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I am not a fan of the TFA shuttle design, but the FFG usage looks good. Looks like the quad copter has a 1 Backward maneuver.
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Well, after the new Rogue One trailer, I needs me some U-Wings.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Well, after the new Rogue One trailer, I needs me some U-Wings.

I'm about 99.647% sure that they'll get released before the end of the year, if not on September 30th (When the Rogue One product push gets launched worldwide).

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Well, after the new Rogue One trailer, I needs me some U-Wings.


Oh hell yes. I love that design.

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And here they are!


Sure looks like the U-wing has working S foils!

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Ouch! My wallet!

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Thankfully the TFA stuff and painted TIE don't thrill me from that wave, so I can focus on just the U-Wing and a couple of TIE Strikers.

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I dunno...that Sabine TIE Fighter is doing it for me. Plus, having a TIE on my Rebel squadron would be neat. 

But yes, that U-Wing will be miiiine! Sexy fucking thing. 

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They also previewed some stuff from the Heroes of the Resistance set, which includes a new Han Solo pilot for the Falcon that can set up ANYWHERE on the board at the start of the game beyond Range 3 of an opponent's ship.  That's gonna be ridiculous.


As for the Rogue One ships, gimme dat TIE Stryker.  Basically a free boost every turn, although you have to be careful because it's mandatory.  But that means that ships moves a minimum of three every single turn.  It's gonna be one mother of a mover.


I played in an Epic tournament on Saturday, finishing 5th out of 18 players with my build of all four IG-88s and two Hound's Tooths.  Long ass day though; Epic rounds are 150 minutes, we played three rounds, and I was there from 11:30 AM until almost 11:00 PM.  Still a damn fun time though, and a format that doesn't come around very often, so I had to do it.

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Twelve hours of gaming?  You're an animal!

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Originally Posted by MrBananaGrabber View Post

Twelve hours of gaming?  You're an animal!


That was followed by about eight hours of board gaming on Labor Day.

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Local tourneys here in Knoxville can get from 25 to 35 people, so we often run four or five rounds and a cut. I am running the tourney, so we start registration at ten am and wrap up by ten pm. Atlanta regionals last spring started at ten am and went to cut near midnight. We were there till 3am.
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Here's the U-Wing in all it's glory.


Looks like a loooooot of fun to play. 

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The dial is pretty limited, but put the title on it and you basically get a 0-speed K-Turn, which could come in handy.  And Inspiring Recruit, which lets a ship that removed a stress token remove another stress token, seems tailor-made for helping out ships using Rage.

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So has anybody been playing Star Wars: Destiny, the new collectible card/dice game?  It's hit pretty big in my area (and everywhere else apparently).  It's somewhat similar to Dice Masters in that you have cards represented by dice that you roll, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.  You have a group of characters (built using a point system to a max of 30), some of which can have two dice if you use their elite version.  Then you construct a 30-card deck of upgrades, support cards and events, some of which add extra dice to your characters.  As an action you can activate a character to roll all their associated dice, and with another action, you can resolve as many dice as you want showing the same symbol.  Each symbol has a different effect:  melee or ranged damage (or a modifier to same), adding shields to a character, adding a resource to your pool, changing a die to any face, forcing an opponent to discard a resource or card, and a special symbol that activate a special ability on that die's card.  You go back and forth until one player's characters are all defeated or they have no cards in their hand or deck.


It's a really fun, fast-paced game, and there are already some distinct deck types possible, like straight-up aggro, control, and milling.  Granted, we're in the first wave, so a lot of the decks kind of look the same due to the limited card pool.  And the supply has been crazy tight; some stores that asked for ten copies of each started ended up getting two or three, and others are selling boosters for double or even triple the price, or severely limiting how many you can buy.  There's supposed to be a new shipment sometime this month, so hopefully that'll help get more people into the game.

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FFG confirmed the rumored Star Wars: Legion game just now.  It's the ground combat miniatures game people have been clamoring for.  Looks to be smaller in scale than the Imperial Assault miniatures, and movement looks to be squad based rather than figure based.  They're demoing it at GenCon today, so there should be more info coming out later today.  Looks like early next year for a release date.

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And it's actually bigger than Imperial Assault...


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It is bigger. Just a squidge, but bigger. How do I know this? I was at GenCon and I demo'd it.


It is the 40k game I have wanted to play. 


Here is a link to what my buddy and I demo'd:


Let me get back to my desk and I will upload some photos I took and some of the cards. 

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The funny thing is that the thing I'm most psyched for was pretty much the only "new" thing they revealed at Gen Con outside of Legion:  The Assault Gunboat from TIE Fighter for X-Wing!

