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You do have to remember that this is a niche series after all so most stores will only have a few copies compared to the AAA titles like Fallout and COD. I got digital copies of both games and they're so damn great. Money well spent!

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You can never get enough EDF! EDF! EDF!


I really hope that EDF 5 will be announced sometime in the near future.  I can only imagine what other kind of giant monsters Sandlot will dream up for Walking Fortress Balaam to punch in the face!


Edit: More EDF newsreel fun!


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Oh yes. So glorious, insane and pure EDF! 

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Yes, that IS a giant frog soldier stomping through the streets of some poor Japanese city.  Have to give these alien invaders credit, they sure are persistent.

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post



This is so fucking stupid.




I love it. 

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Beautiful, isn't it?

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It's on Steam, I'm getting on that.


This looks like just my type of cheese. 

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You are in for a treat. Enjoy!

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New EDF5 screenshots courtesy of this week's FAMITSU magazine:



Just another day on the job for an EDF soldier.  Giant ants....




Flying saucers causing all sorts of traffic headaches. Honestly, we need to build a wall to keep these guys out or something.

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Fuck if 4.1 isn't an absolute fucking joy to play.



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Glad to hear you've been bitten by the EDF bug. :wink:


So, apparently EDF5 is a reboot (much like EDF3 was) of the series featuring a fresh new Earth in the year 2022 which have never been invaded by aliens before.....UNTIL NOW!  Featuring two new enemy races giving mankind the finger.




"The Colonist"




The "Cosmonauts"



The Colonists and Cosmonauts are tough enemies that know how to evade and take cover. Since you’ll get to break body parts in Earth Defense Force 5, you can use that to your advantage by shooting enemies in the legs to destroy their mobility, or by shooting them in the arms to prevent them from attacking.


Each and every effect is being upgrades, so it’ll bring a fresh new feeling to the series. For example, Rangers can now dash to their heart’s desire by simply holding down the L3 button. Pale Wings will also be able to perform emergency evasive boost maneuvers.


Currently, only the Ranger and Pale Wing are the only revealed classes. Below is a look at some more enemies that we’ll encounter in Earth Defense Force 5:








The "Teleport Anchor"




"Battle Drones"




The new/old "Teleportation Ship"




The "Landing Ship"




Footage of the EDF madness in action! I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!




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If you're a Godzilla fan you will love this new footage. 


Masers people. MASERS!

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Here's the plot (such as it is for one of these games) of EDF5 courtesy of Gematsu:



■ Story

It started in Japan, 2022. In the outskirts of Kanto, just a short distance from an urban area, the Earth Defense Force had built their base on the wasteland beyond the mountains.

If you look at only the the ground facilities, the base does not appear to be of small scale, but underground they have built a large storage warehouse. Within it, in what would seem unbecoming of peaceful Japan, a large amount of weapons, ammunition, and state-of-the-art artillery have been brought in. Just the other day, dozens of battle-use walker vehicles known as a Combat Frames were transported in by air.


Earth Defense Force 5

But the base had a problem. Nearby townspeople revolted regarding its excessive possession of weapons. A protest movement was in the process of breaking out. For that reason, the public relations department hosted an event every month. Through allowing visitors and such, it began to focus on interactions with the townspeople. Currently, there are no enemies to use the base’s weapons on…


What was needed, more than strengthening military power, was the townspeople’s understanding. But at that time, the fate of the world was about to significantly change.

Suddenly, a group of spaceships appeared and launched an attack…


Earth Defense Force 5

The threat was a first-time encounter for mankind. They are called “Immigrants.”

Moreover, a giant insect-type monster entered the Earth Defense Force Base built as far as deep underground. And in large numbers. The Earth Defense Force began to fight back.

This is not a drill. This reality called a nightmare has finally begun.



Nothing makes better PR than a well timed alien invasion to use all those guns, tanks and mechs you've conveniently been stockpiling for some vague reason. In the past the EDF games have described the aliens as "Foreigners" which very accurate so "Immigrant" is basically the same thing. And yes I had a good laugh at that new term, the only "extreme vetting" these guys will get is a face full of hot lead!



