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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post


God only knows, but I'll be wearing three HAZMAT suits when I open it.


That seems reasonable to me

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Jacob Singer forced upon me any Steam game of my choosing.  So now I am playing Season 1 of Walking Dead!


His generosity shames me!  I'M SUPPOSED TO GET HIM THINGS!!!!


I've received a care package from Subotai earlier last week, but haven't gotten to taking and posting photos of the haul yet.  But it was SUCH a thoughtful haul!  Will be posting photos soon!

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You people with your slow photo taking skills!

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Getting the pictures off my phone might be awkward at the moment, but I can tell you MrTyres made one hell of a brilliant way of packaging my gifts.

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Subotai is a VILLAIN!


He teases me with the fact that he has a cast-signed script of an episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (which he selfishly refuses to part with), and instead sends me this SUPER THOUGHTFUL SMORGASBORD of DELICIOUS VARIETY!!!




First off... Subotai caught wind of my love of Michael Ironside (all those Total Recall gifs, perhaps??).  And now, I hold in my hands his authentic autograph!!!


Next:  a tactical pen.  He said, and I QUOTE:

"What you do is, next time you are at your friend's house and someone slips a TDKR blu-ray into the player, you walk up to the plasma screen, take out the pen, and say "I've had enough of this" just before you smash the steel tip of the pen into the TV screen.  I promise your friends will never invite you to watch TDKR at their house-EVER!"




Also... a small box of Ninja Pins!  It says they're designed by S. Miyamoto!  Is it who I think it is??


Next gift...  a USB flash drive!  30 gigs!  I can always use more gigs.


Then... a brand new DVD of a film I'd never even heard of called WHERE'S MARLOWE? which he touts as the best movie about making movies!  A bold statement!  We'll see!


In addition... battery backup for my iPhone or iPod!  Great for traveling!


And finally... a series of Canadian paraphernalia!

- Mountie napkins!

- a humorous book about Bigfoot by a Toronto author!

- a sweet carryall bag from the CBC!  It's not a purse!  It's Canadian!!!


Seriously, a fantastic haul.  Thanks a bunch, Subotai, for making this another fun holiday swap!


I can already FEEL myself turning Canadian. 

Soon Colin Farrell will hit me.

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I can already FEEL myself turning Canadian. 

Soon Colin Farrell will hit me.


Is that before or after he makes sweet love to you?

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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post


I just came a little. It's a Christmas miracle!
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Wow! What a haul nooj!

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 Michael Ironside autograph wins the CHUD gift exchange.

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Holy fucking shit, Ironside.


MrTyres' incredible haul came yesterday. I thought I was getting a Memory Foam pillow, but instead, I got one hell of a four-degrees-of-movies package. Make sure you read along with the notes.




And the punchline to end all punchlines, given this was wrapped with the note on it:



Beautiful work, sir. I'm in awe.

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This has been an exceptional year for the exchange, methinks. Kudos, you bastards and bastardettes.

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This ain't over!


You haven't gotten your package yet!!!


(prepare to be disappointed...)

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So it'll be late, and it'll suck? Great!


I kid, I kid. By the way, those pics you took of your swag are great. I'm gonna try something myself, but mine will look flat and banal.

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Also... I forgot one last thing in my swag bag!


A pack of...




Ooooh, it's gonna be sweeeeeet!

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I love how virtually everything Nooj writes suits his avatar to a tee.


And I'm just teasing about it being late. It just stretches out the fun even more, and helps alleviate post-holiday depression. You're actually performing a kindness!

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I just noticed nooj's tagline for his avatar. *SHAKES FIST AT NOOJ*

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Originally Posted by MichaelM View Post



Get in line, buddy...

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I would like to say that Bendrix's gift arrived yesterday and It was awesome. I will post photos as soon as I have the time (and receive the new camera I ordered which didn't quite make it in time for me to open it today).
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Love it love it love it. Thanks so much, teledork!!!




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So does anyone not have something coming?  No word from partner?

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SOME PEOPLE still haven't take photos and posted them yet. 

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Recieved a suspicious-looking package this morning in the mail. After having my minions x-ray it, we opened it up...




So far so good. Inside, we find...




AHA! It's addressed to my alter-ego! Everything is proceeding as I have forseen. We marvel at the delightful wrapping paper, and the scribbles of the madman upon it. BUT WAIT!




