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For me: Clem hit him in the arm with the cleaver, and then I bum rushed him into the closet where I tried and failed to strangle him. He got the better of me, we fell to the floor, and Clem ended up shooting him in the eye and saving my life.

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I suppose I'm just better at button-mashing than you.

How does it feel? To know that one such as I is so superior?
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I worship at your altar!

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From here on out Q is going to be the "die motherfucker!" button on my keyboard. Followed by E every once in a while when the timing is right.

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To be honest Q is about the dumbest possible choice. Any PC gamer with even mild experience will have his ring finger near it. A horrible choice for mashing. The buttons should have been the opposite. E for mashing since you can use your index finger and Q for finishing.

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That would be why I went with an Xbox controller for the last two chapters.
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Just finished episode 2.  And oddly, once the bottom fell out at the farm I became LESS engaged with the story as a whole.  And it pissed me off in the meat locker when I took an extra 3 seconds to just SEE what my options were that Kenny told me I was useless, shoved me out of the way and proceeded to take matters into his own hands.  For all the goodwill he had earned in episode one (at least from me, anyway), that dude can fuck right off.  I also didn't completely like the way the farm family was written after the reveal, but I can't quite put my finger on why.  At this point my only motivation is to make sure Clem trusts me at all costs and that I don't let her down.  Which is an interesting spot for a video game to put me.

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I look forward to reading your thoughts on the subsequent chapters, JG.

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That spot is EXACTLY the one the game wants you in. Keep moving on.
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I cried. I fucking cried because of stuff happening in a videogame. Actually, I'm still kinda crying. Fucking hell...

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You know, people say that, but there are a couple of video games that have wrecked me (Mordin... Legion... I'M NOT FUCKING CRYING).

But Walking Dead got me, too.

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Originally Posted by Splatoon View Post
To be fair, the mechanics of TWD do tend to top out at serviceable. Granted, they're  secondary to the story so an amount of streamlining is to be expected (and appreciated), but while I don't need traditional adventure game levels of puzzle obtuseness nor CoD gun mechanics, I do think there's room for growth in the "find single object, use single object on problem" adventuring, rail-shooting segments and quick-time events.


I agree that the mechanics aren't always the best, but for the most part I had no issue with them. The most important thing was the story and that was done wonderfully.


It's unfortunate that MegaManRising had such a problem with the game (although I thought it was more unfortunate that when he posted in the B Action Movie Thread he was real aggressive and usually came off as an ass when that thread is almost always a real friendly genial place; he hasn't posted on CHUD since December of last year so that's why I admit I did not care for his attitude in general) but I suppose point and click games aren't for everyone.


Originally Posted by BlackyShimSham View Post
Just finished Episode 5. A few thoughts:


Kenny. The character of Kenny exemplifies why this game is so powerful. At first, I despised him when he let Herschel's son die. I continued to dislike his aggressive redneck demeanor. 


Ben. Screw Ben.


When I started playing the game, I decided I would play as the most cold-hearted the game would allow. Just look out for myself and screw over others for my benefit. Once the game got rolling, boy was I wrong. I still did the occasional cold-blooded act (I let that racist ass Larry chow down on some human flesh for example) but for the most part I struggled with a lot of decisions, and I tried to protect everybody, even those who gave me grief or endangered me. Game of the year by a landslide. 


Yeah, Kenny was certainly an ass at times but I usually tried to be nice to him. From what I understand if you're not as nice to him it does affect at times what he does or doesn't do for you in later episodes.


Ben was a real pain in the ass but I still felt bad for letting him die as hey, Clementine thought of him as a friend and all.


It is difficult to play the game as a cold-hearted bastard; having an awesome 8 year old girl who isn't an annoying brat or-even worse-a precocious twit (as you unfortunately see in many mediums when it comes to child characters in general) is a big reason why you try to act like a good human being, to try and protect her AND act appropriately around her as she will question you if you do something she doesn't like.


Originally Posted by The Dark Shape View Post
I killed him. Clem hit him with a bottle, then we fought and I ended up strangling him to death.


Originally Posted by DamnDirtyApe View Post
For me: Clem hit him in the arm with the cleaver, and then I bum rushed him into the closet where I tried and failed to strangle him. He got the better of me, we fell to the floor, and Clem ended up shooting him in the eye and saving my life.


When I got to the finale, it was the former rather than the latter. But it is interesting to hear how different decisions led to such different outcomes.


