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Chris Roberts' STAR CITIZEN

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Check out the video in the link.

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That looks wonderful. Utterly wonderful.

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wow, I built my first computer for two reasons....civilization and wing commander....writing freaking boot disks, installing new video cards n extra ram, willing to do anything to make that shit work on a limited budget.

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Pants = shat

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There are two different closeups in that video of my particular HOTAS setup. W00t. Of course, by the time this is released we'll be using neuro-interface donglings, right?

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What is this? The ninieties?  Proper XCOM games, proper Thief successors, proper Infinity Engine game successors and now a proper space sim announced?

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Originally Posted by stelios View Post

What is this? The ninieties?  Proper XCOM games, proper Thief successors, proper Infinity Engine game successors and now a proper space sim announced?

I cant wait to puke my guts out while playing "Descent 3D HD"!! (not its being remade, but come on...)

Also, upcoming Wasteland, Shadowrun and more...this is truly mindboggling.

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Originally Posted by stelios View Post

What is this? The ninieties?  Proper XCOM games, proper Thief successors, proper Infinity Engine game successors and now a proper space sim announced?


Don't forget Mechwarrior!

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post


Don't forget Mechwarrior!


That was an AWESOME game.  Fond, fond memories of that one.

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How about a great Star Wars game in the X-wing vein?  Maybe we can get the Sierra Dynamix crew back together?!


But honestly, I always loved the Wing Commander games, but hated their flight-sim engine.  Still remember seeing Wing Commander III on an 18-INCH MONITOR and having my mind blown.

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I had (maybe still have in a box somewhere) WING COMMANDER I - IV.  III (HEART OF THE TIGER) was definitely the best game in the series, but IV (THE PRICE OF FREEDOM) really felt like you were participating in a movie.  Great fun.


I'm definitely looking forward to this new game.

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Finally got around to downloading and installing the Hanger Module. This is actually a pretty devious bit of release from Roberts Space Industries, in that most kickstarter backers opted for the not $100+ donations. I couldn't remember what tier I backed, I discovered it was the entry level tier after setting up my account and profile to log in. You can't help but go man, I think I'm going to need a bigger ship, after seeing the simplistic Aurora waiting in the hanger bay. Especially after they aired that 300 series fighter earlier this year. Kind of itching to blow some money on one of the high end freighters because why not.

The ship is kind of interactive, you can climb inside, sit in the pilot seat, and in this case my little ship has a bed with a window to look up out of.

Pictured below my Aurora MR.

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Currently downloading/patching in the Arena Commander module for Star Citizen. I couldn't find the thread Jacob started when this was announced....found it. Look forward to jumping in and seeing what they've done with the over 44 million dollars fundraised for this game...fucking 44 million dollars. Jesus.
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Let us know what you think. Man, I hope they don't fuck this up.


I guess it's too much to ask that the Kilrathi make a surprise return, huh?

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So far this morning, just a lot of disconnects from their servers. Everyone wants to get in and do some space fighting. Youtube completely fucked over my original video I recorded with Shadowplay. It looks amazing at the highest resolution with max settings. Performance never dipped (excluding the audio that would stutter here and there).

My first Star Citizen flight. Learning the controls, figuring out what to be pressing on the keyboard, and futzing around with what I can do with the 360 controller. At some point I should get a real flight stick setup before this launches. Had to consult the forums to figure out just how to leave the hanger. Behind the ship is a pedestal with a helmet on it. You need to equip that before you can enter the test ship cockpit and start the engines.

Because of the disconnects I was only able to just whizz around in empty space on one of the maps. There were no drone targets that I could see or target to engage in combat. Hoping to jump back in at lunch and see if I can find other humans to shoot.

This little showcase demo may just end up selling more backer ships, pushing their 44 million to 45 million raised (and higher). Two coworkers went all in and got the destroyer class ships plus a pair of fighters. I'm sitting there with my dinky smuggling ship (y-wing equivalent) and have been eyeing the newer fighter designs they've been adding.
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I broke down and opted in for the $65 package with the 300i dogfighter ship. Downloading now. Also re-named the thread.

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Gah. Not at home tonight so am going to have to wait till tomorrow to download Arena Commander. Am itching to give it a bash. Finally, some actual playable content (and no, walking around a hangar doesn't count). I only pledged six months ago and I've been jonesing, can't imagine what it's been like for the people who put money down at the start.


How does the 360 pad feel, mongy?

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Originally Posted by Workyticket View Post

Gah. Not at home tonight so am going to have to wait till tomorrow to download Arena Commander. Am itching to give it a bash. Finally, some actual playable content (and no, walking around a hangar doesn't count). I only pledged six months ago and I've been jonesing, can't imagine what it's been like for the people who put money down at the start.