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I was just kind of hoping it would be a smaller scale so you could do larger battles without spending a fortune on figures.  If they do an AT-AT at this scale, it's going to be close to $100 easily.

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Originally Posted by Richard Dickson View Post

I was just kind of hoping it would be a smaller scale so you could do larger battles without spending a fortune on figures.  If they do an AT-AT at this scale, it's going to be close to $100 easily.


Honestly, I think you could easily use the Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers. The bases are a bit small, but if you are going to proxy, you might as well proxy as much as you can. 

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Originally Posted by Richard Dickson View Post

I was just kind of hoping it would be a smaller scale so you could do larger battles without spending a fortune on figures.  If they do an AT-AT at this scale, it's going to be close to $100 easily.


Yeah, first hearing about it I thought of "armies", as in some small iconic representation of larger forces. This doesn't look much different than Imperial Assault to me, on a basic level.

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So, for those wanting to see some photos up close and personal, I present this link to my Google album. There are pictures of cards and such in the album.


For you lazy SOB's I put a few special ones here.







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So, sit back gents and let me tell you the story of how a man spent two days at GenCon inadvertently getting 6th place in the X-Wing North American Championship. 

So, GenCon fell perfectly for me this year. Normally it is the first weekend of when school starts, and I just cannot justify taking 2 days off so early. But because my school is starting earlier and GenCon starting later, I had been working nearly 4 weeks, with kids there for 3. I decided that I could use some personal days this year for such an adventure. My buddies and I got an AirBnB only 20 minutes outside the city for $60 per person for 4 days. I arranged for parking at the Capitol underground lot right next to the Convention Center. We planned for Thursday Xwing, Friday Vendor Hall, Saturday odd ball games, and Sunday wrap ups of anything we didn't get to see in the first three days. My two buddies didn't make any plans for Saturday as both expected to make the cut for X-Wing. Both had won Store Championships. I had gotten to 3rd in one, but I didn't think I could make it, so I made plans to play some Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition Saturday Morning, then grab some generics and hit the demo tables. 

My list?

Palob, Fenn Rau, and Captain Nym, all with Mindlink. Palob has a TLT, 4LOM, and the Pulsed Shield Array. Fenn is just Autothrusters and Protectorate Title. Nym has Bomblet, Autoblaster, Fire Control, Title, Genius,  It is a fun list, it does some quirky things, but in a bad place, it can go poorly.  I had no expectations of taking it to the top. 

So, Game 1, I am flying against a guy from Richmond, Virginia. He is flying Fenn Rau and two Torpedo Contracted Scouts. I juke around, but he takes Palob out early. I am fighting to get just one scout off the table. But he is a nice guy, so it is a friendly game. I start the day 0-1. Okay. I am here to have fun and fun we shall have. I fall to the bottom tables and...
 This is his Fenn Rau and his Scout, trying to pin in Palob.

Game 2: I set my gear down in front of a local guy fyling Leebo and Chewbacca, both with determination. So, crits? what crits? Chewie loves that evade token, so Palob takes it. Then Fenn Rau is always at Range 1 and out of arc, so Autothrusters is doing the Lord's work. I sweep him up. 

Game 3: I face a list I was really worried about: 3 TLT TIE Aggressors and Captain Jonus, who lets those at Range 1 reroll two of their three TLT dice each time. But, I did what Fenn Rau wants to do, and got in that grill. I just shot into range 1 of all of them. I shoot Jonus hard, and clean up an Aggressor in a round. And then it is just the maneuvering. I Talon roll around, nearly throwing Rau off the board, but that keeps me at range one of a TLT and just light him up.  I take the win.

Game 4: I face another set of Contracted Scouts, except this time, it is 3 of them. They also all have Rigged Cargo Chutes so they can dump stress debris everywhere. Learning from my first game, I managed to get where I had shots on one of the scouts, but he only had one scout in range to shoot at me...and I light him up. I don't wipe the scout off the board, but I manage to get it down to 1 health, and it got a Blinded Pilot, so it couldn't shoot any munitions. After that, there was some maneuvering. He gets the mostly dead scout behind my units, but that puts me at range 1 of both of his other scouts now, so they can't fire munitions either. I get the second one down to 2 hull, spend the next turn cleaning the 1st damaged ship off the table, then the 2nd the turn after. My opponent nearly calls it a day, but he fights through. I win.