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Maybe I'm just a codgy ole simpleton but GDF/EDF 2017 really is the pinnacle of the franchise for me. Everything I love so much about the franchise can be summed up in that opening level from GDF...the oppressive grey sky, the freakishly huge ants crawling over Big Ben, the locals fleeing in terror while our protagonist in their cute color coordinated uniforms (that owe more to superheroes than to any jackbooted ideal) calmly head into the maelstrom. That little game did so much so right with so little nobody’s still the wiser...least of all the developers themselves. But what I love about GDF beside the arcade purity was it’s aesthetics ripped directly from the golden age of Tokusatsu. I make no bones that I’m a complete and utter whore for 1960’s Jet Age/Silver Age Sci-Fi shenanigans and god did this thing find my sweet spot.


But with the impending release of EDF 5 and it’s promises of better graphics, deeper classes, more “realistic” physics & smarter combat I’m beginning to think the developers are missing the point...or worse yet starting to believe their own hype. I dunno...with the later sequels it seemed Sandlot has become all too aware of the cult that exists beneath the series and is trying to cater to it’s populist self and make a more serious game at the same time. Two ideals that completely fly in the face of the cheeky insouciance that made the series such a cheap thrill in the first place. I am decidedly not a fan of the class system swiped from IA and the Invaders from Planet Space remake just pissed me off from all the nudge, nudge wink, wink-ing. For every honest step they make forward with each new iteration they take two back in some other direction for me.


I mean don’t get me wrong, I still own 2, 3 & 4 and enjoy them immensely and I don’t believe for one minute they are actively trying to make Eji Tsuburaya’s Gears of Wars but some of the things they’ve been saying in press releases have me a little concerned...that and well it’s on a platform I will never ever own.

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I have to admit those teleporters that act as reverse bug zappers are pretty clever and the new Mazer Tanks too sweet!

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More hot sexy EDF5 details! (no panty shots, sorry Singer)





■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers Who Started as Civilians


Earth Defense Force 5

The player’s avatar, part of the main force of the Earth Defense Force, as well as everyone in every branch of the infantry force started out as a regular civilian. A certain Earth Defense Force base is exposed to a sudden attack from an unknown enemy… The player was headed in that direction and got caught up in the battle. However, in this state of emergency, anyone fighting has no choice but to take up arms.

■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers’ New Actions

In Earth Defense Force 5, series first actions have been added to Rangers and Wing Divers. Rangers now have a dash ability, and Wing Divers now have the ability to boost through the air.

The Ranger’s dash ability traditionally makes up for its poor mobility and is also effective for collecting items and positioning on the battlefield.


Earth Defense Force 5

The Wing Diver’s air boost ability closes the distance with an enemy in one go when equipped with short range weaponry, and is also effective as a means of quickly evading an incoming enemy attack. The strength of the Wing Diver unit has also been improved.


Earth Defense Force 5

■ Giant Grey Aliens

The “cosmonauts,” previously thought to be humanoid weapons, have their true form revealed!


Earth Defense Force 5

Shocking information arrived from the troops who successfully damaged the head of the Cosmonauts, previously thought to be humanoid robots. The successful damage was only to their armor, exposing a terrifying look on the face of an otherworldly life-form inside.


Earth Defense Force 5s

The once-thought weapons were actually highly-intelligent and large grey aliens. Having both higher intelligence and greater war fighting ability than the colonists, it has become very likely this is the true form of the Immigrants…

■ Mysterious Monster Erginus


Earth Defense Force 5

A giant monster similar in form to ancient dinosaurs. It is guessed that the Immigrants carried them here to Earth. It is currently unknown if they are extraterrestrial organisms or biological weapons developed by the Immigrants. Their ecology is also not well known.

Different from the countless invading creatures, at the present time there is only one confirmed Erginus. While it has currently been attacked with gunfire and bombardments many times over, there has not been much fatal damage inflicted. Based on this, although there is only one of them, we can say it is a great threat to us. An immediate attack strategy is demanded.

A violent aerial bombing attack on the sleeping Ergnius results in it awakening without taking any damage. We are doing everything possible to damage the creature that is more agile and quick-witted than it looks. One who meets eye-to-eye with it has no choice but to prepare for death…

The Earth Defense Force executes a large-scale crushing strategy against the giant creature. Will the large vehicles equipped with multiple electric shock cannons like that of Ergnius increase effective results as expected?



Earth Defense Force 5

Large vehicles equipped with multiple electric shock cannons. These multiple electric shock guns generate several hundred shocks in seconds to destroy its target. Its range is short and it consumes a great amount of power, but it has the strength to destroy a building in seconds. However, it as an experimental weapon at the very best, and the manufacturing cost is said to be $100 million per vehicle. Furthermore, it has no anticipated use in modern warfare. However, upon the invasion of Immigrants, it was decided to manufacture and deploy several dozen vehicles to break through the enemy’s robust armor.

