this sense it's used to describe the massacre of various individuals who did not support the new governments regime. 20,000 of them, whilst he was leading the security services. That's nice.


There was an attempted coup in 2007, it was aborted, but pretty much everyone assumed the military was going to put this guy in charge. He of course got away clean, whilst the people actually caught were arrested.


Someone tried to poison him in August.


His nickname is 'The Crocodile'.


This guy is basically a Bond Villain. I suspect we may be wishing for the more peaceful days of Mugabe by the time the year is out.


(I'm still not completely clear on how to pronounce his name, which I feel is important, especially if you meet him)

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Apparently, they may be putting in place a transitional government with your Bond villain as President and Morgan Tsvangirai as PM. Which I didn't see coming. I thought he was one of the "good guys".

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When does Kananga/Mr Big assume power?

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 not completely clear on how to pronounce his name

That'd be  'm-CUNT !'

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Can we take a minute to talk about the shirt this guy is wearing?


I would be inclined to see Tsvangarai as one of the good guys, still. If ever a military coup was justified, this would be a case. Involving the man who previously had the presidency stolen from him, and his wife murdered by Mugabe, is good optics if nothing else. 

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Originally Posted by flint View Post

(I'm still not completely clear on how to pronounce his name, which I feel is important, especially if you meet him)

"Big Manny G."
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The U.S.-led United Nations Command in South Korea has released this video of a North Korean defector braving the road south in a jeep, fleeing on foot when the jeep got stuck, suffering five gunshot wounds inflicted by pursuing North Korean soldiers, and surviving.

(Warning: the video is graphic, the dude does get shot while the camera is rolling.)

Bradley Brownell, writing for Foxtrot Alpha:

The injured soldier was brought down by the bullet wounds, laying against the side of a building for nearly 40 minutes while South Koreans orchestrated an extraction. He was then flown by US Black Hawk helicopter to Anjou Hospital where the surgeon expects him to make a recovery. In addition to the bullet wounds, the soldier was reportedly stricken with intestinal worms, hepatitis B, and blood poisoning. Additionally, he is showing signs of severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Aside from that long list of ails, he is conscious and breathing on his own, but remains in intensive care.
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The U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense has issued a memorandum reversing a 2008 policy to abandon the use of antiquated and unreliable cluster bombs.

Originally Posted by CNN View Post

Cluster bombs -- which not only deliver an initial explosion on impact but also contain multiple smaller bombs that spread over a wide area -- are largely condemned by the international community due to the risk of civilian casualties when they're used in populated areas.

Over 100 countries, including most members of NATO, have called for a ban on the controversial weapon and human rights groups have expressed concerns over civilian casualties resulting from cluster bombs.

The United States is one of several nations -- including China, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia -- that have rejected a ban on the sale or use of cluster bombs.

In 2016, Human Rights Watch accused the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen of using American-made cluster bombs in civilian areas, an action that not only would have violated US export laws but also would raise further questions as to why lawmakers and military officials condone the sale and use of the weapon.

The Saudi government has denied using cluster bombs in populated areas.

In 2008 then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ordered the military to cease using older types of cluster bombs by Jan. 1, 2019, and to retain only newer versions of the bombs that explode at least 99% of the time or have advanced safeguards that would automatically defuse unexploded ordnance, reducing the risks of injuring civilians.

Those of us who closely followed then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's televised briefings with the press corps in 2001 and 2002 will remember that these weapons became the subject of scandal immediately following the invasion of Afghanistan, when children were injured or killed trying to pick up unexploded bomblets from American cluster munitions, thinking they were airdropped food rations. The bomblets and the rations came in the same color wrapper.
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Why don't they fill 'em up with white phosphorous and sarin while they're at it?


So as long as post bad thing in this thread, they don't happen!  I'm going to stick to that delusion, because the "pre-emptive strike" on North Korea talk is gearing up again, and Trump just keeps proving he really is that stupid and reckless.

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The crazy thing is that I don't think cluster bombs were even developed for use as antipersonnel weapons. I'm pretty sure they were invented to ruin enemy airfields by covering the runways with potholes. Dropping them on troops in formation (and weddings, because people organized in rows all look the same in infrared) was a later innovation.
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Originally Posted by MrBananaGrabber View Post

Why don't they fill 'em up with white phosphorous and sarin while they're at it?



"Gentleman, welcome to Dubai."

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The Pentagon is saying that U.S. forces will remain in Syria indefinitely:

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Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

The Pentagon is saying that U.S. forces will remain in Syria indefinitely:


Along with Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger and how many other countries?

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