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EUROPA REPORT pre-release thread

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A deep space thriller starring that guy from District 9. I'm in.


The teaser trailer is beautiful


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So it's found footage?

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Sharlto Copley is having the career Timothy Balme should have had.

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Trailer music that is neither pounding "does every film composer of the 21st century have a poster of Carl Orff on their bedroom wall" orchestral or Inception BWAAAAAMMMMPPPP? Can this be?

Also, have we had a movie with actually loosely real-life-looking astronaut gear since Moon?

I'm intrigued.
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Weirdly, there's a game coming out about being stuck on Europa by yourself and seems to have a sort of Moon-ish, Solaris-ish element to it.


Nice bit of zeitgeisty crossover

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That is a fantastic teaser. Very much looks like a movie I want to see.

Kind of reminded me of both Alien and Apollo 18, not that the latter is particulary good but it had an interesting concept.

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Longer trailer


This looks to give 'Gravity' a run for it's money in being (sorta) realistic.



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Interesting, a little reminiscent of a lot of other 'crew in space' efforts. Suspect they may decide to quarantine themselves?

Written by real egghead/s? Got a Contact-ish (ish) sort of impression from the attention to what looks like real details.
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The way this looks it seems deserving of a lot more fuss.  But I am biased.

I like the geek pull quotes ; Popular Science and io9 like it! It must be good! (I refuse to budge until Wired, Popular Mechanics and Slashdot chime in)

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Looks interesting!  io9 liking though, that makes me very suspicious, their taste is awful.

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