■ Mysterious Monster Archeluth


Earth Defense Force 5

A super giant monster of the same rank as Erginus. It is speculated that it has an even greater vitality than Erginus. Unfortunately, weapons effective against Archeluth have yet to be discovered.

While curling up and rolling, Erginus unleashes a dreadful attack that destroys everything in his path.


Earth Defense Force 5

During the first battle against Archeluth, it appeared to emit burning rocks from its back. From this information, it seems that it stores high temperature materials inside its body to the effect that it can emit flames. Such a creature does not exist on this earth and defies common knowledge.


Earth Defense Force 5


This is the game the world needs now more than ever! EDF! EDF! EDF!

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To save our mother Earth from any alien attack

From vicious giant insects who have once again come back

We'll unleash all our forces

We won't cut them any slack

The E.D.F deploys!

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More EDF5 details! The Fencer class returns! All info courtesy of Gematsu:


■ Soldier: Fencer


Earth Defense Force 5

Strengthened soldiers equipped with a “Powered Skeleton,” a military use exoskeleton developed by the army. Its brute strength surpasses one ton, and it is able to wield a form of heavy equipment that possess the firepower of a tank and cannot be carried by ordinary foot soldiers. The origin of its name, “Fencer,” comes from the “Blasthole Spear” it wields.




Earth Defense Force 5

A machine-style spear that projects at high speed while rotating and can pierce through all objects. With the spear’s instant projection, it is possible to attack quickly before the enemy is able to see that the spear is projecting. Its range is short, but it has overwhelming destructive force and can pierce through several enemies at once. It is also possible to use while setting up a shield.




Earth Defense Force 5

Not only does it generate tremendous vibrations on the objects it hits, this hammer has a built-in super vibration generator that demolishes the surrounding area. However, since the super vibrations spread through objects, it cannot be expected to have an effect on enemies in the sky. The output of the hammer can be adjusted to several levels, and if its output is raised to the maximum level, it will exhibit enough power to cause an explosion on impact.




Earth Defense Force 5

A special alloy-make shield that possesses great defensive power and decreases the amount of damage received when set up. It is impossible to use with a weapon that requires the entire body to attack, but for one-handed weapons such as the spear, the shield can be set up while attacking. However, as the amount of damage it receives increases, the shield will become impossible to use until it cools down.


Gatling Gun


Earth Defense Force 5


A personal use, heavy weapon made portable for the Powered Skeleton. Its weakness is that it takes some time before the first bullets are fired, but after that fires at rapid speed with tremendous destructive force. By holding the “attack button,” the barrel will continue to rotate and bullets fire when the rotation reaches a certain speed. There is a strong recoil when the gun is fired, and since the muzzle jumps up while firing, aim has to be manually adjusted during discharge.




Earth Defense Force 5

A personal use, heavy firearm that launches special shells with excellent penetration force. It is the highest class in the category of personal use weapons, and its weight is at the level of “just barely transportable” when equipped to a Powered Skeleton. Since it is a high caliber weapon, the recoil alone could cause serious injuries to humans. Although the Powered Skeleton absorbs the recoil, time for shock absorption is nevertheless necessary, leaving the unit defenseless during that time. Since the muzzle jumps up when shooting and misaligns the aim, it has to be manually adjusted when the gun is fired again.


■ Elite Troops EDF: Grim Reaper (NPC)


Earth Defense Force 5

A feared, elite Fencer unit named after death himself.

Their black Powered Skeletons are specialized in the “Blasthole Spear.” The Blasthole Spear, a formidable weapon developed alongside the Powered Skeleton, is a special spear that can pierce through objects. Since its weight and impact do not allow ordinary foot soldiers to wield it, a Powered Skeleton is necessary. This weapon possesses tremendous destructive force, but runs at high risk to use as it is only effective at close range. Other than Grim Reapers, only a few others wield it.


Earth Defense Force 5

Grim Reapers have polished their tactics using this weapon in their strict training and combat. They move around quickly on the battlefield, close in on their enemy, and pulverize them with the Blasthole Spear. It can be said that the weapon itself is the Grim Reaper’s most reliable ally.


Earth Defense Force 5

The commanding officer of the Grim Reapers destroyed three Combat Frames in a previous battle. He was called a hero, but lost a lot of comrades in that battle, and has wandered from dangerous battlefield to battlefield looking for a place to die ever since. The Grim Reapers, who always volunteer for difficult missions and use tactics that put their lives at risk, have made them feared by soldiers death himself.

