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TIME CHASERS is a Top 5 episode for me.  I was in tears from laughing so much the first time I saw it.

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Time Chasers is an all-timer for me. I think it helps that while the movie itself is hindered by its budget, it's still a scrappy and fairly creative little film. It's exactly the sort of thing I would have watched on WPIX on a Saturday afternoon in the late 80s/ early 90s. 

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"Man, people are opening a lot of beers up there."
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Time Chasers is the only reason why I know Castleton University exsists.
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I just survived Quest of the Delta Knights.


Good god, what a shitty boring movie. How do these things get made? I know, that is the everlasting question raised by MST3K. How does a crew get assembled, financing secured, sets built, actors hired, etc., based on such a nothingfart of uneventitude?


Cool episode, though. Pearl in the theater! I definitely wasn't experiencing any pain leakage on my end.


These things lead down some crazy IMDB rabbit holes. Another sterling effort from screenwriter Redge Mahaffey:



Featuring Corey Feldman, and the guy who played Kano in Mortal Kombat.

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Time Chasers is a gem indeed. As mentioned, it's not so much a bad bad movie as a movie that is waaaaaaay too ambitious for its means, both in terms of budget and general thespian ability - but you certainly can't fault them for effort. It's definitely endearing in the same "damn if they didn't want to make a better movie" way that, say, The Final Sacrifice is.

Quest of the Delta Knights just feels so much like something that would've been a short-lived series on Nickelodeon if it'd just leaned slightly more comic.
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The tonal confusion of Delta Knights is what makes it so irresistible.  It is at abrupt turns a Dark Ages Indiana Jones, a Tolkien ripoff, and a Nickelodeon movie (albeit one where 12 year olds gets propositioned by tavern wenches). 


They're a scene in the unedited version where David Warner's character (the villainous one) sends his lackey off to die in a cavern booby trap and it's played as this wacky, lighthearted moment.


I adore the movie's choice to try to tie in real world characters like da Vinci and Archimedes into the story while having no handle or indeed interest in the veracity of geography or era whatsoever.


Mike: "Sir, are we Vikings...Saxons...what are we, let's settle on that."

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The weird, shrill "I'M COMEEEENG!" line read repeated over and over gets me every time.

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"He was this close to being Leonardo da Gary Indiana."
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Marty McFly, Bill and Ted, Guy with a sweet mullet:


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Edgewood Studios promises a Blu-ray of Time Chasers in the spring of 2018.
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If they do any George Lucas-esque enhancements to this film, so help me God...

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"Well you see, before we couldn't have more than a dozen Revolutionary soldiers in a scene. Now thanks to CGI, we can fully realize the director's vision of thousands of soldiers.

Time travel will still be via a single engine Cessna."
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I loved the trick of revealing the futuretime skylines via tiny low resolution CRT screen, then smash cut directly to street level. I want to see a big budget movie pull that move.

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The Creep Behind the Camera.

 A creature is haunting the streets of Los Angeles, waiting for the cover of night to stalk innocent young girls. Hungry for fame and fortune, it’s fueled by a demonic rage ready to devour anyone attempting to hinder its becoming the most powerful entity in Hollywood. While sometimes called A.J. Nelson, this demon is more commonly known as Vic Savage. This is his story…

In 1964, Vic Savage made THE CREEPING TERROR with a microscopic budget verging on the non-existent. Quickly earning a reputation as the worst movie ever made, it tells of the arrival of an unconvincing alien life-form (a shambling carpet creature made of plastic tubing, wire and soap) that devours its picnicking, dancing and guitar-playing victims. Much like the infamous Ed Wood, Savage managed to pull off a variety of schemes to convince an honest producer to invest in what he promised to be “the biggest monster movie ever made”.

Told through re-enactments and containing shockingly true stories of many of the actual people involved with the production, Pete Schuermann’s THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA is the funny and ultimately terrifying saga of the making of THE CREEPING TERROR, and a disastrous portrait of a talentless artist who ultimately succumbs to his own self-destructive behavior. Starring Josh Phillips in the larger-than-life performance as Vic Savage, and Jodi Lynn Thomas (AMC’s PREACHER) as his unsuspecting wife Lois, THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA pays vibrant tribute to an inglorious chapter in the history of genre cinema, incidentally exposing one of the most unimaginably radical antitheses of the Hollywood dream.

This was released on bluray by Synapse earlier this year.

(with The Creeping Terror included as a bonus feature)

It reminds me a bit of Tim Burtons film about Ed Wood.

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