Game 5: Going in 3-1, I am feeling good, but then I realize I fight the other meta list going around- 4 Ship rebel. Basically Biggs, Lowhrickk, Captain Rex, and either Jess Pava or an ARC. Lowhricck tries to use his ability and selflessness to grab damage and give Biggs an evade. Normally the 4th member has Draw their Fire to grab Criticals. The list splits damage across everyone, meaning no one dies and then it chews up your list.  So,  well fudge...I do the one thing no one expects. I make sure I can't take shots on Biggs so I can shoot other things. I manage to get my Nym at Range 2 of Biggs, but out of everyone's firing arc and my own, and barrel roll backwards next to Captain Rex. Where I autoblaster him. I ram Palob into Biggs, meaning I can't shoot Biggs, and I light up Rex, killing him. I use Fenn to put some shots into Biggs, but I manage to arc-dodge well, surviving the counter shots. I slowly break apart the other ships until it is only Biggs and the ARC170. I finish off Biggs and finally the ARC. It was a very tough game, and I only lost Nym, but that 4 ship list is designed to kill one ship off and live till time. 

Game 6: Well, now I am 4-1 and likely to make the cut to the Saturday finals. I am flying against Quickdraw, Vessery, and a PS1 Tie Defender. Things do not go well for me. I lose Fenn to some bad dice and Palob comes off the board, but not before I have put some heavy damage into all of his ships. So, I am left with this. 

I have 2 hull left on Nym, but Quickdraw is down to 1 shield, and Vessary is shieldless. I asked to take a picture here, and told my opponent that what happens next is going to be either an epic maneuver or a complete failure for me. Because this is my next turn. 

I am out of both Vessary and Quickdraw's arcs. My bomb deals 1 damage to Vessary. I deal 2 damage to Quick draw with my autoblaster. On the next turn, I kill Quickdraw with a bomb and barrel roll right next to Vessery, dealing him another damage. So now, I have a 2 hull Nym against his 1 hull Vessery. I manevuer right into range 1 and Autoblaster him up for the win.

Now, it is the end of the day, 6 games, and I have gone 5-1. I couldn't believe it. I am number 8 on Day 1. When we reconvene on Saturday, after both flights, I am number 15 in the consolidated lists. But we still have to play 3 more games before the cut to top 16. I am pleased, but don't expect to make it much higher. I was just happy to attend. 

Game 7: I lose Game 7 to the guy who will eventually go 2nd in the whole tournament. He is flying TLT Miranda, Biggs, and Lowhrick. I kill both Biggs and Lowh, but he has a regenerating Miranda. In the tussle, I lose both Palob and Nym. My bombs do nothing this game,  and then I get the worst critical possible.

Well...shit. I am going to eventually lose. Miranda can now arc dodge me regen before I shoot, making real damage difficult. 

Game 8. So, now I am 5-2 and depending on how it goes, if I win, I might actually make top 32. Nice!, but no way I pull anything higher. So what do I come up against? This match, I am flying against Ryad, Vessery Defenders with TIE-D and Ion Cannons, with Countdown to kind of flank. Well, shit. I have 1, 2, and 3 defense ships, but I could easily get ion locked off the board or onto a rock. I constantly worry about my position. But my opponent's dice are not nice to him, and I use the Ions he puts on Palob to just add my own and regen shields. I get a couple of lucky evades with Fenn, but I quickly murder Countdown and Ryad. In the end, I manage to get nasty shots on Vessery from front and behind, winning 100-0. 

Game 9: So, I am now 6-2, but my last match was super good for me, so I go into this match in high spirits. I am playing...another 3 Contracted Scouts with Rigged Cargo Chute. Well, damn it. I won that match-up earlier, but in part due to a blinded pilot critical. The odds are not in my favor...until the wind changed. He raced one scout at my Nym, taking a target lock because I am just at Range 3. The other two scouts are too far out, but he gets a mindlink focus. His plan is to light me up with some torpedoes, and drive in for the kill on the next round with the other two. But, because I love Palob, I rushed Palob into range 2, grabbing a target lock, run fast and hard with Nym at the scout, grabbing a target lock, and Boosting Fenn into range one. Palib steals the focus for me, giving everyone a focus. I wipe the scout off the map in one round. It never gets a chance to fire. I feel bad for my opponent, because the starch goes right out of him after that. He realizes Palob is the issue and spends one round kiling him, but not before I nearly one-round another scout. It was just a matter of clean up then. So, I start doing the math...I might actually be in the top 16!

Game 10, 1st elimination. So, we wait for rankings and it turns out, I am number 10. We receive our swag and a 20 minute lunch, which was not enough. I find out that my opponent is a guy I have played before. Good guy and if I lose, I don't mind losing to him. What's he flying? Shit, another 4 ship rebel list. Same shenanigans, same pains. Okay, I have had a good run, let's play. And I proceed to do the same thing I did before. To break out a meme...

