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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

Just discovered this vintage piece today:


Is Brian De Palma Derivative or Dazzling? Critics Andrew Sarris and J. Hoberman Duke It Out


"Brian De Palma has long been a divisive director. In fact, he even caused a heated schism within the pages of the Village Voice in 1980. As Metrograph's month-long De Palma retrospective closes, we're looking back at the film that caused critics Andrew Sarris and J. Hoberman to duke it out in the pages of the Voice: the erotic thriller Dressed To Kill. Side by side, they argue that De Palma's latest is "Derivative" (Sarris) or "Dazzing" (Hoberman), making for an epic, visual point-counterpoint well worth diving into again, decades later."

Weird that the inventor of the auteur theory would complain about a director's self-indulgence.

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Sarris did not invent the auteur theory.
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Although influenced by Cashiers du Cinema, he certainly dubbed the phrase auteur theory, did he not?

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He coined the term. He did not invent the theory.
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*debates spending the day arguing the definition of "invent"*


*decides not to*

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We're getting a new De Palma film: DOMINO.
The story follows a Copenhagen police officer (Coster Waldau) who is seeking justice for his partner's murder by a mysterious man called Imran. He teams up with a fellow cop and his late partner's mistress (Hendricks) to hunt Imran down, but they are unwittingly caught in a cat-and-mouse chase with a duplicitous CIA agent that will take them from Scandinavia to the sun-drenched landscapes of Spain.
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is it about domino harvey I'm a bounty hunter?

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my name is Domino Harvey

my name is

my name is 

my name is

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Hey, one of my favorite directors working with one of my favorite actors off of Game of Thrones? I'm down.
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November 03, 2017 6:30am PT by Ashley Lee

First Look: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Is on the Edge in Brian De Palma's 'Domino' (Exclusive Image)


Like my man Beaks said I'm afraid we're gonna have to postpone that nuclear apocalypse until Cannes '18 at the earliest.

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Wasn't Christina Hendricks supposed to be in this? Didn't see her mentioned anywhere in the article.

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Guillermo del Toro: "Read it carefully and you will find DePalma having the "Eureka!" moment for Blow Out. I am not kidding."

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