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More from The Iron Giant-If I didn't hate Kent Mansley before, I certainly hated him after the scene where he threatens to take Hogarth's mother away, and then knocks out a 10 year old boy with chloroform. That's a scene that could've come out of something like The Manchurian Candidate, for God's sake! With that action, Mansley becomes one of the most hateful villains in film history, not just animation.


Maybe I'm weird, but I always thought Kent Mansley was hilarious. A terrible person, for sure, but hilarious.

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Maybe I'm weird, but I always thought Kent Mansley was hilarious. A terrible person, for sure, but hilarious.


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You can be hilarious and a terrible asshole who should die. William Atherton in almost anything, for instance.

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Originally Posted by Greg Clark View Post

The really funny irony is that even though it's totally creepy in spots, it's never unacceptably terrifying for kids. I appreciate that the makers challenged rather than coddled their intended audience. Also, I guess the fact that it's actually a really good movie (and very faithful to Frank's novels) also helps counter balance the weirdness that populates the film.


I mean, it starts off with Dorothy getting wired for shock treatment because Auntie Em thinks she's crazy for always going on about Oz. Then she escapes from the sanatarium and watches a little girl drown. That's the first ten minutes! And it's a Disney movie to boot!


Indeed, kids should be exposed to the certainty of their own death, and the shrieking, pitiless, void that awaits.

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Yeah, we're gonna need to have a Return To Oz watchalong.

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One reason I've always loved the underrated animated film Cats Don't Dance is that it doesn't sugarcoat the reality of a struggling actor AT ALL. And then it manages to turn that around into a plea for optimism and never giving up on your dreams. After hearing, seeing and experiencing the hardships of being an animal actor, our hero Danny asks his friends a crucial question: why are you still here? He correctly points out that it's because they CAN'T give up, no matter how hard they might want to believe that's true.

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Going once more to Iron Giant: the scene where the Giant thinks Hogarth is dead is just BRUTAL. The damn thing looks and sounds like it's about to burst into tears!


And then you're torn between being utterly horrified or cheering him on when he starts kicking the military's ass.

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The Secret of NIMH-A lot of moments could count, but I have a couple favorites. There's the fantastic Great Owl scene where there's a real tension and possibility that Mrs. Brisby will be eaten, especially since we see discarded bones, and the Owl introduces himself by crushing a spider and eating it ONSCREEN. There's also the moment where she discovers how her husband died, and the way Elizabeth Hartman stutters on the word "killed" always destroys me.



Originally Posted by Andrew Merriweather View Post

"I want my father back, you son of a bitch."

Raw AND triumphant.



Because these didn't need to die at the bottom of the last page.


Secret of NIMH was terrifying to me. The Owl!  But Ms. Brisby's final struggle to use the amulet to lift the stone house. I thought for sure that they weren't going to make it. That all this struggle was going to end in vain. Disney wouldn't do that to me, but a Bluth film?  It was very much possible that it could end badly.


As for Princess Bride, I was hanging with wee Savage. When the cut away to him and the grandfather, where the grandfather wants to stop reading because the boy is getting too wound up, I was also getting wound up.  That life lesson there about how sometimes things don't end as well as we would like. It is a great way to relieve the tension, but really say something. As an adult, I love that part of the film, because it is so true.

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Originally Posted by Martin Blank View Post


On that same note, Indy is pretty convincingly crushed in the bar with Belloq when he thinks Marion is dead. That look he gets when he says "You wanna talk to God? Let's go see him together, I've got nothing better to do" has always scared me a little. It's like this nihilistic glee.



I was reminded of it by Batman's line to Robin "Let's die" in The Dark Knight Strikes Back.


GREAT moment, and one of my favourite scenes of Ford's. That nihilistic/angry streak really elevated Indy from standard pulp hero to something special, IMO. You always knew that no matter how herioc he got, there was always that side to him that had done some really hardcore and not necessarily noble stuff, and would do it again if the need arose.

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Frankenweenie: Sparky going to sleep at his grave.


You know it's just some silicone over a metal skeleton, but damn...frown.gif

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Say what you will about who filmed what and when, or whether the writing violates the original vision of someone or other, or the troubling implications of the 'amnesia kiss'. Margot Kidder's heartbroken monologue at the end of Superman II -- "Don't tell me I'll find someone else. You're kind of a hard act to follow..." is just amazing.

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That bit at the end of Superman II is utterly magnificent. A very, very emotionally powerful ending. She goes through that tearful monologue, and Clark says "Tell me you love me". The thing is, he wants to hear it one more time before he does what he's about to do. Then he kisses her and she has that weird dizzy spell and forgets everything. I think that ending is absolutely amazing and anyone who complains about it doesn't have a romantic bone in their body (read those last 9 words again... probably could have put that better couldn't I?)

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Already mentioned, but for me it's got to be when Atreyu crosses paths with the Rockbiter toward the end of THE NEVERENDING STORY. "They look like good, strong hands. Don't they?"
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That scene with that hockey dude jokingly crushing Shredder in a garbage truck as posted above is just.... horrible. What a terrible way to murder someone, I'm not sure that's emotionally raw as just needlessly sadistic, what are kids meant to take from that? The value of making your enemies die in the most painful way possible? That it's "fun" to enjoy the suffering of others?  

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Considering how far he fell, I'm pretty sure they're just desecrating his corpse at that point. Because he is WITHOUT HONOR.

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