However, Grim Reapers are not just looking for a meaningless death. They are seeking a meaningful death where they can save a great number of their comrades.


■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers Who Started as Civilians: Powered Skeleton Walker


Earth Defense Force 5

A general-purpose Powered Skeleton used by laborers. The Powered Skeleton has the power to lift objects of one ton or greater, and is mainly used in the fields of cargo transportation and civil engineering and construction. It was originally a power assist device that began from private research, but due to the development of the high power military use exoskeleton, it was widespread to various industries by putting that technology to other use. Specifically in the fields of transportation and civil engineering and construction, those with nearly the same structure of a military use Powered Skeleton are used. However, because it its power is dangerous, a license is necessary to mount it.

One of the protagonists of Earth Defense Force 5, who will later join the Fencer unit, is a laborer with a license to operate a Powered Skeleton. Similar to the protagonist that is a Ranger or a Wing Diver, this incident occurs during work at the Earth Defense Force base underground warehouse. This protagonist will get involved in an incident that shakes the world.


■ Immigrant: Immigrant Ship


Earth Defense Force 5

The biggest, flying saucer-style space ship that flew to Earth. Currently, 12 Immigrant Ships have been confirmed. It would seem that these discs are allocated around the planet and function as a base for their Earth invasion army. There has not been any success in shooting it down, nor can we even damage it.



The new trailer should be dropping sometime tomorrow. Can't wait!



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New trailer w/English subtitles! 4+ minutes of pure Ishiro Honda inspired shooter B-movie insanity!



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Details on the Air Raider class:


■ Air Raiders

Earth Defense Force 5

In recent years, urban warfare with terrorist groups has often occurred. However, in towns with limited visibility, effective aerial support could not be carried out in disorderly battle, and for every battle the casualties built up. Therefore, a specialist was necessary to accompany foot soldiers and effectively request aerial strikes at proper timing.

They’re called Air Raiders, and although foot soldiers, they have the authority to instruct the air force and gunners to attack. They work with attack aircraft and gunners from the front line, and annihilate enemies with the help of heavy-duty artillery. They may also request vehicle drops from transport aircraft.


As a Civilian that Joins the Battle


Earth Defense Force 5

One of the protagonists, who will later become an Air Raider, is an excellent engineer who visited an Earth Defense Force base to repair a broken down vehicle. Other than having a license to operate heavy-duty vehicles, he seems to be an especially trusted character, as he is permitted to use the army radio communications even though he’s a civilian.


Bombing Plan 1A (aerial strike request)


Earth Defense Force 5

Air Raiders can request an air strike from tactical bombers to attack from the sky. It is possible to designate the bomber’s entry location and entry direction, and the aerial strike is accurately performed at the designated location.

Evolution Point: It is now possible to designate an air strike area, so you no longer have to worry about a misfire.


Autocannon A (autocannon fire request)


Earth Defense Force 5

Using a beacon injection device, Air Raiders can request an autocannon firing from the heavy-duty attack aircraft DE202 that circles the sky. The autocannon is fired accurately towards the landing position of the injected beacon.

Evolution Point: The time from request to strike has significantly reduce. The strike now occurs about one second after the request, and when a certain amount of time passes (15 seconds), another strike is possible.


Limpet Gun (bomb shooting device)


Earth Defense Force 5

An adsorption bomb injection device. The injected bomb clings to the point that it hits and detonates when the explosion button is pressed. It adsorbs not only to enemies, but to all things and places, including ally soldiers, vehicles, buildings, and the earth itself.


Robot Bomb (self-propelled bomb)


Earth Defense Force 5

A self-propelled bomb equipped with its own artificial intelligence. It moves towards the locked-on target. In using this, it is possible to bypass obstacles and attack enemies hiding in buildings and such. It explodes when it approaches the target. If by some possibility the target disappears from its location before the bomb reaches it (or when a certain period of time has passed), you can safely detonate and dispose of the bomb. In these cases, the explosion is small and does not damage its surroundings.

Evolution Point: Unlike the Roller Bomb from the previous game, the Robot Bomb is a lock-on type. It will bypass obstacles and head towards the enemy.


Stag Beetle

Earth Defense Force 5

A beetle-shaped special bomb that flies autonomously. It flies forward and clings to the object it touches. With remote detonation, it can be detonated at any any time with the press of a button.