I had known about this game since last year, when a podcast I listen to, the hosts on there that they played it, they all thought it was great. I haven't read any of The Walking Dead comics and have only seen a few minutes of footage total from the TV show but I was still interested in the game. Finally, when it was only 10 bucks to download it all on the Xbox Marketplace (when they had that deal going on) I took the plunge and I am glad I did. A greatly done game but wow was it even more dark  and depressing than I had heard. I just finished the ending tonight and talk about heart-wrenching. The song during that final scene didn't help either.


My big choices included trying to help save Larry's life despite him being a racist asshole; that was an example of how I tried to be nice to all of the characters at various points. I also shot Duck for Kenny as I figured that would be easier for Kenny. I saved Carley instead of Doug as, well, she was a lady but also because she knew how to use a gun and that seemed important. Sure, her not knowing that the radio needed batteries then not knowing how to put them in properly was laughable, but what can you do?


I also laughed how Lee was rather clumsy early in the 1st episode. Him dropping the handcuff keys and the bullet was goofy, but him slipping on the pool of blood in Clementine's kitchen was pretty funny.


Overall I am glad that games like this are available, which aren't the usual shooter or puzzle game or fighter or simulator. I wish that Season 2 would come out sooner than Fall of '14, but later this year there's supposed to be something out that will tide people over until then. No telling what that will be about.

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FINALLY finished playing this despite the fact that Jacob Singer generously bought me the game on Steam back during the holidays.


Amazingly done.  I honestly didn't really enjoy playing the game (gameplay), since it was just a means to experience the story. 


I didn't do any crying, but I certainly got goosebumps and tingles by the end.  But that it just ended on that note... it made me go:



Dammit, Season 1...

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Saw this at the store and bought it based on word of mouth.  So fucking great.


2 questions

1-Why can't the tv show be like this?

2-when is Clementine going to join the tv show?

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I just finished Episode 3.  I'm not entirely sure what to think, but it is the first one that's made me want to play it again as soon as it was over because I knew there HAD to have been something I could have done differently.

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Mm-hmm.  There's a moment that went down in Episode 3 that made me feel sick.

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And it came out of nowhere!

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So, I got spoiled by a student of mine about the ending with Lee, so I know to expect it, but I just finished Episode 3.  The Carly gutpunch had me double take, because I was questioning what I saw. But to lose Lilly because of Carly and then also lose Kat and Duck in the same episode... I nearly put the game away and called it a night. God, what a rough night.


As far as alternative options, I am with Butler. I feel the need to replay just to see if I can get a different outcome. Even knowing that I probably can't, I still feel the need to try.

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Episode 3 of Season 2 came out today.  I don't think I've ever enjoyed playing as a character as much as I have guiding Clementine as she grows up.


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We're supposed to get some stormy weather in my area tonight, and if so this is what I'll be playing. I've read elsewhere this may be the most somber episode yet. If so... sheesh.

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KUMAIL NANJIANI! Why did no one tell me?

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Re. S2E03


Fucking hell. All throughout season one I tried to hold back from exposing Clem to merciless violence, no matter how justified it might be, and with season two, I tried to keep her following Lee's lead...



..but for this one, fuck that noise.


"Just shoot him."


Don't think I've hated any game characters as much as her captors in this, and after what happened to one person in particular, Clem made damn sure to ensure at least two of them got exactly what they deserved, sticking around to watch to the bitter and bloody end. The whole thing gave off the same dual cathartic joy/despairing sadness feeling from seeing Arya's ice cold antics in the last couple of series of Game of Thrones.


As for that ending, let's just say I tried to save someone's life as best I could, and immediately thought in hindsight that it was dumb and pointless to do so, given the circumstances. Holy shit that face and scream.

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So I finished Episode four of season one last night and am rounding on the final ep tonight. Lees a goner (which I kinda figured considering season twos protagonist) and FUCK Kenny. He and I have knocked heads plenty of times throughout, but by the end when he'd rather score points on Lee than help find Clementine, I told him to finally go fuck himself. I killed his son for him. I killed and buried that kid in the attic for him, I did all the things he was too weak to do - and the prick hates me for it.

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Anyone made it through Season Two?  I finished it last night and can't get it out of my head (it helps that, based on what I've read, I got what's easily the most emotional ending of the bunch).  Slow clap, Telltale.

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I'm saving it for the weekend. I actually have the last two chapters to complete, so I'll probably be a wreck afterwards.

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