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The Breeders Last Splash had its 20th anniversary this year and I still love it to death.

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Also, this is totally dated by its instrumentation but its beyond timeless


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I've been revisiting the soundtrack to Chrono Trigger lately. God damn but this thing is still fresh close to twenty years on - even if you're not the kind of person who digs SNES instrumentation, the sheer variety of genre-busting material on display outdoes even the number of different flavors in the game itself, and its use of leitmotif to establish a sense of consistency across everything is incredibly effective. I can't think of a single game soundtrack since that measures up to this one.
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Here's a timeless record: Definitely Maybe just turned 20 years. Talk about a lightning in a bottle. Even though Digsy (who the song Digsy's Dinner is about) states the album sounds like shite.



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I always say every reason people say about why Oasis sucks are correct, and those reasons are why I think Oasis is great.
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Favorite part from the doc (besides Noel being the most funny and suave gentleman you'll meet) is when they talk about recording the album on an island.


Sound engineer: "They were doing drugs, not a lot though. They were very funny and refreshing"


Liam: "I remember gettin' on a boat and goin' to the studio. Don't remember anythin' else. Can't even remember comin' back."

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I just had the new special edition of Therapy?'s Troublegum drop through the letterbox, and listening to it reminded me of this thread. It struck me that it very much has that crisp, punchy sound that everyone used in the 90s to emulate Metallica's Black Album, and how much rock albums became muddier-sounding in the 2000s with biscuit-tin drums everywhere. I miss rock albums that actually sound powerful.

But thinking more about this idea of 'dated' and 'timeless', I wonder if the way the general retro obsession seems to be move in ever shortening cycles means that we'll reach a point where nothing even gets the chance to get dated anymore.  

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Funny, I was just listening to Burn My Eyes by Machine Head. Damn, still sounds as fresh as ever even though the album's TWENTY YEARS OLD. But it has excactly that 90s powerful sound, especially the drums sound awesome. 



That video sure is dated as hell. And so is the band's later work, mainly their 2000s nu-metal stuff with rap vocals and biscuit-jar-drums. Wonder what the hell happened there?

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MH spent ten of those last 20 years in the wilderness. But they did recover. The last two records have been brilliant, if excessively long.
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Thanks for the recommendation, I have Unto The Locust on heavy rotation now. A fucking amazing album, the proge-y stuff fits their bulldozer-sound surprisingly well. Miles away from nu-metal, that's for sure. Maybe it's kind of like with relationships, they needed to date that skank of a genre for a while to become the band they are now..?

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I kind of thought they waited until Devildriver and Lamb of God had the NWOAHM in full swing and then snuck in saying "we're with them."
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Right, confession time: ever since Orange is the New Black used one of their songs in a very innovative/cringe-worthy way, I've been listening to "Infest" by Papa Roach. A fifteen year old nu-metal band with a stupid name, but IMO doesn't sound dated at all. Maybe it's because the production is more 90s style than with most of their peers: clean vocals + guitar + bass + powerful drum sound, no excessive FX or DJ stuff.

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Here's an example of music that is both timeless and dated: there's a big EDM festival here this weekend. It's roughly 5 kilometres from my house but you can hear it pretty well. What's weird is that they're having some of the most famous and (over)paid current DJ's but it all sounds exactly the kind of 4/4 beat trance stuff we had when I was in high school. I guess Arman Van Buuren has more Pro Tools plug-ins on his laptop than the 90s eurodance artists but the basic sound is the same. Weird to see teens digging that. Kinda like teenage me getting crazy with my buddies to my dad's Boney M and Abba LPs.
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