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And they parade their captive through the streets in a cage.  Right behind the guy carrying an axe.  Wonder how this celebration ends.

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"I must go back to relatives who submit me to cruel psychological treatments."

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I think Dorothy might be better off staying in Oz, given how fucked everything is in Kansas.

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Holy shit! It was all just a dream?


Fuck this movie.

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Mombi needs some hormone replacement therapy. 

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OMG. I want a dog like Toto.

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Aaaaand we're back to Requiem 1899.

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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

Holy shit! It was all just a dream?


Fuck this movie.

Have you never seen the original Oz? 

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"My real mom!" That's gratitude, Jack.

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Not John Astin is fixing the roof.

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Nicol Williamson gets top billing? He's in like three scenes.

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This movie should end with the Crypt Keeper saying, "Unpleasant dreams, kiddies!"

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Well, he's voicing the Nome King throughout.

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Not sure why we're supposed to give a shit that Ozma, who we met in one scene, is going to be queen.  

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Why did they arrest the nurse?

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Maybe she had a head collection too.

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Also not sure why we needed a talking chicken that doesn't do anything.  I'm just assuming that Toto wanted too much money, or they were punishing him for appearing in a different franchise, like James Marsden in X3.

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How else was the movie going to justify the convenient appearance of  an egg at the climax? Dorothy's magic lunchpail or something? OH SNAP THAT WOULD HAVE WORKED

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Well that happened.....Strangest watch-a-long ever.

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That was fun, fellas. What ill-advised nightmare factory of a kids' film should we do next? "Dark Crystal?"

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Originally Posted by Clarence Boddicker View Post

Why did they arrest the nurse?

I remember vividly as a kid Auntie Em saying something about them finding all the crazies locked up in a basement, they were all people who had the shock treatment but went nuts as a result, and the nurse was in on it with the Doctor. I'm guessing it was edited out for subsequent releases.

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I'd be down for a Dark Crystal watch along. Or NeverEnding Story. Or Last Starfighter (hey, the Xandoxan was TERRIFYING.)

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I second Last Starfighter.

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It's been a bunch of years since I've seen it, but I remember there were a lot of neat little references to sentience or consciousness throughout; animated heads, a windup robot, the magic dust that brings things to life, a talking chicken . . .
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I'd be up for "Last Starfighter." That one did terrify me as a young 'un.

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Unfortunately I'll probably either be in bed or at work by then, so have to pike. Looking forward to reading the threead, though!


EDIT: Which I will now. Stupid work internet not updating threads when I bring them up.

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I'd like to recommend The Willies: the classic horror anthology movie starring Sean Astin and Donkey Lips!

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You guys rule. Can't believe how much I suck at math and fucked up the time differences so badly.

A well, I did say I'm sick as a dog.
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Aaaaand I completely missed this.  Great thread though, thanks for doing it guys.


Rewatch contribution: Could the Kansas homestead be any more bleak? "Hey, lets go play in dirt, Toto!"


Also the girl who played Ozma was the UK's Drew Barrymore, and was married at 15.


I'm up for Last Starfighter, I've yet to spot Will Wheaton, though he's supposed to be in the movie somewhere.

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Wheaton was cut entirely from the film; the only time you can see him is in the opening (he's one of the kids the trailer park) and as a fuzzy blob when Louis says "Hear that slimes? I'm famous." at the end.

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Now I want a Last Starfighter: Directors cut. "100% MORE WHEATON!"

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