How does the 360 pad feel, mongy?

Controller support is serviceable, not optimal, but it does enough to get by. Right stick moves your head around to look around the cockpit. Left stick pilots the direction of the ship. There is built in vibration feedback which is decent. I don't think keys are rebindable at the moment, the layout pages for keyboard/360 controller/Hotas sticks is just a static image file. Still haven't gotten into any dog fights yet. Will try again after dinner.

Edited to add: Just tried the drone combat scenario. Is there actual multiplay in this, or is this just test combat vs ai's...I should read the forums.

Here's a short video of combat.

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I have a friend dying for us to play a space combat game, and I was utterly shocked to see how long it's been since a decent one came out. There's this on the horizon as well as Elite: Dangerous but both games seem to be milking their potential audiences for cash in advance (and I assume doing well, this especially).  Elite: Dangerous is trying to get people to pay $100 for the right to beta test their game. I no longer understand the game industry, or maybe I'm just baffled by the number of gamers lining up to get fleeced early. We used to complain that a game wasn't properly beta tested before release, now there are gamers paying a premium to get in early and experience tons of bugs?

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We also used to complain that the gaming industry was chasing after the COD demographic and leaving us to flounder behind. The standard reaction to any question about the lack of games like Planescape: Torment or Tie Fighter was that "there is no audience." There's nothing more to all these space-sims and hardocore rpgs than older gamers with disposable income putting their money where their mouth is when given the chance.

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Star Citizen is just at the edge of my personal boundaries as to what I'll pay for a pre-release game. I paid $40, the cheapest package available, and even then I sprung for it because they had an offer throwing in AC/alpha access as well. I don't really blame Roberts and co. for offering all these other tiers and ships if people are so keen to pay crazy amounts of money on them. The only concern I have is that people are throwing down hundred and in some cases thousands of dollars on a hugely ambitious pitch, and there's no guarantee that all this stuff is going to be achievable in practical terms, at least with the sophistication Roberts has been talking about. I hope they make it happen because what they're proposing sounds amazing, but I dread the internet carnage if they have to cut anything big.


Elite is just a big fat NO. i want to play it, have fond memories of the original (C64 fo' life, yo) but I ain't paying THAT.


Also, what stelios said. I don't think there's a single genre that's been desired so much by gamers yet ignored so fervently by publishers as the space sim. Case in point: that X-Wing/TIE Fighter remake that people have been demanding for years to a resounding 'Buh?'.

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Originally Posted by mongycore View Post

Performance never dipped (excluding the audio that would stutter here and there).


I had HORRIBLE stuttering audio in-flight. Turns out setting my on-board Realtek audio output back to "stereo" fixed the problem (it's a common problem, according to their boards).


Messed around with the drones last night on both maps. This is gonna be a blast when (if?) it all comes together. Need to plug my HOTAS system in tonight and see how it performs with that.

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Obvious Browncoat that Lance Henriksen?
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This looks fucking phenomenal and they're up to $68M donated.  I had the first Tie Fighter game and Wing Commander way back in the day and always hated that those kinds of games never got the next gen treatment, because those are what next gen was created for IMO...


I'll definitely have to upgrade my PC before getting this though, but by the time it comes out (2 years?) I don't think that'll be a problem.

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If you're interested in this kind of game Elite: Dangerous is out right now and though it's a bit less ambitious it goes for the same "fight/trade/explore in space" simulation style. And it supposedly runs well on even mediocre hardware.

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So ya'll still fucking with this? I saw some hooplah about the FPS module being playable soon (2-5 weeks to who knows when). So I'm thinking, "Hey, I like flying things and stuff and the beauty of outerspace." I boogie on over to the site and holy shit is it really priced per ship? If so that's kind of insane. I'd hate to drop a hundo on a ship and dread being in the seat.


What's the real deal from you educated folks?

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It started out as an ambitious player-funded sequel to the Wing Commander games, they got way more money than they expected, got even more ambitious, then they lost their shit. I don't even understand why people are complaining about the delay of the first-person shooter part, because personally I gave them money to build a goddamn space sim! All they've produced so far is a two-map multiplayer arena and a huge garage where you can look at the ships you've paid real-world money for.


Elite is the better choice by far, at the moment.

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I'm waiting for No Man's Sky personally...


Seems much more my jam.  Also, pretty colours.

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Have you guys been following the war of words between game developer Derek Smart and Chris Roberts. It's kind of funny in a ludicrous way. Smart's currently calling for Roberts' resignation and calling for an audit of the company because "this game, as has been pitched, will never get made. Ever".


Of course, I'm sure Smart's views on Star Citizen have nothing to do with his own (similar) game not being quite as successful in getting funding.