Evolution Point: The number of highest performing Stag Beetles installed has increased to 40. It is easier to handle and has become an excellent weapon.


■ Vehicles

Transport Aircraft Noble (unable to board

)Earth Defense Force 5

A small transportation aircraft of the Earth Defense Force. When an Air Raider requests a vehicle, it flies the vehicle to the battlefield. The container with the vehicle is dropped accurately at the request point. While this vehicle doesn’t participate directly in battle, it is a reliable source of support.

Evolution Point: Previously, this was a helicopter-type transport aircraft, but now it is a jet engine-equipped transport aircraft, allowing it to travel at somewhat high speed.


Combat Frame Nyx A


Earth Defense Force 5

A boarding-type, reinforced exoskeleton developed for use in urban warfare with terrorists. It wraps around and safeguards the soldier’s body. While protecting against dangers such as bombs, it can move in the same way as a human. It has thrusters equipped on its back, allowing the user to fly for a short period by holding down the jump button.

Th A Armament has a large gun called the “Revolver Canon” able to fire at rapid speed equipped to its right arm. A “Rocket Gun” is mounted to its left arm. Various firearms can be equipped, and it is possible to mount a heavy weapon to its left arm. Since it is possible to use several weapons properly depending on the situation, it can be useful in various situations.


Combat Frame Nyx Firefly


Earth Defense Force 5

A boarding-type, reinforced exoskeleton developed for use in urban warfare with terrorists. It wraps around and safeguards the soldier’s body. While protecting against dangers such as bombs, it can move in the same way as a human. It has thrusters equipped on its back, allowing the user to fly for a short period by holding down the jump button.

It is an F Armament Combat Frame that specializes in close combat. It has a “Combat Burner” on its left arm, and “Shotguns” mounted on both shoulders. Although they exhibits tremendous power in close combat fighting, both weapons have a short range and are not suited for battles at long distance.


Caravan Rescue Vehicle


Earth Defense Force 5

A rescue vehicle for the medcial treatment of soldiers. It was made for use on battlefields where shells are flying. The body of the vehicle is protected by thick armor. In addition to a driver, one to three people can enter the back treatment room. While in the treatment room, armor gradually recovers.

Evolution Point: The Caravan Rescue Vehicle has become a heavy-duty armored vehicle with increased defensive power. Its hill climbing ability has also increased thanks to its huge continuous track.


Heavy Duty Vehicle EMC


Earth Defense Force 5

A large vehicle equipped with an integrated electric shock gun. Multiple electric shock guns generate several hundreds of electric shocks in the span of seconds to destroy the target. It has a short range and consumes an vast amount of electric power, but has the ability to destroy a building in seconds. However, because it is only an experimental weapon, the manufacturing cost for a single vehicle is said to be $100 million. Additionally, it is presumed to be useless in modern warfare. But in order to destroy the enemy’s hard armor, dozens of these vehicles were hurriedly constructed and deployed.

In the following screenshot, the vehicle is shown shooting its several electric shock guns at Erginus. It is gradually damaging the enemy’s hard armor, but the damage to the EMC itself is significant.


Earth Defense Force 5




Now more details on the Ranger class and more Air Raider vehicles and two new hostile alien species:


■ Ranger Vehicles


In Earth Defense Force 4, the first entry in the series featuring four army classes, requests for vehicle drops were entrusted to Air Raiders, but in Earth Defense Force 5, the “Bike,” which was exclusive to Rangers until Earth Defense Force 3, and some “Tanks” “Combat Helicopters,” can even be requested and used by Rangers. There is no doubt that the Ranger’s appeal will be spurred by getting mobility (vehicles) and firepower.

Blacker E1

Earth Defense Force 5

The Earth Defense Force’s main combat vehicle. It was developed with a somewhat small frame under the assumption that it would be used in urban area battles. For that reason, it can freely navigate through the main roads of town areas and thin alleyways. Its firepower and defense power does not fall behind existing battle vehicles. One person may board.


Freezer 1


Earth Defense Force 5

A military use motorcycle developed for use in missions that require speed. Since it is assumed to be made of use on the battlefield, the body is protected entirely by armor. It also has the power to traverse bad roads. Heavy weapons are loaded onto the left and right sides of the vehicle. Quickly speed through the battlefield and exterminate your target with firepower.


N9 Eurus


Earth Defense Force 5

The Earth Defense Force’s main armed helicopter. It is equipped with two machine guns and missiles. It has very high firepower, as well as extremely good mobility. One person may board.