So, I swoop in from three sides, stealing focus tokens, ramming Biggs so I can shoot others, and dropping bombs (that actually do no damage) but forces his units apart. I sweep Fenn Rau around and assassinate Rex. His ability to just remove an attack die if you are not shooting at him makes him much too dangerous to live.I get Biggs out of range of his compadres and kill him, and then swing Fenn in to take out Lowh while throwing my near dead Nym at Jess Pava. I take out Jess and Lowhrick on the same turn. It was a fair bit of luck, as my single evade dice on Nym and my opponents mediocre dice help, but I managed to do it all and still keep 100 points. 

Holy Mary! I am in the TOP 8! That means I get the sweet Templates and I am in spitting distance of something higher. So.bring on
Game 10: My opponent is playing a mindlinked Fenn Rau, Torpedo Contracted Scout with Cargo Chute, and Asajji with Latts crew. Well, this is going to get rough. Asajji is going to stress me, and then use that stress in defense. I make a great first play, getting into range 1 with Fenn and Nym, and Palob in range to steal a focus. I light up Asajji. But I forget to use my Fire Control, and then the rest of my game takes a nose dive. Turn 2 I make a few bad decisions that just snowball on me. It also happens to be my only game that was streamed live.  I am screwing up because of fatigue, because of stress, and because of the stream. I screw it up hard. biggrin.gif

But....after the math is done, I made it to number 6 out of 245+ participants! I got sweet swag, had a magnificent time, and couldn't believe I had made it.   It took two full days of my GenCon experience, but it was worth it. 

So, as always, I dedicate these wins to Singer, the man who got me into this plastic spaceship pew pew nonsense in the first place. 
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Okay, this is weird: I can see Tyres' post in the preview on the New Posts page, but up above, it's blank...

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Same here.

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Welll. That's bizarre. I had a long, picture filled post. It is bla nk on my phone as well. Let me break out my laptop.
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I think I got it fixed. I converted to bbcode on my phone and it shows now.
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Yeah, looks good now.

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That was, no shit, a very entertaining read. You sum up these battles so succinctly and still manage to keep them fun and interesting. Well done, and congrats!


Just to be gossipy, were any of your opponents (or other players in general), um, assholes? Just curious (I want to play at a local shop, but I'm shy).

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Well, you should definitely check out:



Weekly Schedule of Play (As of 08.22.2017)
Mon. @ 6:30PM - Dragonstar, Athens*
Mon. @ 6:00PM - Heroic Gaming, Roswell
Mon. @ 6:00PM - Elements, Dallas*
Tues @ 6:00PM - Meeple Madness, Buford*
Wed. @ 6:30PM - Giga-Bites Cafe, Marietta
Thur. @ 7:00PM - Wasteland, Duluth
Thur. @ 6:00PM - Final Dungeon, Woodstock*
Fri.... @ 5:00PM - Hobbytown, Kennesaw*
Sat... @ 6:00PM - Challenges, Druid Hills*
Sun.. @ 2:00PM - Anime-zing, McDonough*
Sun.. @ 3:00PM - Discover Games, Fayetteville*
* - should probably check if people are showing up


I am only familiar with Giga-Bytes and Heroic, and those are mostly 50 min drives for you.  I have encounter and 90:10 ratio of good people to asshattery in my time Xwinging. Atlanta has got some great players, but on the whole, they tend to be good people. Just introduce yourself, say you are new to public play, and most the time, you will find someone who is cool and gentle in your first games. Here in Knoxville, we are always welcoming of new people and we tell our crustier players to leave new players to the friendly ambassadors. We have pulled a couple of the worst offenders aside (often reminding them that new people are lifeblood to games). 

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There's a place called Meeple Madness that's literally 5 minutes from me. They host weekly game nights, I just need to man up and go hang out there one night.

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So FFG made a big noise about a new product for Force Friday ... and it's just a two-player started box for Destiny.  There's $30 saved.

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Originally Posted by Richard Dickson View Post

So FFG made a big noise about a new product for Force Friday ... and it's just a two-player started box for Destiny.  There's $30 saved.

I'm betting they'll unveil a few minis for a bit later in the year tomorrow, though.

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Oh I have no doubt they'll add two Last Jedi ships -- probably the TIE Silencer and the new A-Wing -- to Wave XII for X-Wing.  There are two missing SKUs in the product line, and they did the same thing with the new X-Wing and TIE Fighter from TFA two years ago.

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