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Fuck Derek Smart. He's a loud mouthed idiot. And an asshole. And his work isn't even worth to be compared to Roberts'.

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From that article Saxon posted:


 “These bastards, most of whom were probably running around in diapers, rubbing poo-dipped hands on their faces, when I was earning my chops as a hardcore Internet Warlord, simply don’t know who they’re dealing with,


What a nice, reasonable and intelligent person!


Despite being a massive cunt, I don't think he's necessarily wrong about Star Citizen never getting finished.

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Every new social media rant from Smart ends in another pitch for his own space game. I think Star Citizen does have a good chance of being remembered as an example of the risks of crowdfunding, but Smart isn't the hero this situation needs or deserves. He's more like the Donald Trump of game design.
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Latest totally reasonable and affordable offering in Star Citizen:


Aegis Retaliator Base - Standalone Ship - Empty Hull:

$150.00 USD
Front Cargo Module:
Rear Cargo Module:
Front Living Module:
Rear Living Module:
Rear Torpedo Bay:
Front Torpedo Bay:
Dropship Module:
Jeebus freakin' Christ. I'm kind of ashamed I gave them Kickstarter money now.
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Is Chris Roberts looking to start his own space programme? 

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Still not enough for that fucker.

As far as space sim things go I've always just wanted something simple like No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous, not the feature creep monstrosity we're seeing now.

Every email blast I get from Roberts Space Industries reads like spam from a Nigerian Prince. For only so many dollars you too can have your own magic space ship in the sky. Every week it's another new model they're pimping for sale.

Just make the fucking game. Worry about microtransactions after shipping it. It feels like the crap 2K pulled with Evolve, but on a grander scale.
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I certainly want more than Elite Dangerous offers. As beautiful as that is, I'd wish there had been the ability to go into low alititude from the outset, even if you couldn't land. I'm all about Exploring in games and there is no incentive to approach planets in E:D (Horizons will change this I hope!).


So, No Mans Sky is where it's at for me. This game looks like so much Snake Oil at this point.

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Internet Warlord Derek Smart is at it again: This morning, the dev behind Alganon and Line of Defense ramped up his crusade against Star Citizen and Chris Roberts with a demand letter from his attorneys and the threat of a class-action lawsuit.

“I have decided to make good on previous statements calling for accountability,” he writes. “Aside from the FTC guidelines on crowd-funding, as well as actions they have taken against companies that seek to defraud consumers, and because I have reasons to believe that this entire project now borders on consumer fraud, regardless of the risks to myself, my family etc or the amount of aggravation (attacking the messenger is an exercise in futility) that this is no doubt going to cause me, I am going to continue fighting this, while working with the Federal authorities, including the FBI, to get to the bottom of what is going on with this project and where backer money is going.”


To that end, Smart claims he’s instructed his attorneys — this batch at De La Peña & Holiday, LLP — to deliver a “demand letter” to RSI, one that requests “complete forensic accounting” paid for by Smart, a completion date for Star Citizen, and a refund for all who request it.

Smart, however, says he expects no compliance. “As all previous calls for accountability have failed, we don’t expect RSI to co-operate (hence the need to contact the Federal authorities), with us,” he writes. “Which means that the next steps, depending on how they respond to the letter, would be for a class-action lawsuit (already in various stages of preparation), to move forward and be immediately filed.”

Last week, Smart penned a post stating that “comparison [between Line of Defense and Star Citizen] is futile,” in which he then went on to compare the two feature for feature, unsurprisingly finding Star Citizen wanting.

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Derek Smart: The hero gaming neither needs nor deserves. And frankly would rather forget about.

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So is this vaporware or what?

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Not as far as I know.

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Originally Posted by Ambler View Post

So is this vaporware or what?

Just worringly delayed, with lots of behind-the-scene rumors of no forward momentum.

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It's being released with Half Life 3 at some point in the near future. 

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HL3 confirmed!

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Of course you know that by taking to HL3's name in vain you have set back its release date another two months to November 17th 2974. I hope you're pleased with yourselves.

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Every time someone mentions Half Life 3, Gaben delays it by another six months.


Game is currently slated for release on July 26 4251.



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Five years ago, if you had asked me to bet which would be released first: Duke Nukem Forever and Shenmue 3, or Half 3 and Star Citizen, there's no way I would have taken the first two.
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100 Million Dollars (Raised)

For that you can buy a space ship with fricken lasers on it. Does the game even need that much? How bout tossing some of that over to Tim Schaefer, lol.
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Acoording to CDPR The Witcher 3 cost about 80 million so this kind of money doesn't seem too crazy for a big game. And I bet that the super big budget ones like COD and Assassin's Creed cost much more.

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