One of my many pets jumps in to survey the scene. After meeting with her approval, we open the package to discover...




A very generous assortment of Blu-Rays! Well played, Mcnooj, well played. But we shall meet again! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!



Seriously, these are wonderful, and I needed (and wanted) both of them. I'm assuming the other item hinted at earlier is in a seperate mailing? Or was that just a clever ruse?

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Open up JOHN CARTER!!!

There is a reason that it has no plastic wrap over it.
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Ahhh... back in a bit... gotta charge my stupid camera...

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Don't. It's so awful.

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Don't insult his stupid camera!

You know what IS awful? The cover art for John Carter.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...


Jacob Singer of Mars!




They should have sent a poet... <sniff> (embiggen to see all the glorious detail)

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There is also cheap sentiment inside!!!

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Truly the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks, nooj, this is all completely spectacular. Well done.


For the curious, nooj included a handwritten note inside the case. I'll keep that to myself though.

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That's truly awesome.

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That is impressive.  Nice work Nooj.

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Don't mean to hog the thread, but nooj deserves to have this posted so folks can see it clearly:



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Truly outstanding. Love the scooter.

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Diva knows me too well already! Spectacular! Even the friend of mine who got all Star Trek stuff for Xmas never knew about these.



Now I just need a functioning viewer...

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Now we know the source of your shameful 3D lust!!!
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That is a fantastic pic! McNooj has serious

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Originally Posted by Hammerhead View Post

Diva knows me too well already! Spectacular! Even the friend of mine who got all Star Trek stuff for Xmas never knew about these.



Now I just need a functioning viewer...

Nice! Glad you didn't have them.  Also, spoiler alert: You have another gift coming.

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Whoops! Sorry about how late this is. I totally forgot. I was sick in bed all day and finally had a chance to peruse JGButler's gifts. Obviously NXNW is great (picture quality on the BD is stunning btw) but I also found "Hark a Vagrant" hilarious and it's the best kind of present since it's something I almost certainly never would have thought to buy for myself. So thanks Butler!



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I think bendrix is probably pulling his hair out waiting for me to post this and I've been dragging my ass for no good reason, sorry.

Anyway here is the magnificence that arrived at my door on Christmas eve.

I will be sure to dig through all of these and I am ashamed to admit that after I watch Sunset Boulevard I'll be posing in this thread.

Thanks bendrix again, and post below so I can give you some well deserved rep.
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No hair pulling here. Mother Nature's got my hairline well under control already.


Glad you liked your stuff--overjoyed you haven't seen Sunset Boulevard yet. Not familiar with the Epicetus book, but I saw Art Decade recommend it to you in another thread. City of Saints and Madmen is a total trip. I haven't read the Lennon/Garant book, but it looks like a blast.


Happy holidays!

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I want to thank everyone who coordinated, sent gifts and just lovingly participated here. This seemed like a huge success. I hope you guys were all as happy with your gift as I was with mine. Anyways, can't wait to do this shit again next year. 

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Diva, you're a goddess. But you knew that.



And the Star Trek reels play great!

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So nobody got screwed???

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Did Nick get his gifts?



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Originally Posted by Hammerhead View Post

Diva, you're a goddess. But you knew that.



And the Star Trek reels play great!


Sweet! Having gotten the gifts off eBay (my first time bidding, too!), I was worried that the reels and viewer would be damaged or broken. Glad to hear that they weren't. 


I've participated in the Chewer Gift Exchange since its inception and it continues to be one of the few things that keeps me connected to this community. The generosity on display for virtually strangers continues to awe me. Love you all, and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year! 

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Well as this was my first year participating, it seems I may have unintentionally siffed Teitr Styrr.  After receiving what he sent, reading what others were sent and comparing to what I sent...motherf...sorry dude!


I don't have access to a camera or the gifts, but he got me:


Shutter Island - blu

Drive - blu

Lawrence of Arabia - blu

ET - blu

Furies of Calderon - Jim Butcher


So damn generous man.  Once again, I apologize if ya feel stiffed!


Everyone here is so flipping generous and amazing.  Happy Holidays everyone.

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Tetir always goes all-out. That's a high bar to set yourself against.

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No shame in going small though. The cash minimum is set where it is for a reason: participation is most important.

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