■ Air Raider Vehicles


Here are more vehicles Air Raiders may use. If you missed the initial report, read up on the first five here.

Epsilon Heavy Armored Rail Gun

Earth Defense Force 5

A vehicle equipped with a railgun, a state-of-the-art weapon. Using the power of electromagnetism, it accelerates shells and fires them at high speed. The shells can pierce through objects and deal damage to a great number of enemies. The weapon has tremendous power, but its weakness is that it takes time to recharge after firing. To compensate for this, it has machine guns loaded on the left and right of the railgun. To person sitting in the gunner’s seat can operate the machine guns.


NF31 Nereid


Earth Defense Force 5

A ground-to-ground suppression helicopter. It is equipped with an auto-canon that automatically seizes its target. The auto-canon detects the enemy, and automatically aims at and exterminates them. Its ground-to-ground suppression popwer is overwhelming, and it can reliably eliminate the enemies below it. However, since the sensor detection range is limited, its angle of fire is restricted to enemies below, making its weakness that it does not allow attacking the enemies above it.


Depths Crawler


Earth Defense Force 5

A depths-of-earth battle-use walking tank. It has four hook arms, and since it moves as if its crawling, it can traverse not just bad roads, but also cave walls. By jumping with the hook arms, you can perform three-dimensional actions such as “jumping to the ceilings and walls.” It is also equipped with a “Large Light” to shine upon the darkness. Since it ensures an wide scope of vision, it seems to play an indispensable support role in supporting the depths-of-earth infiltration team. It was developed for use in the depths of the earth, but it also exhibits high capabilities above ground. Using its hook arms, it can climb the outer walls of buildings and pursue the enemy.


■ Primers (alien invaders, formerly Immigrants)


Aggressive Alien Species γ


Earth Defense Force 5

The third type of aggressive species dropped down by the aliens. We call them Species γ. Species γ moves slowly and at first glance appears to be harmless. However, it protects itself from enemies in an amazing way, and it was also confirmed that it has a way to move quickly. That being using its spherical, hard shell to roll over and trample its enemies. The size of Species γ far exceeds that of earthly creatures, and its attacks can be labeled extremely effective and dangerous. But fortunately, our weapons are able to penetrate its shell, making the extermination of Species γ seem by no means impossible.


Winged Aggressive Alien Species


Earth Defense Force 5

An alien life-form with the ability to fly. We have been able to confirm clear differences in its appearance and structure compared to previous aggressive species. Also, since some of intelligence can be sensed from its actions, it is presumed to be closer to an alien than to a monster. Although this is only a hypothesis, if we assume the aliens are adults, it can certainly be considered that the the Winged Aggressive Alien Species is equivalent to a larva body. If that is correct, then it’s surprising that a life-form that so closely resembles human beings goes through such a dramatic transformation during their development.



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A flying frog. Now I've seen eveything.
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Correction: It's a flying frog that breathes fire because aliens.


I love this series.

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When does this game release?

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This summer in Japan and probably early 2018 in the West.

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Are the EDF games fun as single player or is the craic only online?
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New trailer w/English subtitles!


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New trailer!


It's best one yet.



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Dammit Fett, curb your enthusiam a bit!

What if Michael Bay is out there, reading this and gets ideas, like I warned you about already?


Bad joke aside, yup, this series is simple and delightful.

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Micheal Bay directing an EDF movie would be best movie. Just trade out the giant bots for giant bugs. It would be his Starship Troopers.

Transformers are best movies. So are Starship Troopers, yes even the second one.
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Hey CD, get that Bay talk out of this thread right now. If there was ever an EDF movie it would be directed by the same madman who directed GODZILLA: FINAL WARS. Big budget B-movie insanity.



Originally Posted by ryoken View Post


Bad joke aside, yup, this series is simple and delightful.


So very true. It's the only third person shooter series that puts you on the front lines of a TOHO Studios kaiju film without an official license.


Needless to say it's one of my favorite games series.

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Bae is love, Bae is life.  Pain and Gain is best movie, and a true story to boot.  Is EDF a true story?  No, but Micheal Bae would make it into a true best movie.

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Fett, is your body ready?


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Ryokan will the be the only one who appreciates this.

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Will this feature unintentionally hilarious Enrgish?


sugoi desu ne

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

Ryokan will the be the only one who appreciates this.

Ages since I saw that. Still funny as fuck.
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