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Hi. Long-time reader, first-time poster.


Ok so this Killer Tomatoes movie, a childhood favorite. All previous DVD releases (as far as I can tell) were fullscreen, even Anchor Bay's. Which doesn't bode well for there ever being a widescreen release. But IMDb claims it's a 1.85:1 movie. 


Now I'm looking around to buy this thing online, and I see there was a re-release last year by Image Entertainment as part of their Midnight Madness line. Here's where things get confusing.


Image's website says the film is full screen. 

Best Buy's website says the film is full screen.

Wal-Mart's website says the film is full screen. 


That's pretty convincing, right? I thought so too. It also made good sense, since from all I've heard this new line is bare-bones re-releases, and not new transfers.


Except Amazon says it's 1.85:1. 


Easy to think that's just a mistake; just one website, and there's no proof. These things happen. 


Then I found this page at DVD Empire:


Now DVD Empire not only SAYS it's anamorphic widescreen, they show you that the DVD itself says it's anamorphic widescreen. 



So this is the thread where - among culture lovers somewhat like myself, some of whom might have bought this release - I ask for someone to please shed some light on this mystery. Did Image Entertainment misprint their own DVD? And if not, and they made the mistake on their webpage, why did two major retailers copy that mistake despite having a DVD that says the opposite on the case? 


One further bit of (inconclusive either way) evidence is that there are clips online various places, and screencaps, of the film in widescreen. And this is a film that, according to DVDcompare, had never been released in widescreen, anywhere ever.